The 100 Season 6 Episode 6 Preview: Don't Get Murdered

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We left off The 100 Season 6 Episode 5 with a mix of revelations and table-turning decisions. 

Josephine had to reveal that she wasn't Clarke to Bellamy, which turned into him being tranquilized in a cliffhanger ending. She decided to seek out Murphy, willingly revealing her identity to convince him to join her side in the name of immortality.

That brings it all to one focal point, whether Murphy takes her up on the deal and what this means for the rest of the people who don't know what happened with Clarke.

Oh, and we can't forget about Bellamy. 

Bellamy and Josephine  - The 100 Season 6 Episode 5

Meanwhile, Octavia gets caught up in the aftermath of something in the forest, literally coming out with an injured hand. Diyoza isn't clued in yet, but their search for Gabriel looks like it could get cut short with that reveal. 

The 100 Season 6 is at a point where every story is getting into the thick of it; nothing is getting resolved yet because first, it has to escalate and raise the stakes. Stress is building, and there is genuine intrigue about where all of this is going. 

The 100 Season 6 Episode 6 plays off that successfully, with a title like "Memento Mori," introducing the concept of reflecting on mortality. In more ways than one, the characters on the show have to face their existence and what it all might mean.

Sanctum has a way of doing that this season, making everyone question their lives and how far they would go to survive.

Bellamy and Murphy - The 100 Season 6 Episode 5

The synopsis for this episode is, "Diyoza learns more about the mysterious children of Gabriel while Abby continues searching for a way to save Kane."

That trailer touches on that by placing Echo and Abby in positions considering what their humanity means and where the lives of others fit into it. 

"Memento Mori" is all about the way storytelling has to build. The growth that happens isn't always what we might want, but it is what the story needs to go above the boundary of the episode that came before it.

The expectations should be raised not only for the big swings that the story will take for some but also for the small moments that will stand out to various viewers. 

I've been lucky enough to get to see this episode already, so this preview will not focus as much on speculation, and will instead prepare everyone for what they can expect in anticipation of the episode. 

The preview may contain some light teases about the sixth episode of the season. Proceed with caution if you like to stay in the dark, but really, who likes that? 

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Murphy's Dilemma of the Day

There's no talking around it, Murphy has a lot on his plate after that reveal.

For those curious exactly what he decides to do or how he is playing this game with Josephine, prepare to get the answer right away. His motivations and his plan aren't hidden from the audience; that is the first thing that will get addressed.

But with the intentions of not ruining a very intriguing decision, all I will say is that this is a Murphy episode and he is the one to pay attention to.

TV Fanatic will be releasing exclusive interviews with Richard Harmon that cover the events of "Memento Mori," both before and after the premiere. 

Murphy in Sanctum - The 100 Season 6 Episode 5

Murphy's experience with death is a huge motivation for him going forward, but that isn't the only focus of his story. His relationships with those around him are the focus as well.

Bob Morley and Richard Harmon get the chance to play off each other in emotionally driven and memorable ways. 

But Murphy's relationship with Josephine will also continue to be explored, with her being a successful driving force to make him question his mortality. 

It isn't one sided, though because Murphy does play a role in Josephine's story as well.

Josephine Watches On - The 100 Season 6 Episode 5

This time around it isn't her leading the events that will happen, but she does continue her Nightblood plan.

The previous conversation with Abby may not have worked like Josephine thought it would, but the trailer for the episode does hint that she tries again. 

Josephine may have seemed more easy going than anything else so far, yet she has a manipulative side that does come out in full force. The worry that we may have about others finding out about Clarke almost disappears when Josephine at her "best" comes out. 

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Madi's New Friend 

TV Fanatic recently released an exclusive clip for the upcoming episode, which focuses on Madi and her connection to the Dark Commander. 

It picks up where we last left off with Madi when she was told about the history of this mysterious presence in her flame. The presence is a commander that hasn't shown up yet, but Gaia was nervous about it enough to make it clear that it wouldn't be good.

Josephine shrugs it off in the clip, serving as a reminder that she is far from Clarke when it comes to keeping Madi safe, which plays into the dilemma for Madi.

Josephine as Clarke - The 100 Season 6 Episode 5

While it looks like this could be an installment that leans on Madi and her connection to Clarke, a lot of it is rooted more in the relationship between Madi and Gaia.

Gaia is looking out for Madi while Clarke is out of commission, even if neither of them knows it. So while Madi is pulled in by the Dark Commander, who she may or may not meet face to face soon, it is her relationship with her flamekeeper that gets challenged.

Josephine not caring about Madi is what leaves room for Madi and Gaia to examine their dynamic. Because the reality is that Madi has the flame in her head, but she also relies on Gaia for all of her knowledge.

We have seen that Gaia is a lot like a second mother to Madi, where Clarke trusts her to figure out how to make sure she is safe and has a day to day way of living.

Jordan and Madi - The 100 Season 6 Episode 4

And you could say that Madi reflects on her mortality in more ways than one, which factors in Gaia and how their imbalance might be an issue.

This is a strong episode for Madi because it tests who the character is when she stands on her own, while at the same time giving her the tools to continue to face what the season throws at her.

We know from the trailer for the entire season that Madi is not going to rest and relax in Sanctum, she is gearing up for a journey unlike any other that she has been in.

Memento Mori tests the limits of where Madi is now while setting up what she could be when influenced by outside forces and her perception of the world around her. 

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Forest Hangout Fun 

Picking up exactly where they left off, another clip for the episode shows that Diyoza and Octavia find Xavier again very fast.

Octavia's condition spreads quickly, leaving her a day or so at best to survive. The assumption may have been that her going under is what aged her, but it is the fact that her hand was exposed outside of the supposed anomaly that creates the problem for her.

A character who said she wanted to die ends up close to death because of an attempt to survive.

It is that twisted irony that forces Octavia to rely on Diyoza and Xavier to help her out. She has to stay behind as they pair up so that Xavier could use the forest to heal her.

Octavia in Sanctum  - The 100 Season 6 Episode 3

Diyoza goes to guarantee that he helps, and along the way, she learns more about how nature matters on this moon. 

The part that you might enjoy the most though is the Xavier of it all.

Many theories are floating around about who he might really be or what twist could appear with his story. This episode plays on that, making even those who doubt many of the Xavier theories possibly believe that there could be truth in some of it.

He is a character that is still a stranger whose motivations aren't clear, but they are starting to fog up less for the audience.

Xavier Wins - The 100 Season 6 Episode 5

Octavia and Xavier might have more in common than they initially thought, with the way the story of the episode wraps up hosting more potential than a conclusion.

It is another arc that is clouded in mythology, with more details making things more confusing for now.

The best part of all of this will be the way that everyone reacts to it, and how fan theories will flourish about the Anomaly and beyond. 

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The Offscreen Return 

With so much happening during The 100 Season 6 Episode 5, a few characters got lost in the shuffle to make room for movement in other parts of the show.

Raven, Emori, and Echo were all offscreen learning about radiation barriers with Ryker, which arguably did help the episode by not having too much going on.

"Memento Mori" has the responsibility of seamlessly adding all three of those characters back into the mix, making their stories connect with what is already happening without them.

Jade in Sanctum - The 100 Season 6 Episode 5

Echo is sent on a fool's errand by Josephine, with her concern about Bellamy's whereabouts making it easy to manipulate her out of their way for a while. 

The trailer for the episode hinted at that already, with Echo out in the forest because she thinks that Bellamy is out there with the Sanctum guards to scout around the area, which she is suspicious about enough to follow.

She does discover one man that is immersed in Sanctum, literally. The promo teases Echo's choice to show him mercy, but that isn't where most of the weight is held in her storyline.

Raven in Sanctum - The 100 Season 6 Episode 3

Without giving too much away, sending Echo in circles tests her knowledge of the forest. She is learning more details that will have to be of use later on in the season, and she is the only one with that information.

Echo is also challenged to doubt what she knows about Sanctum and maybe even down the line what she knows about herself. No matter how big a role it may play,

Echo faced with showing someone mercy through stripping them of their mortality has to be a choice that will play into her story moving forward.

Josephine Up To No Good - The 100 Season 6 Episode 5

Raven and Emori are back as well, tag teaming the Sanctum part of the episode and Ryker's part in it. 

Ryker is still very much at play, so he is with them as they transition back into everything that has happened during the time that they were gone.

Personally, this felt like an even bigger conversation starter about the way that the show has a rather large character grouping.

"The Gospel of Josephine" and "Memento Mori" work as a compare and contrast on how to approach a situation were you risk storylines because there are too many people involved.

There is more to say about it once fans go on this brief journey with all three of the characters, but it is worth going into the episode with that thought in mind.

Questioning what comes out of each character's story in an episode helps store away what information or what interactions might matter later on.

Stray Thoughts 

  • For anyone wondering if there will be scenes for people to make gifs of, I wouldn't worry too much. Several scenes should be lighting up the internet when the hour concludes. 

  • Having a theory turn out to be true is satisfying, but sometimes learning that your theory (probably) won't happen is great too. 

  • It feels fitting that Jordan said he missed the Bellamy. Witnessing Bellamy  in this episode means getting a glimpse at his heart, wide open and driven by so many emotions, for all of the audience to see. If you are like me, you will rewatch all of the Bellamy scenes at least twice before the night is done.

Bellamy Finds Out - The 100 Season 6 Episode 5
  • In a surprise turn of events, this episode pulled a few laughs out of me, but not in the way you would expect. 

  • *hums Radioactive inconspicuously*

  • Something that deserves its own bullet point is the entire topic of mythology. It circles back around in a big way during this episode, with a lot of it coming from very different directions. We might still have questions, but there are also some answers worth putting away in our back pockets for a rainy plot day. 

Josephine Says Hi - The 100 Season 6 Episode 5
  • There are a wealth of storylines happening in this new episode. Shockingly, all of that managed to happen without it feeling like the show is burning through plots too quickly. 

  • This is a reminder about paying attention and about blink-and-you'll-miss-it moments. Not everything is as it seems, so expect a play on expectations and an underlying setup for future arcs.

  • Lola Flanery continues to blow all our wildest expectations for her and her character out of the water. Her talent jumps out hard in this episode, and it builds excitement in the best way. You will walk away from this episode just curious about what else Lola will have thrown at her because she can make even the smallest tease of a story more interesting.

  • The word game-changing keeps surfacing when talking about this season, and this episode isn't any different. The game is shifting and changing; it isn't only for one character or one story. It does come off though as all kinds of fascinating when it comes to how The 100 will continue to pull all of this off. 

The 100 airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

Stick around TV Fanatic for more episode previews, interview, slideshows, features, and reviews of the season, and watch The 100 online if you need to catch up on the adventure.

Yana Grebenyuk was a staff writer for TV Fanatic. She retired in April 2021.

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