Days of Our Lives Round Table: Haley Returns! Do You Want Her Back?

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Ciara tried to get Claire to confess, Sarah and Rex got married, Ted and Kate were held hostage, and Haley returned to Salem!

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Kpatch from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate Haley’s return, Sarah and Rex’s marriage, Ben’s redemption, and who else should get married in Salem.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Haley’s back! Rate your enthusiasm from 1 (Can’t we send her back to China?) to 10 (I’m thrilled she’s back in Salem!)

Jack: Ugh. I'm going to give it a 2 only because it gives JJ screen time. This rushed story is not doing Haley or JJ/Haley as a couple any favors. I don't buy that this is some epic love story.

These two barely know each other and if anything, JJ is trying to recreate what he had with Paige with another one of Kayla's employees, with a side of saving her like he couldn't save Paige thrown in.

Kpatch: I’m going to say an 8, not because I love Haley, but because it gives JJ more screen time and a chance to be a leading man. I’m not sold on Haley, although the actress has grown a lot since her early days on the show.

Christine: I’m with Jack, Ugh! I’ll give it a 3. Haley is okay but there’s been no character development as it’s all about this horrible immigration story. Maybe I’ll like her more now that that storyline is over, but I really don’t feel any chemistry between JJ and Haley so I can’t says I’m excited.

Ben Shares His Suspicions - Days of Our Lives

Do you think anyone in Salem, besides Ciara, will ever accept Ben?

Jack: I can already see where this is headed. Ben saves Ciara's life for a third time, Eve's role in Claire's downfall is exposed, and Ben is suddenly the hero of the Horton family and no one ever questions his reformation again.

Kpatch: I think Marlena accepts him, which surprises me since she is usually so skeptical. Having an in with Marlena will help others accept him. There are some like Eve and JJ who will never and should never forgive him.

Christine: Yeah, some people will, but I doubt he’ll ever win over all of Salem as he did kill people.

Sarah and Rex Marry - Days of Our Lives

Sarah and Rex got married. Do you think it will last? Why or why not?

Jack: I doubt it. Sarah is already starting to respond to Xander's charms. Besides, Rex has never been anything but a placeholder in her life until something better came along. The sooner we get this snooze-worthy "couple" off our screens, the better!

Kpatch: I think it will be over in a heartbeat. Sarah is not committed to him no matter what she says. She enjoys flirting with Eric and Xander too much.

Christine: I actually feel bad for Rex. Sarah sends puppy dog eyes to Eric and flirts with Xander. She says all the right things about getting married but it’s obvious that her heart isn’t in it so I don’t see it lasting long.

Gabi and Stefan's Romantic Night - Days of Our Lives

Rumor has it there will be at least one more wedding in Salem this summer. Is there a couple you’d like to see get married? Who do you think will walk down the aisle?

Jack: There are no rootable unmarried couples right now other than Ben and Ciara and I don't want to see them rushing into marriage the second she's saved again.

Please God let's not have JJ and Haley get married three seconds after being reunited to solidify their "great love".

It's either gonna be them or the reconciled for five seconds, Eli and Lani, unless Gabi's plan goes into overdrive and she marries Stefan five seconds after deciding she can be in the same room with him without puking.

Kpatch: I think Eli and Lani will get married. Zzzz. There is no one currently on air that I’d like to see tie the knot.

Christine: I’d guess Lani and Eli, although I don’t feel the great love there, of course Salem doesn’t have a lot of convincing couples these days.

Stefan and Gabi getting married would be a train wreck but it could also be fun to watch.

Ben and Ciara are the most romantic couple but I hope they wait a long time before they talk about marriage. The slow build is key, especially with them.

Faux Nicole Scores A Point - Days of Our Lives

Are you enjoying the "Nicole is really Kristen" twist and do you want to see it continue?

Jack: Honestly, this is my least favorite story right now. What a slap in the face to Nicole and Ericole fans who were thrilled to hear Nicole was coming back!

This is so unrealistic and Kristen is super obvious. Plus this is the fourth or fifth doppelganger story in the last year! So can we please just end this?

Kpatch: I am hating this story. I can’t stand the actress currently playing Kristen. She’s doing a horrible job. I’m not a big Nicole fan.

I don’t think her meanness is out of character, so it’s not like people would automatically think she’s being meaner than usual.

Christine: At first I thought this was fun but now it’s gotten boring. I want the real Nicole back and don’t really care at all about Kristen.

Which characters (keep it to a maximum of 3) deserve a more compelling storyline?

JJ and Haley Reunite - Days of Our Lives

Jack: JJ always gets the short end of the stick storywise, and I don't understand why because Casey Moss is one of the best actors on the show.

JJ should be at the forefront of the show, not mainly in the background and then given a random love interest without any story behind it. There is SO much that could be done with JJ and he's got nothing.

His father too. Jack is a legacy character who is being rewritten shamefully for the sake of this nonsense. And I want the real Nicole back, no doppelgangers or masks or other nonsense.

Kpatch: JJ, Claire, and Ted.

Christine: Tripp deserves a better story. I’d like to see Ciara doing something that doesn’t focus on Ben. And I’d love to see Roman as something other than the Brady sounding board.

(TALL) Jennifer has News for Jack - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline this week on Days of Our Lives?

Jack: I loved JJ telling Jack that it was going to take a lot more than getting the charges dropped to get back in his good graces.

Kpatch: I loved seeing Shawn having meaningful conversations with JJ, Claire, and Eve. Plus he’s easy on the eyes. I liked Jack asking Kayla about the serum and suggesting she will only give the serum to people she likes.

Christine: I loved Will telling Jack he could only have the diary if he dropped the charge against JJ. It’s sad that JJ had to be blackmailed to do it, but I love that Will was strong, a little devious, and stood up for his family.

Exciting News - Days of Our Lives

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