The Village Season 1 Episode 8 Review: Choosing to Hope

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It's Christmas time in the city. 

The Village Season 1 Episode 8 was all about the holiday season, and what an eventful holiday it turned out to be. 

With Katie still unwilling to give her mother the time of day, Sarah was spiraling. And it's getting increasingly harder to watch. 

A Christmas Delivery - The Village Season 1 Episode 8

It makes perfect sense why Katie is angry at Sarah, but it's frustrating to see her continually push Sarah away and not provide her with a real opportunity to communicate. 

There isn't a timetable on anger. And even though weeks have passed since Katie left for Liam's, she is still at the same anger level she was at when she first found out about Nick. 

I am a good mother. But if want you want is to cut me out, I'll give you that, too.

Sarah [to Katie]

Whether or not Sarah was justified in lying to Katie, the fact remains that she's a good mom.

She has been there for Katie through every step of her life, and can that all be negated? 

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What Sarah did was more than just a mistake, but it feels as if Katie should be more willing to at least speak with Sarah as a means to help her process. 

Talks Over Breakfast - The Village Season 1 Episode 8

But then again, perhaps that is asking too much of a hormonal teenager. 

Sarah's apology to Nick felt like an important thing for Nick to hear.

She knows better than anyone what Nick has been going through, and while he may understand her thought process, you could see that it meant something to him that she reached out. 

Nick has been suffering a lot in silence, but the times he does show vulnerability are always with Sarah. 

Opposite Sides - The Village Season 1 Episode 8

She is the one good thing he has going for him, even when things are strained. 

Once he figured out that Rashad was a fellow fireman, he ran immediately to Sarah.

It's such an important step for Nick to trust someone and feel comfortable enough sharing with them. 

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Sarah is right in that he needs to evaluate one thing at a time. If being back in New York is a trigger for him, he will need help finding ways to cope with the myriad of emotions he's feeling. 

Even though at this moment they're not romantically involved, they do make a good team. 

Holiday Buddies - The Village Season 1 Episode 8

Ben and Ava also make a good team, but they are surely being tested by people from their past. 

It was a foregone conclusion that Dana would show up again, but bumping right into Ava was extremely awkward.

Its an impossibly terrible situation when your wife meets your girlfriend. 

Ben has a good heart, but he managed to hurt both Dana and Ava in the span of a few minutes. 

Both women felt lied too, and even a bit misled. For Dana, she probably walked away from their reunion feeling positive. 

Christmas Greetings - The Village Season 1 Episode 8

And coming to visit him was a way to continue extending that olive branch. Finding out that he went there to ask for a divorce has to be devastating. 

Dana: You drove by because you wanted a divorce. You should have been honest.
Ben: I didn't want to hurt you.
Dana: I lost a son. What's a little more?

Even if their marriage has been over for a very long time. 

Ava, on the other hand, has to feel slighted that Ben has once again kept something from her. And is she wrong to question Ben's motives?

With her trial looming, she doesn't deserve the stress. And I fear that her decision to visit Hamid means that she may be slowly giving up on fighting her case. 

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Much like Nick has Sarah, Patricia has Ron. But she still appears resolute in her desire to fight her cancer battle on her terms. 

Proud Couple - The Village Season 1 Episode 8

Her interaction with the charming, and very forward, Andre, felt like a way for Patricia to take a break for a few hours. 

She could escape her diagnosis and escape the realities of her life for a few minutes and let her hair down.

Never for a second did I think she would betray Ron, but they sure set it up to leave that possibility dangling out there. 

Moving forward it would be nice to see Patricia lean on Ron more and utilize him. But Patricia needs to fight this in a way that allows her to feel comfortable. 

And for now that means continuing to do it her way. 

A Piece of the Past - The Village

Everything Else

  • Another week passes by with Enzo being the MVP. His scenes with Ron were funny, and he and Gwendolina are the best couple on this show currently. 
  • I like how the show tries to make Gabriel seem grouchy, but then always reveals his tender heart. Showing up to the holiday party in that sweater was priceless. 
  • How did Ron think he was going to fit that massive tree in his apartment?
  • Claire means well, but it seems like she's too perfect. I keep waiting for other shoe to drop. 
  • Liam is a true gentleman sleeping on the couch. 

There are only two episodes left this season, and we need to start making our finale predictions!

Will Katie forgive Sarah?

What will happen to Ava? 

Is there any couple better than Enzo and Gwendolina?

Please leave all your thoughts down below and watch The Village online so you can join the conversation!

Choosing to Hope Review

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The Village Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Sarah: I was angry, and I was drunk. I had no right to ask you to leave.
Nick: Sarah---
Sarah: But if you come back, I'm afraid she won't. So, I don't really know what else to offer.

How do you expect your daughter to forgive you if you're not willing to do the same for Nick?

Patricia [to Sarah]