Game of Thrones Round Table: Was That the Worst Series Finale Ever?

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Many viewers were disappointed with Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6

Below, TV Fanatics Christine Orlando, Becca Newton and Paul Dailly try to make sense of the series finale. 

Jon murdered Daenerys after her actions in King's Landing. Was it a fitting conclusion for the character?

Christine: No! Daenerys had her flaws, but they turned her into a power hungry, mass murderer of innocents virtually overnight.

Then, in the span of one conversation with Tyrion, Jon decides to murder her if she didn’t immediately see his point of view.

It felt like he could have tried harder or spent more time trying to convince her to change course before killing her. He talked of mercy but it didn’t feel like he showed much of it. 

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Becca: No, I think they gave her Cersei’s ending.  How things went down between Dany and Jon was similar to what I predict will happen during Jaime and Cersei’s last meeting in the novels. 

Paul: It sucked. It was obvious it was coming based on the terrible writing for Emilia Clarke's alter ego during Game of Thrones Season 8

It didn't make sense. It felt like it was cobbled together at the last second without a second thought. 

Back to the Night's Watch - Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6

Where do you think Drogon took the body?

Christine: I don’t know. Where do dragons go when they’re on their own? In the end, I felt more sympathy for a dragon that lost its mother and both siblings than I did for any of the human characters. 

Becca: My guess is back to the Dothraki Sea since it’s the site of his birth and her rebirth. 

Paul: I hope Drogon takes Daenerys to Kinvara, the First Servant of the Lord of the Light from Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 5

Kinvara is a Red Priestess. Could you imagine the carnage if she brought Daenerys back to life?

Saying Goodbye - Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4

Tyrion remained in power, despite being put on trial for treason. React. 

Christine: I've always liked Tyrion. Despite his flaws, he generally tries to do the right thing. He’s both intelligent, clever, and not cruel, and that puts him on a short list on this show. The treason charge was for trying to help his brother escape, and I find it difficult to blame him for that. 

Becca: I guess we’re supposed to be happy Tyrion is finally Hand to a decent monarch, but it contributed to the overall feeling of nothing really changes and most of what happened during the series didn’t matter.  

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Paul: Tyrion was one of my favorite characters, but he made so many terrible decisions during the final two seasons that his character has been destroyed. 

Bran on the Iron Throne - Game of Thrones

What are your thoughts on Bran becoming the King of the SIX Kingdoms?

Christine: Seriously?!? Bran stares out into space and barely says three words each episode but because he "knows everyone’s stories" he’ll make the best king?

I’m not buying it. Even at the end, Bran rolled in, had a couple of lines, then rolled out, and the rest of the council made the real decisions. Bran as king was incredibly unsatisfying. 

Becca: Absolutely stupid — it didn’t make sense as a resolution for Bran, and the reasons for why he should be king were ridiculous.  Plus Bran as the ruler with the small council doing the real lifting and the type of government they set up is not as ideal as the show wants us to believe. 

Paul: It was ridiculous, and made me think I was watching some terrible fan fiction. Who would ever think that someone who has very little to say would make a good King? 

Additionally, he hasn't done enough things to deserve it. There were far more deserving characters out there. 

It's Time for War - Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3

Sansa got to keep Winterfell but took the independent approach to things. Are you happy with that?

Christine: Yes. I don’t know why anyone would want to keep Winterfell and lead the North as it looks dreary and depressing, but that’s what Sansa wanted. She’s been through hell and back multiple times and become strong and independent because of it, so I think she’s earned her place as Queen of the North. 

Becca: They tried to split the baby to appease those who wanted Northern independence and those who wanted a sole ruler over a united realm, and the result was strange.  Sansa’s coronation dress was pretty though. 

Paul: I'm on the fence. I went into Game of Thrones Season 8 with the mindset that I would riot if Sansa died. Somewhere along the way, I started to dislike the character. She's been through a lot, so I'm still happy she's in power. 

It's just a shame that the writing for the final episodes was not up to scratch. 

Uncle Edmure - Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6

Did the series finale do justice to all of the plot threads that were left dangling heading into it?

Christine: No. I found it highly unsatisfying, and the last 20 minutes seemed to drag on forever. Cersei’s death from the prior episode should have been a huge moment, and instead, she was just dead under a pile of rocks.

Brienne still idolized Jamie even though he walked out on her. Jon Snow was as mopey as ever. At least Arya got to go off and explore but by the end, I found it difficult to care much about any of them.

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Becca: The endings were anti-climatic and dumb, but there was closure. There aren’t any lingering questions I wish the series had answered, and I’m fine with not seeing Arya’s voyages or anyone else’s continuing adventures.    

Paul: Nope. It was rushed, but that could be attributed to the paltry episode order. There were no big payoffs. 

Drogon Prods Dany

Grade the series finale! 

Christine: C- and that’s being generous. I couldn’t believe there was just a bunch of men in power sitting around a table once again making all the decisions for everyone.

The best moment was Drogon destroying the throne. There were times throughout the years that this was an amazing series but overall, I’m just happy it’s over and I can move on.

Becca: D.  Some of the visuals were good; I liked some of the performances despite what the actors had to perform, but in terms of story it was a trainwreck.  

Paul: D. Aside from complimenting some of the visuals, I couldn't connect with any of the characters or the plots. 

What did you think of the series finale?

Hit the comments below. 

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