Pure Season 2 Episode 4 Review: The Proposal

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How will the Funk family get out from under this?

Everyone but Tina was getting deeper into the Norteno drug cartel on Pure Season 2 Episode 4.

So let's start with Tina, whose future was looking bright, at least as far as Mennonites go.

Covering Her Tracks - Pure

Of course, that's thanks to Anna, who bought the old family farm with drug money.

She and Johan's father, another of her old beaus, made an arrangement it so that Johan thinks the money for the farm is coming from a long-overdue inheritance.

Wedding Bells - Pure Season 2 Episode 4

Anna even arranged to have the bishop perform the ceremony at the farm so that she could attend despite being excommunicated.

Still, the hunky Johan seems a little too vanilla for Tina, who enjoyed her illicit outings to the Auslander world with Ben in Pure Season 1. I can't imagine they'll still be together come the wedding.

Also, Tina is too sharp not to catch on to what has been leaving Anna so exhausted. Maybe she will find that pile of money under Anna's bedspread.

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Nosy Justina is now aware that Anna's up to something underhanded, and how long before she leaks that to Tina? She's already hinted about Isaak still being in town. And now that Noah is clean shaven, he's bound to be spotted as well.

Tina won't remain oblivious for much longer.

Everyone else in the family was getting reacquainted.

Nasty Surprises - Pure Season 2 Episode 4

First, how could Noah get so high and mighty at Anna after he essentially abandoned her and the children? Whatever his motivation, that's what it amounted to.

Granted, she could have given him more information about her current situation, so that he won't aimlessly do something stupid, as he is wont to do.

His whole waiting to divine God's will is getting old. Maybe he's finally getting that.

Because Anna commanded him to tell the police nothing to protect his family, he offered up some weak-ass lies to Valerie, reducing his value to her.

Instead, he planned to follow the money to track down the big boss and turn him over to the police, with no violence.

Since the big boss is Estrada, in what world does that plan work?

Noah tried to save Julius and Kyle from the cartel but they didn't leave town fast enough and ended up dead.

Father Figure - Pure Season 2 Episode 4

I don't like Eva's chances of surviving, since she's connected to Julius and Noah. Too bad, because she's the closest thing to an innocent in this quagmire.

It was a sweet scene when she implored Noah to run away with her, then cut off his penance beard. Unfortunately, that was also his disguise, and someone is bound to recognize him now.

Next Noah learned that Isaak, one of the children he left behind to protect them, has become one of Estrada's soldiers. At least Isaak didn't give him up.

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No wonder Noah was biblically screaming at the sky.

Finally, after Noah found out Julius and Kyle had gotten killed, he ran to Anna to warn her just in time to catch Augustus proposing to her.

So not a good few days for Noah.

On the Run - Pure Season 2 Episode 4

Valerie, his handler, underwent a mixed bag of occurrences.

Despite her attempt at intercepting the drug smugglers being a complete bust, her captain assigned her to narcotics as part of the cartel investigation.

Probably he did this to make her color within the lines, to go through channels rather than sneaking around and improvising.

Then the family-court judge threatened to take away Ricky because she wasn't convinced Valerie could keep him safe when in her custody.

Then her asset Noah started acting up, running off, in the end, to go "protect Anna" with no explanation.

None of this was promising for her flagging career.

Anna was having a little better luck although Estrada still had her in a vice.

Helpful Employer - Pure Season 2 Episode 4

She did pull off the drug-smuggling plan which she dreamed up, although Estrada was unhappy about the missing Julius and the unknown Klaus on her crew.

He still refused to let her see Isaak, but he did give her a big bag of money and told her to buy something for herself.

Instead, she bought something for Tina, finding an unscrupulous realtor and reclaiming the family farm, effectively laundering her ill-gotten gains.

Still, her handling of Augustus was a definite misstep.

She largely told him the truth about her encounter of Windy, the truck driver. But that made Augustus, who was already smitten with her, overly protective of her.

So he dropped by to do repairs around Anna's crumbling rental, and Tina encouraged him.

Then he unexpectedly proposed to her, just as Noah rounded the corner. That's going to be messy next episode.

Target Practice - Pure Season 2 Episode 4

The last thing Anna needs is big-hearted but business-savvy Augustus in the midst of her drug-smuggling operation. So maybe Augustus becomes collateral damage as well?

Anna's main goal is getting back Isaak, but it may be too late on that front already.

Doofus Isaak has been turned into angry Isaak after the way the Mennonite community treated his family.

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He was also mad at Noah for leaving and at Anna for turning him over to Estrada.

So now Estrada has been working on the vulnerable Isaak, intending to turn him into his local Mennonite soldier.

The question is if Anna can somehow rescue and deprogram Isaak.

With only two episodes left this season, it will be challenging to tie up so many loose ends.

To catch up on this season, watch Pure online.

Was Anna's purchase smart?

What will Noah do next?

Can Isaak be saved?

Comment below.

The Proposal Review

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Pure Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Noah: You tell me right now who did this.
Anna: You did. By leaving me no way to run the farm or no way to make a living. You did this.

Valerie: What happened?
Winston: We lost the signal.