Days of Our Lives Round Table: Rory's Return!

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Claire spiraled out of control, “Nicole” continued to reject Eric, JJ and Haley nearly consummated their relationship, and Rory returned to help his old friend this week in Salem.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by UhSir from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate Claire’s fate, Hope’s future, Eric’s over the top reaction, Rory’s return and more…

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Who do you think will finally figure out the truth about Claire setting the fire, and what will happen to her when the truth comes out?

Jack: I think Ben is already halfway there, but what can he do with Eve and her anti-Ben agenda running the police department? Too many of the other players are family who will want to look the other way, and I suspect Claire will go to Bayview instead of jail.

UhSir: I figure Marlena will be the first. She just heard Ben hum out the tune. Sure as shootin’, she'll meet up with Claire and Claire's ringtone will play. Bingo! As for what will happen to Claire, probably a stint in Bayview.

Christine: I agree that this will be a combination of Ben and Marlena, with Marlena realizing that it was Claire’s ringtone and promptly shipping her off to Bayview where she can room next to Jordan.

I just can’t see Claire surviving jail. If anything, she’d come out crazier than she went in.

Rory Returns - Days of Our Lives

Rory returned to help JJ and Haley escape. Would you like to see more of him?

Jack: Rory should be a full fledged character instead of a one-note joke. There is so much more that could be done with his relationship with JJ and he adds some humor to the show. And he should at least have a last name!

UhSir: YES!!!!!!! But I'm not so sure about that short hair. I guess I could get used to it. I only knew it was really him once he spoke.

Anyhoo, Rory is one of those gems of daytime! I really do wish that he could be a regular. Randomly insert him once or twice a week into scenes, if need be sometimes without dialogue, but that would be a loss because Rory was always a reality check. Like Maxine.

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Christine: I almost didn't recognize him with the short hair! Rory is fun and he can be used in so many ways. He’s a nice reminder that not everyone has to be slotted into the role of hero or villain.

Rory can still be JJ’s friend, be a source for Jennifer on stories, despite how she looks down her nose at him, and can walk the line between helping the cops or the criminals, depending upon which side helps him out the most. The show could use more of Rory.

Divorce Papers - Days of Our Lives

Hope is out of a job and getting divorced. What would you like to see her do next?

Jack: I'd like to see her rebuild her life on her own, realize she has been acting weak and stupid, and be a strong woman who has a life outside of a man.

UhSir: Doesn't Hope have, like, tons of money and doesn't need a job to pay her bills? She needs to stop thinking about a job defining her worth and realize that she can and should be the anchor for the Horton family. 

Hope is older now than Alice Horton was when Days first aired. Now is the time to embrace the independent woman and Hope can and should be that woman! C'mon, even her name supports it!

Christine: Hope needs to decide what she really wants in her life and do it on her own! She was always a strong, independent person and that’s been destroyed over the last few years.

Hope needs to build herself back up and I’m not sure where that takes her but the journey should be interesting and it shouldn’t involve a romance for a long, long time.

Commissioner Eve Deveraux - Days of Our Lives

Were you surprised that Eve was so willing to get Dr. Rolf’s diary back in order to help Will?

Jack: This is more like the Eve I know and love! Eve has always been a complex character who does terrible things for good reasons and makes a big mess but is a good person at heart.

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UhSir: Not at all. I only know Eve as Kassie DePaiva has played her and I believe that she was sympathetic to John's case.

Christine: Eve has never been a one-note character. She’s complicated. She can be selfish, manipulative, and short-sighted, but she also has a good heart. It’s what makes Eve worth watching because you never really know what she’ll do next.

Eric is Fooled - Days of Our Lives

Nicole told Eric to get out of her room multiple times but he wouldn’t. Then he grabbed her and wouldn’t let her go. Should she charge him with assault?

Jack: Absolutely, though I don't see how Kristen can without the truth being revealed.

UhSir: Yes! And then maybe during the court trial we'll find out about those haunting dreams he was having when he came back to Salem.

Christine: Eric was horrible! Just because Nicole wasn’t giving him the answers he wanted, he decided he didn’t have to listen to her or respect her wishes at all.

I know that “we” know it’s not really Nicole but it shouldn’t matter. If someone tells you to leave their room, you leave, and grabbing someone like that is never okay.

I’d love to see him charged with assault and I’d love to see him learn from it but I doubt that will happen. Even if he is charged I’m sure he’ll just whine about how he can’t believe “Nicole” is doing this to him.

JJ and Haley's Disguises - Days of Our Lives

JJ and Haley almost made love. Was your reaction, “Eww, no!”, “It’s about time!”, or somewhere in between?

Jack: I spent the whole time wishing it was Paige, who he was actually in love with.

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UhSir: Um, I honestly don't care. They're young and in the moment. Whatever.

Christine: JJ doesn’t feel like JJ to me when he’s paired with Haley. He comes across as though he’s pushing for more when she’s in a vulnerable situation. Because of that, this couple makes me cringe.

Maggie's Shocking News - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline this week on Days of Our Lives?

Jack: Once again Brady trying to handle Maggie's drunken episode won the week for me!

UhSir: Maggie's got a story. And she has finally fallen off the wagon! And who better than Brady to be there for her?

Oh, the agony of her trying to explain that she saw Kristen. Then Brady saying it's the last time he'll help her because of her drinking, as he takes off her spiked heels! But he'll still cover for her as long as she cooperates.

Christine: Maggie and Brady were definitely the highlight of the week. We haven’t seen Maggie like this before, and she’s reacting like an addict who’s drinking would, not the wonderful woman we know Maggie to be, and that’s realistic.

I also liked that Ben asked for help to try and figure out who set that fire in order to get ahead of Eve’s vendetta, even if he did have to go to Marlena who has let him down in the past. He really doesn’t have many other options.

(TALL) Clearing His Own Name - Days of Our Lives

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