Jane the Virgin Season 5 Episode 11 Review: Chapter Ninety-Two

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Yet another less-than-stellar episode of Jane the Virgin. 

The usual "Jane" magic has been missing from this fifth season, and it's a damn shame.

Maybe it's because I'm not understanding the motivations behind many of the creative decisions, but I'm a little annoyed with constantly justifying weak storylines with the "it's a telenovela" excuse.

On Jane the Virgin Season 5 Episode 11, Jane was forced to let go of the past and embrace change; despite being a meticulous planner, Jane needed to learn how to go with the flow.  

No Medication - Jane the Virgin Season 5 Episode 11

We saw it exhibited when she dealt with Jorge's toxic masculinity and his title of "man of the house," with Mateo's ADHD diagnosis, and with her decision to finally move out of her Abuela's house. 

Petra echoed my sentiments: why is a grown ass woman with a child still trying to live in her childhood bedroom successfully?

Jane has outgrown her former life. The fandom is always referencing Jane's growth from Jane the Virgin Season 1 to present day yet she's still trying to fit into her past. 

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All the issues with Jorge, which are valid and will get addressed in a minute, would have been avoidable if Jane just had her own place. 

She was riding out the wave hoping that maybe things would turn around and she'd finally be with Rafael. 

But Rafael or no Rafael, living at her Abuela's doesn't offer Mateo the kind of stability he needs right now. 

Still, the way Jorge made himself comfortable at Abuela's really hit a nerve.

I'm all for Jorge feeling welcome and at home. I'm even okay with redecorating to incorporate some of his furniture.

Lose Yourself - Jane the Virgin Season 5 Episode 11

But it did seem like Alba was losing herself in the process and accommodating Jorge in a way that wasn't natural. 

Jane, Alba, and Xo may have never lived in a household run by a male so why start now?

This was still Alba's home even with Jorge in it. 

I've been on the fence about Jorge for a bit now. There are times where I think he's a good fit for Alba and times where I don't trust him. 

How long is this going to last? I'm so sick of crying. I feel like a Villaneuva.


On Jane the Virgin Season 5 Episode 11, I felt a little repulsed by him especially after he tattled on Jane. 

Furthermore, Alba's outburst about Jane overstepping was uncalled.

It was frustrating that Jane never clarified that she wasn't trying to meddle and instead, making requests that would help her establish a pattern of good behavior for Mateo. 

Jane's approach when she spoke to Jorge was respectful. 

She didn't call him lazy or make it seem like she wanted to dictate their relationship, she explained that for there to be balance some compromises would have to get made. 

Throwing Away Money  - Jane the Virgin Season 5 Episode 11

Why is Jorge so triggered?

Jorge's behavior came out of left-field. At times, I don't think the writers know what their doing with him as a character. 

He never struck me as the stereotypical male who wanted to be catered to.

We've loved these women for their strength and independence, so it would be a shame to lose that to some guy in the final episodes.

I don't want to have sex with you. I have never wanted to have sex with you and if you keep trying to have sex with me, I'm going to HR. And if they don't pay attention, I'm going to Alyssa Milano.


While I wasn't on-board with Alba's new phase, I was happy that Jane was finally making the next step by moving out. 

After all, Rafael has already started dating someone else; he's thinking about himself and his future, why shouldn't she?

And you know this date he went on is going to usher in the highly anticipated guest-appearance from Sophia Bush. 

The fact that the series is highlighting independence and Jane is embracing the idea of "not needing a man" is making me more and more convinced that the series will end with Jane choosing herself. 

I Need You Back - Jane the Virgin Season 5 Episode 11

But I can't say I even care about who Jane ends up with anymore. 

The writers botched her relationship with Michael and her relationship with Rafael has fallen into the friend-zone category. 

At least the two have figured out how to co-parent and agreed to try alternative methods of managing Mateo's ADHD before turning to medication. 

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What in the River Fields is happening with River Fields?

We've been waiting months to find out if Xo is cancer-free. And she is. Suck it, cancer. 

Beating cancer calls for a major celebration but instead, the news is overshadowed by Rogelio's confession that River Fields came onto him. 

The subplot doesn't work mainly because it came out of nowhere. 

There was no build up -- for this storyline to flow, River should have expressed some interest in Rogelio at least a few episodes ago. 

Enjoy It - Jane the Virgin Season 5 Episode 11

River and Rogelio's professional relationship has been rocky, but seeing them finally on good terms and hyping up each other because of ageism in the workplace gave them a fun vibe.

And then the writers had to ruin it. 

Their relationship has been very love/hate, but it was never supposed to be a typical love. 

I also feel like River and Xiomara developed a friendship in which River would turn to Xo whenever Rogelio was acting absurd or out of line. 

To see the writers degrade these two women to a Dynasty-esque pool fight on the set was cringe-worthy. 

I'll reiterate that Xiomara battled cancer and beat it. Her next storyline should have been uplifting and inspiring with a dash of telenovela twists. 

Instead, she got told to "cool off" after watching a woman she trusted come onto her man and then told she was acting out of a place of jealousy and insecurity. 

The writers seem hellbent on destroying every character before the gig is up. 

Why Does This Hurt? - Jane the Virgin Season 5 Episode 11

At least we can thank River Fields for breaking Ro and Xo's dry spell and reigniting the passion that made them such a great couple. 

The final moments with River Fields playing a "he loves me not, he'll pay" gave off some Sin Rostro vibes. 

When did she get so obsessed? 

Petra: Wow. Just handing over that ring makes me feel like a weight has been lifted.
Latin Narrator: Well, it was a three-carat diamond.

And what is she going to do as payback for a man being faithful to his wife?

The lack of continuity for Luisa's storyline with "Girl" and Sin Rostro is yet another example of this season's poor writing. 

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The storyline is supposed to be "overarching" yet it's been so spotty that it's easy to forget there's a big bad. 

Petra may be broken and feeling like a Villanueva, but at least her heartbreak continues to grow her character and push her into new and unexplored territories.

We've never seen Petra with a broken heart; it's refreshing. 

I've Got a Date - Jane the Virgin Season 5 Episode 11

If there's any silver lining from this season it's the friendship between Jane and Petra. 

Who would have thought that they'd be so close that Petra would come over for Abuela's arepas or that Jane would be the only one capable of helping Petra move on?

Jane's been able to crack Petra's tough exterior to a point where Petra can admit that loss has affected her or that she needs someone.  

She may not be able to express her feelings to JR at the moment, but she sure called Krishna and hired her back after giving all her assistants the boot.

And kudos to Krishna for negotiating herself a lucrative salary. We all know she deserves it. 

What did you think of the episode?

Do you agree with me that Jane the Virgin Season 5 is losing its focus?

Remember to watch Jane the Virgin online and catch up on all the telenovela drama. 

Chapter Ninety-Two Review

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Jane the Virgin Season 5 Episode 11 Quotes

How long is this going to last? I'm so sick of crying. I feel like a Villaneuva.


Petra: Wow. Just handing over that ring makes me feel like a weight has been lifted.
Latin Narrator: Well, it was a three-carat diamond.