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Did Maddie and Ben make the right call?

On Siren Season 2 Episode 11, the pair faced a dilemma about how to help both Ryn and Elaine. 

But helping one could spell serious danger for the other. 

Meanwhile, the military started to wonder about how to use Ryn's abilities for their own personal gain. 

By Your Side - Siren Season 2 Episode 10

Ryn decided that she would hear them out, but struggled when she heard that it involved taking out other groups. 

What did she decide to do?

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Siren Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Can we just fact-check for a like a second? So the three of you are working with the military to get some genetic goo out of Ryn and inject it into Ryn's mom. And because of all of this, Ryn just went "beast mode." I mean, I'm sorry. But you all need to get your damn heads checked! That's just one's guys opinion, so...


I never wanted to hurt anyone.