The 100 Season 6 Episode 3 Preview: Talk About Your Trauma

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We left off The 100 Season 6 Episode 2 with the group from space and the group already in Sanctum reuniting, just on the heels of the hallucinations bringing up some stuff to the surface.

Meanwhile, early flashbacks at the original Eligius group gave us an idea of what happened, or a timeline of events to consider before we officially meet the newcomers to our screen.

It now has everyone in the same place, at least the characters we know, just in time presumably to meet Russell VII and his crew. It feels like all or nothing, and all is what we're getting in the next episode of The 100.

Delilah and Jordan - The 100 Season 6 Episode 3

But there also will be some separation, based off photos and what the trailer has spoiled about the state of the group. The good thing about this season so far that separating character doesn't feel so final, their placement can change in an episode or two, which means there isn't anything set in stone. 

There is also a big chance that the audience will continue to have information that the characters don't through flashbacks. The episode titles keep mentioning characters from there, which means there is plenty of stories still left to tell over there. 

Now The 100 Season 6 Episode 3 is using the title "The Children of Gabriel" and in case you needed the refresher, the previous episode set up some fascinating possibilities about what centering a conversation about Gabriel might mean.

Clarke and an Outfit Change - The 100 Season 6 Episode 3

It could pick up where we left off after that eclipse reaction from Russell, which could be likely since Russell VII is making his big debut too. 

The synopsis for this specific episode is, "Clarke tries to win over the leaders of Sanctum to let her people stay. Meanwhile, Bellamy, Echo, and Octavia discover a new threat while on a mission to retrieve the transport ship."

There is also this very helpful trailer and this exclusive Inside Look into the episode to help arrange our expectations. 

This preview might contain some light teases about the third episode, with a specific focus on characters and scenes that have been discussed before or have been included in promotional videos or photos.

Proceed with caution if you don't want speculation or a variety of theories, but really, who doesn't like that?

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Extending That Friend Circle 

It might have been fun to spend some time with the people we know, but no way could last for long.

Fresh introductions means new characters and new dyanmics to figure out. 

The photos for this episode make it clear that Russell VII is the first introduction that gets made to the characters. It isn't confirmed that they meet first, but he is in almost all the photos with Clarke so far.

The chances are that after meeting the children he will follow not so far behind with skepticism. 

Clarke and a Shift - The 100 Season 6 Episode 3

Because if Clarke has to win him over, chances are they aren't sure what to do with the new people on their planet. There is probably some sense of solidarity since Eligius people are connected to them through Earth.

But there's probably that whole conversation about how they blew up Earth thing to discuss, and that can't be the right foot to start. The trailer has Clarke getting asked by Simone, Russell's wife, how many people she killed.

That has to come from some comment or realization that they make, with the people in Sanctum questioning right away if there is peace to be had with these newcomers. 

Also don't forget that there was another trailer before the premiere aired, where Simone told Clarke to bow to Russell. That got her a big resounding no, possibly another issue for them to mark down against Clarke and her people?

Clarke and Picasso - The 100 Season 6 Episode 3

It can't last long though if we then already see Clarke decked out in this new dress that she gets offered. Once again, it is a familiar dress that she wears in a scene with Russell in the original trailer for the season. 

It is connected to her promising to Russell that they want to do better, over their dinner of exactly one olive according to Clarke's plate.

Jason Rothenberg mentioned that Bellamy would allow Clarke to take the reigns, and it looks like that means she is the leader in charge of promising that they aren't a group to fear.

With their past track record though, they have a lot of explaining to do and plenty to promise they won't do again.

It is Russell's planet and Clarke is just there to play by his rules.

Which leads to the big possibility that they will share a conversation about their blood, because there is no way this photo doesn't tease a reveal.

Russell and Clarke - The 100 Season 6 Episode 3

It isn't clear yet what role Clarke's blood could or couldn't play to those at Sanctum. They should all have the same blood as her, so in a way she isn't special.

Maybe she becomes more of a trustworthy person to them because she shares that in common with them. Or maybe it makes her more vulnerable, that is until they find out about Madi.

There is no way that the Flame won't come up at some point this season. Because Russell and his people may not care about their blood, but the idea of having access to past Commanders may be what intrigues them.

Madi doesn't have an easy time this season based off the trailer, but how much of that is inflicted by her journey and how much of that comes from her being a target on this new moon?

Clarke in Sanctum - The 100 Season 6 Episode 3

And then, of course, we have the new "friendship" that quite a few of us are looking forward to, Jordan and Delilah.

To be fair, odds are these two won't have an intricate love story that will span multiple seasons and planets.

They seem to be getting to know each other very soon into Jordan's time on the moon. But the newly released synopsis for the fifth episode of this season teases that Jordan is going to be looking into Sanctum.

A fan has also pointed out that the rating for the fourth episode of Season 6 hints at some possible sexual content coming up.

So what if Jordan meets Delilah and feels smitten with her, he is new at this whole romance thing, so his first crush comes with him also choosing to trust Sanctum.

Maybe they even grow closer in the next episode, but as Clarke tries to make things work in Sanctum, Jordan realizes something about what is happening over there.

Jordan in Sanctum - The 100 Season 6 Episode 3

Delilah could be getting close to Jordan because she likes him or because she has an ulterior motive, either way, they could end up having sex the next episode at least.

Then Jordan discovers something or learns through his time with Delilah that Sanctum is not all that it looks like, causing him to look into what is happening.

He won't be his mother and father's son if his Sanctum sense didn't mirror their Mount Weather ones. 

And it all comes together after Clarke's two-episode arc of trying to do better in Sanctum, which supposedly will lead to her and Bellamy butting head?

Sides are forming and secrets will be spilled when it comes to Sanctum.

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Separation Station 

It is that lovely time again when the characters that are all in the same place now need to disperse a little to get several plots going instead of one.

On the one hand, it makes sense, the story can't have every main character revolving around one story because there have to be different sides to introduce our way.

There is also the option of the characters being scattered so they could all individual have a piece to a bigger puzzle, not knowing that the other group might have an answer to their questions about a dilemma they might be in.

But first, let's bring up resolution. 

We know based off the original trailer that Clarke watches Bellamy and the others leave, presumably because as the chosen leader she has to stay behind.

Clarke Staring Off - The 100 Season 6 Episode 3

At first, it looked like Bellamy, Octavia, and Echo would be the ones that needed to get to the transport ship for some reason. Maybe Madi related or maybe to leave Octavia in another location so that her past track record doesn't ruin another chance at peace and survival.

Regardless of the reasoning, Raven seems to be making at least some of the journey with them. She is on the ground with the others while Clarke watches them leave, meaning somewhere along the way her path changes.

It is important to note that the group has Sanctum guards walking with them, meaning maybe something happens on the way as we saw in that short sequence of Octavia fighting with someone. It could happen before they meet the Sanctum population or on their way to that transport ship.

We can't forget the people outside the fence that the trailer teased, people that might not be connected to Sanctum and might be a "threat" to consider along the way.

Raven in Sanctum - The 100 Season 6 Episode 3

I had some worries about Bellamy, Octavia, and Echo ending up on a journey together just because Echo is trying to push Bellamy to forgive Octavia.

Even though Echo is coming at this from her issues about forgiveness, and possibly something the hallucinations hinted at with a past she may not feel forgiven for yet, Octavia is still there to push at him as well.

But we can't forget the scene in the trailer, the one that had Bellamy telling Octavia that his sister died a long time ago. Maybe they do return to Octavia just wanting Bellamy on her side again, and yet he stands his ground when they go to that transport ship.

Then there is the synopsis for the fifth episode, which puts Octavia still at the transport ship.

Octavia in Sanctum  - The 100 Season 6 Episode 3

Combining that information with Jason's teases about liking the Diyoza and Octavia pair off this season, and the fact that Bellamy will be back in Sanctum by the fifth episode to butt heads with Clarke, chances are Octavia stays behind.

That could be the plan from the very beginning, or that becomes a decision along the way because of how the episode unfolds. 

The important thing in all of this though is that separation, for now, is not a bad word that threatens the placement of the characters for half the season.

There is less distance, so it is easier for all the characters to move back and forth if necessary,

It also feels like Bellamy distancing himself from Clarke for at most two episodes could be a way to push her closer to something none of us understand.

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Maybe Clarke's need to win them a place at Sanctum becomes an issue because Bellamy is moved from the equation.

Clarke is the believer this season, and Bellamy is the skeptic, as far as narrative decisions go, there is nothing like creating conflict by making sure those two people aren't together at the point when they desperately would need to be.

Flashback Forward To The Gabriel Effect

The title of the episode focuses on Gabriel, so the least we can do is go over his relevance one more time because chances are his story is far from over.

It isn't clear yet how many flashbacks we will see this season, but they should continue throughout the season.

As mentioned before in the theory section for The 100 Season 6 Episode 2, Gabriel is a geneticist with a personal connection to Josephine.

It isn't clear whether she survived the attack from her dad, but there was a behind the scenes photo released by the actor who plays Gabriel, teasing the possibility of Gabriel and Russell being involved in a medical experiment of some kind.

Russell Watches Clarke - The 100 Season 6 Episode 3

Gabriel had a close relationship with Josephine, and he survived Russell's attack on the village. There's reason to believe that the embryos then came into play after the fact, with the two of them teaming up to recreate what they lost in some way.

The word clone comes to mind, and the fact that the title teases Gabriel's children might have to do with his work that creates life.

Because Russell VII might share a name with the original Russell, or it could be a sign of something more sinister at work.

The fact that his wife is also named Simone and that there will be a Josephine VII this season teaches a potential name swap that is more than just paying homage to the Primes. 

Russell VII Lightbourne  - The 100 Season 6 Episode 3

There hasn't been any actual announcment on a Gabriel casting for the present time, but that doesn't mean it isn't possible.

It feels like the next logical step would be Clarke getting introduced to Gabriel. That would serve as a hint of what might happen since the audience will again know more about what is happening than the characters on the show.

And with the fact that the fifth episode of the season is carrying the title, "The Gospel of Josephine"? It is about to all come full circle for everyone involved.

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Stray Thoughts 

  • Let's talk about the forgiveness factor in the room for a second. It's clear that Octavia is gunning for it from Bellamy, and frankly there shouldn't be any.

    Bellamy is someone who dealt with and forgave Octavia's abuse for a good portion of the show. Him finally realizing that he is allowed to choose himself first and not just allow her behavior to harm him is an important choice for the character.

    It could even be argued that Octavia's attempts at redemption are lackluster at best, with her not truly taking any steps to be better when she is still refusing to take any responsibility for her actions.

    There is still plenty of blame for her to throw around, and until that blame reaches her, Bellamy is allowed to stay far away. 

    In fact, it is fair to say that he can even keep his distance after Octavia gets Redeemed, because there is no way the narrative won't let that happen.

    Forgiveness is a choice and not a right, with Bellamy offering representation for people who choose to move on without taking a toxic person back into their life.

    For a more in-depth look at why the Blake siblings might make a better case for a permanent separation, keep an eye out on TV Fanatic after this episode of The 100 airs!

  • Just a reminder for Bellamy and Clarke fans that even though we need to prepare for a separation emotionally, there will be something to look forward to in this episode for us.

    In an exclusive interview with TV Fanatic, Jason Rothenberg mentioned that Bellamy and Clarke share some special scenes in this episode. 

    Some of it will have to be about Russell and the rest of that, but there are also those hallucinations to discuss. The two of them looked wrecked when they saw what they had to do to one another because of the way they were triggered to react.

    They must have valuable enough scenes that Clarke watches them leaving with a pained look on her face. Is it bad of me to assume it is Bellamy related? Probably. Will that stop me? Not at all. 

  • There are three characters whose placement we can't account for. With Murphy clearly MIA right now, Abby and Emori have to stay behind with him, right?

    Maybe Russell offers them better tech that will help heal Murphy or they could just need to not move him far which means Clarke and Jordan also stay back to watch over them.

    Could there be something on that transport ship that Abby might need to help Murphy? The possibilities are endless.

  • Give us Diyoza looking after the ship with the help of Madi and Gaia. Please and thank you. 

  • Everyone get ready for the best new character of all time. The photos for the episode spoiled that Clarke will meet Picasso, and there is nothing else that could bring us this much joy.

    Clarke deserves some puppy time after that emotionally heavy day that she's had, and maybe she can even take the puppy with her? We can dream at least.

The 100 airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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The 100 Season 6 Episode 3 Quotes

Russell: Are you the leader of your people or not?
Bellamy: She is. She can speak for us.

Jordan: That is so cool. I read that it preserves the purity of the fruit.
Murphy: You need to work on your game, kid. I owe your pops at least that much.
Delilah: His game is just fine.