Elementary Season 7 Episode 4 Review: Red Light, Green Light

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We're still getting to the new normal.

The terrorist cell which first came to light on Elementary Season 7 Episode 2 was a natural suspect in a bombing on Elementary Season 7 Episode 4.

But no, as this episode directed by Jonny Lee Miller soon proved.

Different Approaches - Elementary Season 7 Episode 4

As a matter of fact, red herrings were stinking up the joint.

It was terrorists! It was Salvadoran gang members! It was an all-powerful hacker!

Scene of the Explosion - Elementary Season 7 Episode 4

Until, finally, it was a much more pedestrian greedy businessman in the suburbs.

Still, Sherlock, Joan, and Marcus had to wade through a lot of suspects to get there.

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But first, let's applaud Captain Gregson being awake and closer to getting out of the hospital.

It was heartwarming to watch Sherlock and Gregson make up and agree to look ahead, not back.

Dream Landscape - Elementary Season 7 Episode 4

You know that Sherlock is still scheming about how to take down the FBI official who framed an innocent man to arrange Sherlock's freedom on Elementary Season 7 Episode 3.

But he's not going to burden a recuperating Gregson with that yet. Instead, he just smiled and nodded like it was no big deal.

He's likely need Gregson's help to get out from under this by season's end, but just not yet.

It didn't take long for Gregson to go from being comatose to catching up on cases while lying in bed.

Now that he was awake, he was able to point out the lies in Mears' statement, which pointed to Mears having an accomplice.

Investigating Away - Elementary Season 7 Episode 4

That sent Joan on an investigation separate from the main case, which was being handled by Sherlock and Marcus.

About the only thing she was able to pin down was the old terrorist-using-a-videogame-chatroom-to-connect trope. She proved there's at least one more member of the cell still at large.

I think Mears' wife is disconnected from whatever he's involved with, but she does know more than she is letting on.

I wonder if this will be a pattern in this ongoing arc, with Gregson and one of the detectives working on it while the others handle the case of the week. That does allow for some different combinations and perspectives.

Terrorist Attack? - Elementary Season 7 Episode 4

It's obvious that Captain Dwyer didn't know what he was getting into when he was assigned to cover the 11th Precinct during Gregson's absence.

I mean, on his way out he discovered that a federal gang task force had been summoned to his conference room so that Sherlock and Joan could accuse them of hacking the traffic light at the fatal intersection.

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It might have seemed to be, shall we say, extreme, but it produced a new lead from the one Fed who was willing to consider Joan and Sherlock's scenario of the crime.

Sure, it was grandstanding, but as Sherlock spelled it out for Dwyer, Gregson kept them around because they get results.

That's a Heck of an Explosion - Elementary Season 7 Episode 4

Finding out about the hacker Overlord led them down the path to eventually solving the crime, err crimes.

The Elementary farewell tour continued with a visit with Halcon, who had gone from ruthless gang leader to youth-soccer coach in Connecticut.

It was a bracing reminder that Jon Heurtas, now the kind-hearted, underappreciated Manuel on This is Us, once played such a hard-assed character.

"Danny" helped out Sherlock one more time, although it was clear the suburbs had softened his edge.

Hacker collective Everyone made what promises to be their final appearance, humiliating Sherlock one more time in exchange for helping him out.

Trapped in a Loop - Elementary Season 7 Episode 4

Here's hoping that some of the show's wonderful recurring characters can be worked in organically at least every other episode.

At least Everyone's tracking down Overlord's girlfriend eventually led to Sherlock's sitdown with the NSA and its recent employee Overlord, aka Phil.

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Phil helped Sherlock identify the actual target of the bombing, the tractor-trailer, or more precisely, the high-end elevators that were its cargo.

Wouldn't you know it that the helpful city Department of Transportation dweeb who appeared halfway through the episode was actually the facilitator of the crash?

Strange Place to Sleep - Elementary Season 7 Episode 4

And even worse, the explosion was entirely unplanned since the gang members were riding in a fuel skimmer.

You had to feel bad for the nurse who was killed going to help those involved in the crash.

Then the slimy father-in-law arranged to have the DoT worker killed by the gang members in revenge for their fellows' death, eliminating a loose end in his greedy plan.

But his other loose end, the mole inside the targeted construction company, got tricked into calling the businessman on his burner phone while Marcus and Sherlock sat there waiting for him to get incriminated.

Dangerous Funnyman - Elementary Season 7 Episode 4

It was hard for him to plead innocence when that happened.

Based on how the season has been developing, it seems unlikely that Sherlock and Joan will be heading back to London anytime soon.

That's a shame, because there's other characters there (definitely Morland and the "deceased" Mycroft) that it would be great to see again.

So hopefully something can be worked out to allow that to happen.

To catch up on the duo's travels, watch Elementary online.

What is Mears up to?

What will Gregson's role be this season?

Is Dwyer a good addition?

Comment below.

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Elementary Season 7 Episode 4 Quotes

Paige said you'd come to see me. I don't know what you said but I appreciate you not pulling the plug.

Gregson [to Sherlock]

I'm disappointed, really. I mean, not in you, but in myself, my subconscious. You'd think it would find new ways to express my concern for my friend.

Sherlock [to Dwyer]