Elementary Season 7 Episode 5 Review: Into the Woods

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Finally, we've got a big bad for the final season.

Still, tech billionaire Oden Reichenbach, who was introduced on Elementary Season 7 Episode 5, seemed too layered to be called a "big bad."

That's thanks to James Frain, a regular for this season whose characters always end up being more than they seem.

Seemingly Unconnected Murders -- Tall - Elementary Season 7 Episode 5

One good example would be Theo Galavan, mayor and businessman who sought vengeance on the Wayne family featured on two seasons of Gotham.

A nice touch is the name Reichenbach, an homage to Reichenbach Falls, where Sherlock Holmes creator Sir Authur Conan Doyle meant to kill off Holmes and his arch-enemy Moriarty in the short story "A Final Solution." 

New Frenemy - Elementary Season 7 Episode 5

Outrage by readers caused Doyle to back off any finality to Holmes' fate.

But the name does seem to indicate that a showdown between Sherlock and Moriarty is coming, which is how it should be.

Oden knew how to get Joan's attention with a big donation and was right to test their abilities with his ruse about his niece being in danger.

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By doing so, he found out Sherlock and Joan (especially Sherlock) were willing to do what was necessary, legal or illegal, for the greater good.

His connection to Patrick Mears was definitely unexpected. A tech billionaire and a discontented veteran.

But it all made a lot more sense that Patrick killed the bomber to stop him, then went off the rails when he shot Captain Gregson.

On Target - Elementary Season 7 Episode 5

Still, treating Gregson as collateral damage with a shrug didn't win Oden any empathy from Sherlock and Joan.

But certainly, both have seen the limitations of working within the law and have committed enough extralegal acts through the years (again, especially Sherlock) that what Oden is proposing must hold some interest to them.

Hell, Sherlock is only freely walking the streets because he blackmailed an assistant director of the FBI, a deal that went horribly wrong on Elementary Season 7 Episode 3.

Having access to Oden's database would undoubtedly help Sherlock to undo that deal and to utilize in other cases as well. No more being humiliated by Everyone when he needs hacking work done.

Still, Oden doesn't strike me as a follower. So with who else is he working? Maybe ... Moriarty?

This is too good a lead for Sherlock and Joan to ignore. But at the same time, it's not one that they can share with Marcus. So that's likely to cause a rift among them.

Through the Woods - Elementary Season 7 Episode 5

But maybe share it with Gregson, when he returns to work? He may be more flexible about the extralegal now since he's hiding his own secret.

This "vigilante force," for lack of a better description, promises to be the main story arc for the rest of the season.

Now on to the bizarre case of the week.

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Is it wrong that I felt worse for Truffles the Hog or Isabel the runner, in the wrong place at the wrong time?

Of course, they were both a lot more likable than the actual intended victim, hedge-fund manager Jason.

He was an odious human being, for whom it was hard to root. Jason had pissed off so many people that no one thought to examine his wife's background.

Moonshiners' Shed - Elementary Season 7 Episode 5

It took a long time, however, for the investigators to get around to Jason.

Looking back, it should have been obvious who the killer was: the only person Marcus interrogated.

I mean, if everybody but one person involved in a case is dead, that tends to dry up the suspect pool.

Still, it was enjoyable to see how Joan, Sherlock, and Marcus got back to identifying the killer. It was convoluted and contrived, no doubt, but it still worked.

There was a moonshiner's shack, a pet hog, a biotoxin, an odd gun, and a shot witness with a broken jaw. That's usually not a list of items that go together.

The showdown at a fancy wine auction was a nice touch as well. Any excuse to dress up the cast in formalwear.

Formal Occasion - Elementary Season 7 Episode 5

Yes, it was a stretch for Corinne's stalker to have conceived a near-perfect plan to kill Jason during a prison stretch.

But it was fun to watch it play out and almost succeed if Sherlock hadn't noticed the knots (butcher's knot, really?) of the killer's shoes and Marcus then recognized a cleaned-up Colby the bartender.

He was soo close to getting away after his plan fell apart.

Should Marcus have run a background check on the surly bartender sooner? Probably not, since he had a perfectly viable suspect at that time in the absent bar's owner.

I guess it's conceivable that Corinne didn't recognize her long-time stalker because he lost 200 pounds in prison.

I agree with Captain Dwyer that there are a lot of more straightforward ways to kill somebody. But that wouldn't have been nearly as interesting.

Difference Investigation - Elementary Season 7 Episode 5

Dwyer has been a winning addition this season.

He was already regretting taking on this temporary extra assignment. He always seemed to have a look on his face, which says, "I can't believe this shit."

I'm guessing that Aidan Quinn had availability issues when Elementary Season 7 was filming. Hence the Gregson-getting-shot storyline.

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But Gregson has to come back full time for the necessary final resolution of the Michael-murder storyline.

Plus he gets Sherlock and Joan. He doesn't always accept their choices, but he gets them.

To follow the vigilante storyline, watch Elementary online.

What did you think of Oden?

Does this indeed mean that Moriarty is coming?

How did you like the case of the week?

Comment below.

Elementary continues Thursdays on CBS. 

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