Siren: Alex Roe Discusses The Military's Experiments On Ryn & Teases "Twists and Turns" on Season 2B!

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After taking a hiatus halfway through Siren Season 2, the show recently took viewers back to the world of mermaids with Siren Season 2 Episode 9

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Now that the military has officially begun experimentation on Ryn, with Ben and Maddie's discretion, there's no telling what the untrustworthy organization is going to have in store for her. 

We had the opportunity to chat with Siren's Alex Roe, who plays Ben Pownall, about what to expect during Siren Season 2B.

Family Emergency - Siren Season 2 Episode 9

TVF: Congragualations on the Season 3 Renewal!

Alex: Thank you! We're so grateful to the fans and to you guys as well for writing great stories and stuff on us. We feel very, very lucky. It's been a whirlwind and I'm glad it's going to continue. 

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TVF: So we have Ryn who has agreed to work with the military to help Ben's mom. Can you tell us anything about that moving forward?

Alex: What a hard decision that was for everyone to make. I think the writers have done a really good job of giving Ben the worst kind of choice, the most difficult choice, to have to make. It's between his mom and the love of his life, Ryn.

What makes Ryn such a great character is before Ben can even make the decision, Ryn has already told Ben that she wants to do whatever she [must] to help save Ben's mom because she understands her family connections and love for her family which can go, in a lot of cases, even further than human love and connection for their family.

Making a Plan - Siren Season 2 Episode 9

So she really understands what this means to Ben, so it's kind of an amazing thing that she has offered up herself as a means to make this better and to try to help Ben's mom. But yeah, his mom's on her deathbed.

What will Ben be capable of to save his mom? How far could Ben go? Could this all blow up in their face? Could working with the military be the worst thing any of them have ever done? We will find out. 

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TVF: Yeah, because the military may have treated Ryn well after Nicole talked to them, but they didn't treat her sister very well. Is that something that could come up again?

Alex: I personally think that Ben's quite aware of the fact that Nicole's aptitude toward Ryn doesn't represent the entire military. And I think that from Siren Season 1, that the military sees these mermaids as money and they seem them as potential. And I think that Ben is really aware of that and he's going to try and play his cards as close to his chest as possible.

But the fact that his mom is in such danger is causing him to have to do whatever he has to do to try and make her better. I think that both Ben, Maddie, and I think Ryn too, I think they're all aware that the military isn't sunshine and rainbows. I would love it if they were. I think that everyone watching needs to keep their eye out. 

Ryn & Maddie & Ben - Siren

TVF: Speaking of Nicole, Ben isn't a huge fan of her. Do you think she's genuine in trying to keep Ryn safe and she actually wants to help Ben's mom?

Alex: Yes, he makes it pretty obvious to display his lack of affection for Nicole. I personally, as an advocate for Ben I guess, I don't think that Ben and Maddie are going to trust the military full stop. And I think that Nicole is a more lovely face of the military compared to Decker, but I think that as we've seen with her relationship with Xander and all that kind of stuff that she's incredibly ambitious.

I think that what we've seen of her so far, she hasn't really suggested to us that she can necessarily be trusted so I think that she needs to be held at arm's length. 

TVF: What about Ben's dad? He has video footage of one of the mermaids at an impossible depth, so he knows it can't just be a diver. Is that going to put more strain on their relationship? Is he going to get involved with the military?

Alex: Yeah, I think Ben and his dad have really hit the point in which they both realize that they ultimately look at the world differently. And that's something I think that probably a lot of viewers might be able to relate to, you know?

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I think that our generation, we have the information at our fingertips, that we can be a little more altruistic and I think that that generational gap between them and the different ways that they view the world has really kind of come to a head.

And I think that they've had to draw a line in the sand a little bit. It's been a long time coming and it's from the different lines that they stand on whether they will be able to somehow work together or if it will just be a constant, constant battle against them. But yeah, Ben's adversaries are really piling up. 

A Late Night Swim - Siren Season 2 Episode 8

TVF: We also have the fact that Ben and Maddie listened to the recording of Ryn's siren song. Is that going to have some negative effects moving forward?

Alex: Well, it hasn't been that good for Ben so far so I can't imagine it being the best thing. But we will find out. Each kind of song seems to be having slightly different effects and there's no one rule on them. They're so dependent on what that one mermaid is feeling at that time.

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So it's going to be interesting to see now what listening to a recording might do to Maddie, what listening to the recording might do to Ben as well. I think that the siren song is definitely going to play a part in the rest of the season. Maybe we'll get to the point where it can somehow benefit them, maybe we'll get to the point where it's more detrimental. Maddie and Ben might lose their minds, you never know.

I think that that's definitely a reason to keep watching, to kind of figure out what the siren song is all about. The writers are very good at keeping it ambiguous. 

Alex Roe - Tall - Siren

TVF: Lastly, can you give us any teases of what we can look forward to during the rest of Siren Season 2?

Alex: Oh, teases...

TVF: I know, that's the hard part. Sorry!

Alex: As you can tell it sort of ramped up toward the end of Siren Season 2A. Season 2B ramps up even more. There's going to be more action. I think the writers have done an amazing job at when you think it's ramped up to 100, they manage to go to 150.

We can look forward to a lot of drama; we can look forward to a lot of action, we can look forward to a lot of difficult decisions. We can look forward to a lot of people crisscrossing each other, we can look forward to some twists and turns, and a lot of entertainment. 

It's your turn Siren fans. What are you hoping to see during the second half of Siren Season 2? Drop a comment down below and let us know!

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Siren airs Thursdays at 8/7c on Freeform. 

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