Good Witch Season 5 Episode 5 Review: The Tea

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There was plenty of good advice getting tossed around on Good Witch Season 5 Episode 5.

Grace was concerned about her college acceptances, Nick was worried about performing well in school, Stephanie worried over going into business with Vincent, Abigail worried about allowing Donovan to see who she really is, and Sam had his hands full with his new students.

Let's not forget Martha, who also learned a valuable lesson from Cassie about being silent. With the help of a little tea, Cassie ensured everyone was feeling better about their futures as the hour ended.

Grey House Family Photo - Good Witch Season 5 Episode 5

That doesn't mean everything got addressed or that we're flush on answers.

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One of the biggest questions that came from Good Witch Season 5 Episode 4 was why Luke was whispering into the phone about the Merriwicks and getting what they wanted out of them.

Acceptance or Rejection - Good Witch

It shouldn't be a surprise that a story like that didn't get solved in one hour.

Our only clue came in conjunction with Grace's concern over her rejection from one of her top universities, Kenser.

Grace: Is that the mail?
Sam: Why so curious? It's not like it's college acceptance season.
Nick: More like college rejection season.
Grace: No! Think positive. We got this.

It's out of the realm of possibility that Grace got rejected from one of her top picks. There isn't a single thing Grace does wrong when it comes to school with a history of good grades and even better community service.

But there must be a reason she's not on the Kenser acceptance list. Could it happen in combination with whatever is going on with Luke?

Nick, Sam, and Grace - Good Witch Season 5 Episode 5

Martha initially pitted her two new interns against one another in a challenge to write the best story about the great Endicotts in a test to see which intern she would keep with her recovered role as Mayor.

But Luke and Grace have a lot in common, and with the discovery that Grace got rejected from Kenser, a university Luke seemingly cannot afford, they grew even closer.

There is no picture-perfect ending to any story. Grace didn't get into a school she could afford to go to, and Luke has to worry if he'll be able to go where he was accepted because the cost is prohibitive.

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Do you think there are some family ties connecting Grace and Luke? Could his interest in the Merriwicks be due to a branch of the family about which Cassie and the others are currently unaware?

I hope he's not family, even though it would be better than his deviously working behind the scenes to pull one over on the family.

Grace broke up with Noah, and Luke appeared in her life. They're destined to try their hands at courtship, but will the secret he's carrying destroy that notion?

It was also surprising that Nick got into one of the best schools for his field at the same time other students were getting accepted.

We've already discovered he was far behind the curve when it came to getting his early acceptance applications in place, so why did he get accepted at the same time Grace got her first rejection?

Timing, of course, and the need to show that even when you get accepted, there are still hurdles in the way.

I'm proud of Nick for finding his path and his passion, but thank goodness for George. 

Nick got a sweet ride from George, and all he needed to do was get it running. What kind of kid is so willing to give up after changing fluids, pistons, and shocks? 

Nick Grins from Ear to Ear - Good Witch Season 5 Episode 5

That's just basic maintenance. To get a truck that had been sitting in storage for as long as that truck, you need to have a bit of determination.

Nick: We did it!
George: You did it. There's no skill you can't learn when you put your mind to it. Imagine what you can do when you design your video games.

The same will be true for his initial experience coding video game programs when all of the other students are years ahead of him in their knowledge.

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He will want to give up a lot, but he'll have to keep pushing until he gets his desired result. And that's going to take a lot longer than one day under the hood.

Sam has always expected a lot of Nick. He shouldn't be so quick to toss in the towel. Maybe it has something to do with his parents breaking up. His life was broken in a way, and it's getting repaired with his new family.

Toy Drive and Cookie Bake - Good Witch Season 5 Episode 5

The guests at Grey House, Chelsea and Paige, learned a lesson many of us can use, especially in this time of technological advancements.

The girls had visited Grey House to reconnect and overcome the hurdles placed in their way by everyday life and relationships. But even with a planned vacation together, there were still obstacles.

Cassie: But it sounds like what you two really need is a little one-on-one time. You know, you should hike up to Fosters Woods.
Chelsea: It sounds pretty.
Cassie: It is, and I think you'll find it surprisingly free of distractions.

I'm sure you have someone in your life that won't put down their phone even while it's just the two of you in a room together.

Good Witch did a fine job of reminding us how awful it feels to be on the receiving end of someone more concerned with their faceless phone connection than with you right in front of them.

It's very important to make room for the people who are with you at the moment. Being present is becoming something of the past, and it's important that we reclaim it and remember how to engage without emojis, GIFs, or video chats.

Cassie, Nick, and Sam - Good Witch Season 5 Episode 5

The two men in Stephanie's life are still present and accounted, but she seems no more certain about her future than she ever has before.

Vincent is helping her with her food truck, and the two went into business together. It's a fine choice, but I worry that Stephanie is going to break Vincent's heart because she's not being honest.

She thinks about Adam even when she doesn't mention the man. She's not present in her life. She's doing too many things at once, so none of them are getting the attention they warrant.

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It was nice to see Adam interacting with Sam and the hospital so that he'll have a reason to remain on the show even if he's not chosen as a love interest for Stephanie. 

Sam having someone else in his life to help teach about smarts outside of books is beneficial. Cassie can't be everywhere all the time, and how Adam brought compassion as a healing tool into focus with Sam's students was appreciated.

Mayor No More - Good Witch Season 5 Episode 5

Abigail's growing interest in Donovan is adorable. They're both willing to put aside the Davenport/Merriwick curse to explore what's happening between them.

Abigail tries her best to be as ornery as she can, but she's vulnerable  to Donovan in a way she doesn't understand. She even noted to Cassie how disconcerting it was to be pleasant with him. 

But Donovan is the same, introducing his adorable dog, Klondike, to Abigail only to learn it's the first time he ever introduced his dog to a woman? They're taking major strides toward each other.

With as much as they're opening up to one another, you know the curse is going to rear its ugly head.

What kind of obstacles do you imagine will get tossed into their path?

The whole story about Martha and her painting was hilarious. I wouldn't have wanted any of the paintings if I were in Martha's shoes, as the artist didn't appear to fit the subject. 

A cartoon-like image of Martha doesn't fit the woman Martha is, nor does it appear to fit her taste. She's very traditional, and I imagine her with a baroque style rather than modern.

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But what she learned from Cassie could change the way Martha is written going forward!

Cassie: Are you following my advice to say nothing?
Martha: And it works wonders! People just feel the need to keep talking and the truth pours out!

That's so true. The less you say, the more someone uncomfortable in a situation will want to talk. 

I look forward to Martha continuing to use the effective method in the future, and it would be even more fun if she began to speak but remembered her important lesson.

What about you guys? You rarely ever speak about the show, but I know you're out there! Care to drop a comment to let us know what you like or don't about our coverage?

You can always watch Good Witch online if you missed an episode. You know where to find me!

The Tea Review

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Good Witch Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

Cassie: But it sounds like what you two really need is a little one-on-one time. You know, you should hike up to Fosters Woods.
Chelsea: It sounds pretty.
Cassie: It is, and I think you'll find it surprisingly free of distractions.

Grace: Is that the mail?
Sam: Why so curious? It's not like it's college acceptance season.
Nick: More like college rejection season.
Grace: No! Think positive. We got this.