Pure Season 2 Episode 5 Review: Penance

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When will Noah and Anna realize that they're not equipped to do battle with criminal masterminds?

Not soon enough, as became readily apparent on Pure Season 2 Episode 5.

Crucial Ride -- Tall - Pure Season 2 Episode 5

Anna was arrested, right in front of Augustus, and Noah's Klaas Klausen alias was surely shredded because of his reckless actions.

And what about Isaak? He's been covering for his father with Estrada, so he's got to be exposed now as well.

Official Blessings - Pure Season 2 Episode 5

Only Tina appears safe for now. But that only lasts as long as Johan's father keeps quiet about how he really came into the money to buy the former Funk farm.

Oh, what a tangled web they have woven!

Pure Season 2 Episode 4 Review: The Proposal

Caught between Augustus and Noah, Anna had no choice but to ask Augustus for more time to mull over his surprise marriage proposal.

After all, she had a lot going on that he had absolutely no idea about (at least until episode's end).

First of all, Anna had to deal with Noah, who felt slighted that she didn't still consider herself married to him.

Violent Encounter - Pure Season 2 Episode 5

Noah felt that his leaving was the best way to protect his family. Anna disagreed with this line of thinking since she was the one who had to try to make ends meet during his absence.

Val tracked down Noah and was ready to arrest Anna once she determined that she was once again involved with the local drug-distribution ring.

But Noah convinced her that Anna was only back in to rescue Isaak and that he could follow the money and wear a wire to get the "big boss" to incriminate himself.

Yeah, right. Because those at the top of criminal organizations regularly spout off what they are doing to random strangers.

Then again, this tends to happen regularly on TV shows. So maybe Noah's right.

But I doubt it.

Even Abel tried to impress upon Noah how foolhardy this plan was. But Noah wasn't listening.

So Noah dropped off a bag full of money, in the trunk of Bronco's old Mustang no less, then ignored Isaak's note urging him to run.

Then he staked out the car and waited until a bike courier picked up the bag. Noah stole a bike to pursuit the messenger, way too closely, and got into a brawl with him.

At least he found out where the courier was heading and finished the delivery himself. That way, he got to meet Esther Dunkel and her housemate, shady cartel lawyer Sterling McKay.

New Player - Pure Season 2 Episode 5

The fact that Alyson Hannigan, of Buffy and How I Met Your Mother fame, has taken a role on Pure makes me optimistic about future seasons. Because surely she has other options.

Noah's conclusion, logical in his mind, was that McKay is the "big boss" he's been seeking, and that he would get him to talk on the wire during his next drop. Val tried to slow his roll, but to no avail.

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But those involved with illegal activities don't like surprises, such as a new bagman showing up. McKay reported this development to his client.

When Estrada heard the name of the unknown Klaas again, he decided to tie up some loose ends.

That started with the fake suicide of McKay, totally blowing Noah's ill-considered scheme out of the water. Then he pinned the whole operation on Anna. I guess he decided she was more trouble than she was worth, especially since he had gotten a new soldier out of the deal.

Signature Crime - Pure Season 2 Episode 5

Here I thought Estrada was doing something nice for a favored employee when he asked for Anna's signature, supposedly for a passport. I should have known better. Everyone is expendable to Estrada except maybe Orff. Maybe.

And Anna had been having such a good day, relatively speaking.

She had gotten proposed to by a man who could treat her well, a Mennonite who isn't so uptight.

We found out why Augustus is as he is. The first wife stepped out on him, then disappeared from his life until she needed his money to treat her cancer.

As a result, he resolved to live life to the fullest. If that means taking on an intriguing project such as Anna, so be it.

Thoughts in Turmoil - Pure Season 2 Episode 5

It makes sense that in a farming town such as Antioch, a farm-equipment dealer would be an important figure. That explains how Augustus seems to be in touch with what's going on.

She showed up to win over Tina's future in-laws, especially Johan's disapproving mother, by announcing his engagement to Anna and offering "family prices" on equipment.

This put TIna's nose out of joint because she ended up sharing the spotlight and Anna hadn't mentioned the proposal to her, then Augustus forced the issue.

Thanks to Justina's innuendo, Tina became more aware of Anna's change in financial status. I don't think she bought the kept-woman explanation.

Augustus even knew where to find Noah for their heart-to-heart talk, and was aware of his Klaas alias. How many others knew Noah is back in town? And what good is a secret identity if everyone knows about it?

Unexpected Outburst - Pure Season 2 Episode 5

I wonder if Isaak will be able to make the wedding.

Sending Javier to work for Anna was Estrada's way of telling her that he had turned Isaak. But Isaak has tried twice to save Noah, including that driveby at Anna's house.

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The boy that Noah and Anna raised is still under there somewhere. But Estrada has encouraged him to let loose his anger. Also, he seems to like the perks of being part of Hector's crew.

Who will win out: the angel or the devil?

A Renewal of Pure for a third season yet to be announced. But there's more storylines than can possibly be tied up in one episode.

To review before the finale, watch Pure online.

Does anyone get away clean?

Does anybody get killed off?

Can Isaak be saved?

Comment below.

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Besides, right now I am all you have.

Noah [to Valerie]

Noah: What about God? You took your vows before God.
Anna: God has been very quiet on the subject.