Sexy, Escapist Blood & Treasure is the Perfect Summer Show

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If you're looking for light summer entertainment on broadcast television, look no further than Blood & Treasure.

The Indiana Jones-esque series is fun, adventurous, pretty to look at, and features witty repartee between the leads that sells very well.

Sofia Pernas and Matt Barr in Blood & Treasure

The series follows Danny McNamara (Matt Barr) as a former FBI agent turned antiquities hunter who gets reined by his mentor to hunt down a friend and fellow treasure hunter who goes missing in Egypt shortly after discovering the tomb of Antony and Cleopatra.

If that's doesn't sound exciting enough for you, Danny requests the aid of his former girlfriend and art thief, Lexi (Sofia Pernas) who is the yin to his yang.

Alicia Coppola in Blood & Treasure

While Danny is level headed and works within the lines (such that they are in his line of work), Lexi works with a lot more flash and brute force.

It's a switch on most adventures which find the male kicking ass while his female partner offers sage advice.

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That's not to say Barr's Danny is boring; he's just intersted in staying alive and on the right side of prison bars.

We soon find out that although Danny mostly follows the rules, he has many connections allowing him to circumvent breaking them where other, less connected players might need to take the shortcut without the safety net.

Oded Fehr in Blood & Treasure

He knows the rulers of one country and a high ranking priest at the Vatican, both of whom come very handy to keep the fortune-hunters out of the crosshairs of international law enforcement long enough that they can frolic a little more before getting caught again and so on, all before saving the day.

At one point, Danny is referred to as the average other half of the beautiful Lexi.

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Let's just say the two of them make a very striking couple, and no matter where your preference lies, you'll find a character to tickle your fancy.

Yes, Blood & Treasure attracted a very versatile (and did I mention pretty?) cast with supporting players as fetching as the leads.

Antonio Cupo in Blood & Treasure

Alicia Coppola stars as Dr. Anna Castillo, the friend and treasure hunter who goes missing after her initial discovery of the tomb of Antony and Cleopatra.

That scene gets the ball rolling by introducing a mystery that looks to be the Ark of the Covenant or Temple of Doom for Blood & Treasure Season 1.

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There are pyramids, flashes to the past with Nazi involvement, and a mystery spanning hundreds of years afoot.

For any great adventure must come someone hoping to put a stop to all the fun.

Katia Winter in Blood & Treasure

To that end, Katia Winter stars as Gwen Karlsson, an Interpol agent hot on the trail of anything in connection to the mystery and Lexi.

Oded Fehr is a one of the "bad guys" who steals and sells blood antiquities to fund his terrorist plots.

Uh oh!

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But to ease any concern about his Middle-Eastern heritage getting associated with the wrong side of the law, Lexi, too, is of Egyptian heritage.

It's probably a stretch, but it works in the series by giving her even more alluring.

Come to think of it, that's not the best reasoning given her brash tactics and outright thievery, is it?

Michael James Shaw in Blood & Treasure

Familiar faces abound with John Larroquette, Antonio Cupo, Neil Napier, Michael James Shaw, and James Callis also starring alongside some incredible locations with filming mostly in Montreal but with hefty doses of Italy and Morocco, too.

Danny and Lexi have the causal banter that makes so many similar couples exciting to watch, but they're not overly witty to the point you need to understand archaeological references to get in on the jokes.

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They're intelligent without being too showy about it.

You won't need to dig out your thesaurus or turn on closed captioning to follow along, but you won't feel like anybody is hitting you with the stupid stick, either. 

During the two-hour premiere, the intensity never stops and by the end, you'll be clamoring for more of the romantic tension and perilous situations in which the characters find themselves.

Antonio Cupo in Blood & Treasure

Blood & Treasure doesn't offer anything new to the genre, but that's OK.

As one of my fellow writers said recently about another show with a similar lead duo, sometimes you just want escapist television.

You want to get entertained without thinking too hard and other nice things.

Incredibly self-aware, Blood & Treasure takes itself just seriously enough to get the best forward momentum going, but not so much that it ever believes it's more than what it is -- a delightful, sexy, action-adventure series keeping you tuned into CBS on Tuesday nights.

Blood & Treasure premieres Tuesday, May 21 on CBS and CBS All Access. 

Will you be tuning in to television's answer to a splashy adventurous summer blockbuster? 

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Hit the comments and share your thoughts.

We'll see you back here Tuesday for a full review of the premiere!

If there are other summer shows you think we need to cover, don't hesitate to contact us.


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Blood & Treasure Quotes

Danny: You should call the FBI.
Jay: I would if you still worked there.

Danny, there's no one better at tracking blood antiquities than you.

Jay [to Danny]