Big Brother Premiere Recap: Secrets, Lies, and a Game-Changing Power

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Big Brother made its big return for Season 21 on Tuesday night. 

The veteran reality show successfully staged a return to form last summer, with a season that many fans considered one of the best yet. 

As such, all eyes were on the season premiere to see whether it could keep up the pace. 

Big Brother Season 21 Cast Photo

CBS went with a two-night premiere this year, with part 2 slated to air tonight at 8/7c. 

The explosive premiere kicked off with introductions to our new cast. If you keep up with our Big Brother coverage, you already know what we think of the new houseguests competing for the cash prize. 

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Still, the episode successfully showed us some people we should be keeping our eyes peeled for when all the scheming intensifies. 

Kemi Faknule, who may already be our favorite houseguests, admitted straight off the bat that she is a "reformed mean girl."

Kemi Faknule - Big Brother

Her New Year's resolution to be more empathetic “didn’t even last two weeks." There's going to be a lot of drama with this one. 

Christie Murphy dropped an early bomb, revealing that she recently came out of a long-term relationship with a "significantly older woman."

The big twist here is that her ex-girlfriend is a member of fellow houseguest, Tommy Bracco's family.

These two need to form an alliance before someone rumbles their big secret. 

Christie Murphy - Big Brother

The summer's first twist came in the form of all 16 houseguests electing a Camp Director.

This would allow the person voted to be safe for the entire first week of the show, but Julie warned that the person would have an impact on the Head of Household competition and  “could single-handedly put your game in jeopardy.”

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Cliff, David, Jessica, and Jackson want the role, but it quickly becomes clear that the only people the houseguests want to vote are Jessica and Jackson. 

In true Big Brother fashion, the houseguests are all over the place, promising their votes to more than one person. 

Jessica Milagros - Big Brother

Jackson scored ten votes, with Jessica noting that “a lot of people lied to me!”

While Jackson is celebrating, he learns the truth about his new Camp Director role. He has to choose four houseguests that he wants to "banish."

All four will compete in a competition, and only three of them will remain in the Big Brother house at the end of it. 

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Yikes, right?

While it would be fair to assume that Jackson was livid to be making the decision, he showed his true colors, saying that “there’s only confetti for one person."

Jackson Michie - Big Brother

Yeah, Jackson is probably going to be the first big target of the season. 

As this is the first night of a two-part premiere, we didn't learn who Jackson was going to banish. 

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What did you think of all of the premiere's biggest twists? 

Who is your favorite houseguest so far? 

Who do you want to get the boot?

Hit the comments below. 

The insanity continues tonight at 8/7c on CBS. 

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