Big Brother Spoilers: Who Got Nominated for Eviction?

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The Big Brother Live Feeds are back!

Following Thursday's eviction, the most crucial aspect of Big Brother got underway, and it allowed us to fill in the blanks about what was going on inside the summer camp-themed house. 

When the episode concluded, Christie had won the coveted first Head of Household competition. 

Christie Murphy - Big Brother

She was in an alliance with Jackson, Jack, Isabella, Holly, and Nick, which meant she was not going to nominate either of them unless something drastic went down before the feeds kicked off. 

There was also no way she was going to nominate Tommy because they were essentially family, but they vowed to keep that a secret from the other players. 

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It would have been fair to assume that Christie's alliance would turn up the heat on her to get Tommy on the block because of how well he performed in that first HOH competition. 

Tommy Bracco - Big Brother

It would have been fun to witness Christie find a way to turn the heat away from him, but we were thrown right into the deep end on Thursday night. 

Christie nominated Cliff and Kathryn for eviction. 

It's a bit disheartening to see the oldest player in the game being targeted for eviction this early on, but there's apparently a reason he's on the block:

Kathryn Dunn - Big Brother

To send Kathryn packing. Kathryn never got a lot of screen time in the initial two episodes, but Christie admitted on a live feed leak earlier this week that Kathryn was annoying the other houseguests. 

Her constant paranoia and chattering were given as reasons, meaning that by putting Kathryn on the block, it could be a house decision. 

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Christie could have put Cliff on the block alongside her because she knows that nobody will vote him out over Kathryn. 

Cliff Hogg III - Big Brother

But Kathryn is in a world of her own and thinks that she stands a good chance of staying in the game for Week 2 and beyond. 

This is because she has grown close to Jackson and is under the impression that he will save her if he wins the veto. 

The flaw in her logic is that Jackson is in an alliance with Christie, so he was probably instrumental in getting her put on the block in the first place. 

Jackson Michie - Big Brother

It's possible that a more significant target could emerge post-Veto competition, but it's hard to imagine Christie getting more blood on her hands than she has to. 

For now, our eyes will be peeled to find out who slides into victory at the Veto competition. 

What do you think of these first nominations?

Who do you want to leave?

Big Brother continues Sunday at 8/7c on CBS. 

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