Days of Our Lives Round Table: Sarah's Consolation Prize

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Nicole turned her wrath on Chloe for Holly’s abduction, Xander had a mystery accomplice, JJ shook up Jack's campaign, and both Valerie and Sheila left Abe this week in Salem.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Kathy from My Hourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate Nicole’s anger with Chloe, Sarah’s plan to marry Rex, Xander’s ultimate plan and more on Days of Our Lives.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Is Nicole right to hold Chloe accountable for not watching Holly closely enough and allowing her to be kidnapped?

Kathy: Nicole's feelings are understandable but Chloe did everything in her power to protect Holly. Moving into the Dimera Mansion may have been a mistake but I doubt the Kiriakis Mansion would have been any safer.

Jack: I think this is ridiculous. Nicole is upset and lashing out and I understand that, but it's not like Chloe was drinking and getting high while watching Holly. She put her to bed and then went downstairs to spend grownup time with Stefan.

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That's a normal thing that most parents do, and she had the baby monitor with her so it's not like she just forgot about her. What was she supposed to do? Sit vigil by Holly's bedside and never do anything outside of being her caretaker?

Christine: I understand Nicole being terrified for her daughter, but Chloe was having dinner while Holly slept in her bedroom upstairs in a house with security and armed guards.

Chloe did absolutely nothing wrong, and I don’t know what more Nicole wanted her to do to keep Holly safe.

Ted's Evil Partnership - Days of Our Lives

What do you think is Xander’s ultimate plan for Holly and with whom is he working?

Kathy: I think Xander is working with Kristen. I think Xander would like to have Nicole back but I don't know the ultimate goal of the conspirators.

Jack: I have no idea. I suspect he's working with Kristen and is turning the child over to her, but for what purpose I don't know. If it is Kristen, maybe this is a twisted revenge on Brady for taking away Tate by stealing Nicole's baby to raise as her own?

Christine: This plot is mind boggling. Why would anyone specifically want to take Nicole’s child and not give her back? It could be Kristen but it makes no sense to me what her motives might be.

Sheila Toasts to Abe - Days of Our Lives

Who will you miss more, Sheila or Valerie, and why?

Kathy: I'll miss both Valerie and Sheila. I enjoyed Valerie and Abe as a couple. I'll miss Sheila's "tell it like it is" advice to Abe.

Jack: Valerie. She was a legacy character and I enjoyed having her in Salem, even though I wasn't particularly enamored of her with Abe and their original problem was never really addressed when the got back together. 

(Years ago, Valerie turned to Abe on the rebound from David and then broke up with him when he was not interested in marriage.)

But her relationship with Eli and her contentious one with Lani made for good drama and I'd have loved her sticking around for this baby David storyline. Sheila was mainly comic relief and one-note so I don't particularly care if she's in Salem or not.

Christine: Sheila. I’ve always found Valerie a little dull, where Sheila gave us some much needed humor and a different perspective from most other characters in Salem. I wish they had given more air time to her redemption story.

Do You Love Me? - Days of Our Lives

Will Sarah and Rex eventually get married? Do you want them to?

Kathy: I don't think Rex and Sarah will get married. I don't want Sarah to marry Rex as back-up groom. If she can't commit 100% to Rex it will be a disaster for everyone.

Jack: This is the most ridiculous excuse for a relationship. Sarah does not love Rex. He's her consolation prize and he knows it.

These two do not need to get married; they need to go their separate ways ASAP. I'm sure they will come close and then somehow their wedding will be stopped at the altar, as happens to 99% of Salem wedding hopefuls.

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Christine: Given Rex’s history of cheating I can’t believe I’m saying this, but he deserves better than Sarah. She couldn’t wait to dump Rex for Eric, but now that she can’t have Eric she’s willing to marry Rex as though fate is forcing it upon her. 

Sarah is a grown woman, a doctor, and more than capable of living as a single person. Marrying Rex when she clearly loves someone else is just selfish and cruel.

Bonding With Baby David - Days of Our Lives

Should Lani take a leave of absence to take care of David? Is Eli right to be upset?

Kathy: If it was a normal situation, it would be fine for Lani to take time to help Rafe. She just lost a baby boy so it would be easy for her to get too attached to the child. Eli has a right to be concerned - not sure he should be upset.

Jack: I don't blame Eli for being upset. Lani point blank told him that this baby is her top priority and she doesn't really care if Eli sticks around or not.

If this was Lani's child I'd be on her side, but it isn't and she's acting like an addict. This will end badly for her. I just hope she doesn't turn to JJ when it does.

Christine: Lani has every right to take a leave and help out with David. She’s not a fool. She knows she’s vulnerable but this may also be somewhat healing for her, and Rafe clearly can’t take care of the child on his own right now.

Instead of supporting Lani, Eli only seems to care about how this affects him and that doesn’t bode well for the future of their relationship.

Hate Sex - Days of Our Lives

If you could have told off one character in Salem this week, who would it have been?

Kathy: Probably Gabi -- get your priorities straight girl and be honest with yourself.

Jack: It's a tossup between Eve and Tripp this week. Eve broadcasting that photo and then gloating about how she blew up Abe and Valerie's relationship on top of trying to manipulate Sheila into making a false accusation of rape was disgusting!

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And Tripp thinking that there's any universe where a woman will accept her boyfriend marrying someone else and telling her to leave their home is beyond insensitive. Claire is wrong in how she's handling this but she was right about one thing: she should leave this relationship and never come back.

Christine: The writers for continuing to torture Nicole. They continue to kill, kidnap, or otherwise keep her children from her and it makes me want to change the channel.

(TALL) Chloe vs Nicole - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline this week on Days of Our Lives?

Kathy: I enjoyed watching various characters' reactions as they learned Nicole was alive.

Jack: I loved JJ telling Jack off at the debate. I also liked Abe and Valerie's final scenes even though I was sad Valerie was leaving. And finally, I loved Ciara confronting Hope about her hypocrisy and about this Ted nonsense.

Christine: I loved the look on Sarah’s face when she saw Nicole. Suddenly, Nicole got all of Eric’s attention and it was clear that Sarah came in second, which is exactly what Sarah continues to do to Rex.

Sarah is Devastated - Days of Our Lives

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