Good Girls Season 2 Episode 13 Review: King

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Elizabeth Boland is officially king.

Or is she?

The crux of Good Girls Season 2 Episode 13 was seeing the ladies figure out how to wiggle themselves free from the clutches of the FBI, but underneath that, there was a lot of soul-searching.

Hearty Laughter - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 13

The decision to rob the bank as a last ditch effort to get money to pay off Boomer was desperation at its finest. They were out of options, essentially, and it was either that or go down for murder.

The entire bank scene was tense even though it got played for laughs. We’ve seen the ladies rob before, but this one felt different. It was too haphazardly thrown together to work.

Luckily for everyone, Beth stumbled upon the storage unit jackpot.

Rio: So, listen, I wish I could help.
Beth: You could. You choose not to.
Rio: Ah, don't be like that, Elizabeth.

Beth has slowly begun to understand that she doesn’t know Rio as much as she thought she did. And honestly, it was refreshing to hear her say the many things the Brio detractors have been saying for a long time.

Locked In - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 13

Rio is selfish, inconsiderate, and at times, too smart for his own good. He only cares about the bottom line.

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He has the capacity to assist Beth, but he doesn’t want to help. While it appears that Beth has let the business and personal lines blur, Rio hasn’t.

He’s shown compassion a time or two, but when push comes to shove he stays in his lane and doesn’t budge.

A Confrontation - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 13

Bringing Turner to Beth was another power move, not some sweet gesture. It’s Rio coming in to save the day by helping get rid of her nemesis.

He will walk away clean, and all the blood will be on Beth’s hands. Literally.

Once again, Rio puts all his faith in that charming voice and come-hither smile, thinking that Beth will do whatever he tells her to do. But this is a wildly different Beth than the one we knew during Good Girls Season 1.

Friendly Smile - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 13

This Beth realizes that with the gun in her hand, she has the power. And she decides to eliminate the real source of her problems -- Rio.

It’s a gasp-worthy moment made all the more dramatic by the fact that she shoots him several times. It isn’t a mistake. She’s shooting to kill.

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Now the question looming for months will be whether Rio is alive, and all signs will point towards yes. He will be out for revenge, and the implications of those gunshots will be extremely far-reaching.

And Turner! Let’s talk about Turner.

After getting so close to losing his life, he made a deal with the devil to make sure that if he needs Rio at some point, he’ll owe him one.

I'm not even saying that I wanted Rio to die, but the whole exchange was weird and sleazy. Beth saved his life, and he's still working to make sure that he has someone in hand to help him take her down when it's convenient. 

Boomer’s arrival at the police station, thanks to an assist from Marion, means that Turner’s case has officially imploded. That lets everyone off the hook, so why can’t he go away for good?

Bundled Up - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 13

I guess we just aren’t that lucky, folks.

Noah should take the opportunity to leave town and get away from Annie. 

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Who did she even fall in love with? It has to be hard to know when you realize how little you know about someone.

Cheers - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 13

Noah has been lying from day one, and maybe his feelings are real, but that doesn’t and shouldn’t negate the betrayal.

In another life, they could have had something. But in this life, their love story is too convoluted to work.

When Good Girls Season 3 premieres, I want Noah in Arizona, Turner retired, and the ladies living their best lives as the counterfeit queens of the world.

It's what we deserve!

Asking For Help - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 13

Odds and Ends

  • Once again, here I am NOT thinking Dean is the absolute worst and hating myself for it. He’s a crap husband, but when he shows fleeting signs of being a steady, caring person Beth can count on, I can’t help but enjoy it.
  • Boomer remains insufferable, but it was pretty comical hearing him talk about the faceplant surgery he was hoping to get. Boomer does not give me Rupert Grint vibes.
  • Beth buying Beyonce tickets and gifting them to Ruby so she can take Stan is a full-circle moment I can get behind.
  • There is a 7% chance that Rio is dead. And that’s being generous.

That’s all she wrote for this season, guys. And I think we can all admit it was a hell of a season.

If there was one knock on the season, it’s that things lagged a bit towards the 3/4ths mark, as the increase in episodes left more filler than we’re used to.

But I can’t complain about more Good Girls on TV.

The show deserves another season to grow and attract new viewers!

Please flood the comments with all your reactions to the finale! And let me know what you’re hoping to see next year.

Use this down time to watch Good Girls online again and revel in the fun of this second season! 

King Review

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Good Girls Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Beth: Why should it be you or Annie? I made you do it. Can I have my drink back?
Ruby: Made us? Which part?
Beth: The store, the money, Jeff, all of it. Take your pick.
Ruby: We could have said no.
Beth: But you never say no.
Ruby: I am not your yes-man.
Beth: No. You're a really good friend.

Boomer: I can't go in there.
Marion: I can't keep making up stories, Leslie.
Boomer: I'm not a kid anymore, Nana.
Marion: Then go be a big boy.