Blue Bloods Season 9 Episode 21 Review: Identity

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Okay, Blue Bloods. What the heck was that?

Danny and Maria caught an interesting case on Blue Bloods Season 9 Episode 21, but then their suspects killed themselves so that they'd never figure out for sure who did what.

Identical twins covering for each other is probably a TV trope, but that suicide pact was taking things too far!

(TALL) Identical Alibis - Blue Bloods Season 9 Episode 21

I didn't care which twin was a murderer. As suspects go, these two were bland and unimpressive. Their only claim to fame was as identical twins who were able to cover for each other.

The more interesting question was how Danny and Maria were going to figure this one out!

Identical twins share DNA and fingerprints, so forensic evidence wasn't helpful, and the guys were so loyal to each other that it was nearly impossible for the cops to put a wedge between them.

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I'm not sure how Danny tracked down this ex-girlfriend or even realized she was the key to everything. Even weirder was the role she played in the murder.

If someone ghosted me for months and then came back around wanting to borrow my car, I wouldn't give it to them! I'm not sure why this woman did. She had to have felt used after all the months of silence.

This story was uninteresting, and the ending didn't help.

Visiting Eddie's Dad - Blue Bloods Season 9 Episode 21

One twin shot the other and then Danny shot the surviving twin.

In the end, two suspects lay dead on the floor and viewers still didn't know which one killed Jessica. It made the whole story feel pointless.

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Henry and Donna made my night even though their story took a sad turn!

As soon as Donna opened the door to Henry, I thought this might be the beginning of a new romance.

Whether Henry and Donna ever become more than friends remains to be seen, but there were definite chemistry and common interests there!

At my age, if you commit to standing up you have to follow through.


Either way, it was beyond time for a Henry-centered story, and Blue Bloods didn't fail to deliver!

In some ways, Henry and Donna paralleled Danny's twin story.

Danny wondered aloud if he would cover for a family member if the situation arose, while Henry convinced Donna not to turn her back on her granddaughter.

Mad at Henry - Blue Bloods Season 9 Episode 21

I had high hopes that Alexis would turn her life around after she gave the necklace back to Henry.

I should have known better. In both my personal and my professional experience, people who struggle with substance use often want to get better before they're capable of it. 

But it seemed like we were headed for a happy ending when Donna forgave Alexis. That made it hurt twice as bad when Donna found her granddaughter dead the next morning.

Henry Gets in A Fight - Blue Bloods Season 9 Episode 21

I liked the way Henry handled this situation, though. He is normally opinionated and not at all shy about it. 

But in this case, he was softer, gently encouraging Donna to give Alexis one last chance and just as gently offering his condolences and his help after her death.

Donna brought out a softer side in him. I hope this relationship continues to develop!

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Jamie's story followed the twin themes of family and forgiveness.

Whatever else I might be, I am still her [Eddie's] father. She comes to me for advice.


Jamie was eager to accept Eddie's father back into the fold, but Eddie was wiser to his ways, or perhaps more cynical.

I was as confused as he was when Eddie took back her invitation to the wedding after the hug.

Maybe Eddie's father is conning her somehow, but I doubted it. He came across as genuinely wanting to attend the wedding and genuinely bewildered when Eddie rejected his advances.

Obviously, she picked up on some code in his words that I didn't understand. But what was it?

Nicky: You know.
Frank: I do.
Nicky: How?
Frank: I'm the police commissioner. I hear things.

I expected to be far angrier at Nicky's storyline than I was.

Nicky's stories are hit-or-miss. Sometimes she comes off as whiny and entitled, and when she's written like that Frank often acts like a relic from another era who has no interest in anything his granddaughter has to say.

I expected this Justice Council story to be more of the same. But except for a moment between Nicky and Erin at dinner, it wasn't

Two Identical Suspects - Blue Bloods Season 9 Episode 21

Frank's wariness of the Justice Council was reasonable, considering the dirty tricks its leader had resorted to in the past.

She had framed Henry, after all, and Nicky's assertion that she was going to teach her boss to be fairer to cops was overly idealistic and naive.

Still, though, the important thing was that Nicky and Frank had a couple of mature conversations about it!

Usually Frank throws his weight around, and Nicky argues back, but this time Frank was arguably the most rational person in the room.

Tell me. Are all the crimes in this city committed by cops?


He didn't like Nicky's decision, but he trusted her to make it, which is more than can be said for Erin.

Erin's complaint that Nicky took a job with the enemy instead of relying on her cop family to help her get a different job was nonsensical.

Nicky has always been social justice oriented. Police work or work in Erin's office wouldn't be a good fit for her in the slightest!

Her family should have known she was going to go for some job that got under their skins sooner or later and been better prepared for it.

Your turn, Blue Bloods fanatics!

Did the ending of Danny's case make sense to anyone?

Was Eddie right to uninvite her father to the wedding?

And how excited are you for Eddie and Jamie to tie the knot?

Watch Blue Bloods online and then come back tand share your thoughts!

Blue Bloods continues to air on CBS on Fridays at 10 PM EST/PST

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Blue Bloods Season 9 Episode 21 Quotes

At my age, if you commit to standing up you have to follow through.


Danny: THis is so depressing.
Maria: What do you mean? This is Central Park, it's a beautiful day, the boats are cute.
Danny: Yeah, but we're only here because of a dead body.
Maria: You need a vacation.
Danny: Probably find a dead body there too.