When Calls the Heart Season 6 Episode 9 Review: Two of Hearts

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Wow. What a finale!

With the backdrop of the Founders Day Festival, Baby Jack got Christened, the library opened, a truth about Henry's past got revealed, Jesse proposed to Clara, and the two hearts competing for Elizabeth's started beating a lot faster.

Yes, after a sometimes uneven seaosn, When Calls the Heart Season 6 Episode 9 delivered on a lot of promises with memorable moments and a lot to ponder as we wait for When Calls the Heart Season 7.

Baby Jack's Big Day - When Calls the Heart Season 6 Episode 9

I don't know about you, but I haven't been this moved with an episode since before the scandal that changed When Calls the Heart Season 6.

It was well worth the wait to see so many stories addressed, wasn't it?

Reason to Celebrate - When Calls the Heart Season 6 Episode 9

If the Founders Day celebration was the foundation for all of the other activities to occur, it was Baby Jack's Christening that spoke to the general atmosphere in Hope Valley of love and acceptance.

Elizabeth has done very well as a single mother far from her natural family and suffering a tragic loss.

When Calls the Heart Review: Disputing Hearts

She could have lost herself in the enormity of all that she was forced to bear without the love of her life, but she's persevered beautifully.

Not only does she have the love and support of the entire community, but she never falters in her appreciation of all she has and those who step up for her when she needs help.

Baby Jack - When Calls the Heart Season 6 Episode 9

It's not very often on television that we get to participate in a Christian ritual and spiritual as the baptism, and whether it was the brief brilliance of the moment or as it is with every Christening, the service was lovely.

It began as Elizabeth stood alone with her son, but she was surrounded by those who will be there to help her form and care for her child.

The message goes to the heart of community that is so prevalent on When Calls the Heart.

And if I was once unsure of the difference between guardians and godparents, Lee and Bill took care of that for me, even with their lack of knowledge about the respected roles they've been tapped to play in Baby Jack's life.

Bill: Besides, you and I have things to celebrate. To Little Jack's guardian.
Leland: To Little Jack's godfather.
Bill: Both important jobs.
Leland: Very important jobs.
Bill: One's just as important as the other.
Leland: Absolutely. He's going to come to you for guidance.
Bill: And you'll be there to take care of him if Elizabeth needs your help.
Leland: That's right. [they toast]
Bill: Is there anything else we're supposed to do?
Leland: I have no idea.

Godfather and Guardian Salute - When Calls the Heart Season 6 Episode 9

Another child in need was Spencer, and the town rallied about him and Grace in much the same way they do for the more permanent residents of Hope Valley.

Grace is a very sweet young woman, and she aches for the children who feel as alone as he and Lillian did when they lost their parents long ago.

When Calls the Heart Review: Hope is with the Heart

It's such a benevolent choice to provide a home for children who have found themselves without their parents giving them a place to feel wanted and a life filled with laughter.

It's not going to be easy to watch When Hope Calls if there is always a new child in need if only because it will be hard to keep the tears from welling in your eyes.

Carson: What cha doin'? Do you wanna come out?
Spencer: I miss my mommy and daddy.
Carson: Yeah, I know you do, buddy.

Fishing for Badges - When Calls the Heart Season 6 Episode 9

But if Grace and Lillian have people like those in Hope Valley working by their side, the children will live a very fulfilled life.

I'm still unclear where things are going when it comes to the absent Faith, but Carson still played a role in the finale caring for Spencer and showing up the two fellas vying for Elizabeth's heart.

Yes, when he wasn't helping Spencer, Carson managed to score a new fishing rod for Allie by ringing the strongman's bell and shaming Nathan and Lucas in their attempts.

Allie: I've seen you with a hammer. This isn't going to end well.
Lucas: Ye of little faith. You do it with momentum, a combination of mind and muscle.

That whole scene was magical as Allie and Elizabeth taunted Lucas in his attempt to overshadow Nathan.

But they weren't the only ones keeping the children of Hope Valley happy at the festival. Rosemary lept right into the sky to rescue Opal's errant balloon.

Balloon Savior - When Calls the Heart Season 6 Episode 9

Rosemary and Leland were so joyful during the finale, and even though I thought they might step in and adopt Spencer, I'm alright with being wrong.

Leland: You know, you may not see it, but I do.
Rosemary: What's that?
Leland: How you touch everyone's lives, not just mine.

The entire town was filled with happiness because of Rosemary's determination. She is the soul of Hope Valley, and even though she sometimes meddles, it's always with the best intentions.

You know, these may not be our children, but here in Hope Valley, we're a part of everyone's family because of you.


A Wonderful Family - When Calls the Heart Season 6 Episode 9

If Lee's understanding of their importance in the community didn't touch your heart, you might want to have it inspected.

Their time is wisely spent caring for everyone with whom they come in contact, and everyone benefits.

Bill in the Saddle - When Calls the Heart Season 6 Episode 9

It's very appropriate that Henry's letter was discovered during Founder's Day. 

When Calls the Heart began in Coal Valley with a tragedy that marked every family that lived there. It cast a pall over the town, and it took years for the residents to shake it.

One man who never managed to shake his bad fortune was Henry Gowen, but it looks like Season 7 could be a new start for the man once reviled for his part in the mine collapse.

When Calls the Heart Review: A Call from the Past

The letter Bill found set him off, but it's a reveal that offers for Henry a chance to let go of the burden he's been carrying for the entire town.

Bill: What is this?
Henry: What does it look like?
Bill: It looks like you knew the mine was unsafe six years ago before it collapsed and killed 47 people.
Henry: I had my concerns. I mentioned it to the company, and this was their response.
Bill: Well, either they were lying or they were wrong.
Henry: I know that now.
Bill: But did you know then?
Henry: No! Maybe I should have insisted upon an inspector. Maybe I should have gone to the newspaper, and maybe I should have shut down the mine!
Bill: Well, that's a lot of maybes!
Henry: It is a lot of maybes, and I have to live with each one of them every single day, Bill. I didn't do enough! The company told me to shut up, and I did.
Bill: Henry!
Henry: You know what, you go ahead and tell everybody in this town how I screwed up. I chose the company over my friends and neighbors in this town. Lord knows, I have it comin'.

While many thought he was complicit with the mining company, Henry did try to bring possible safety concerns to their attention only to have his input waved away.

It's Not His Fault - When Calls the Heart Season 6 Episode 9

Now we learned that Henry chose to carry that weight of all the town's pain because his own pain was unbearable.

Forty-seven men died when the mine exploded, and Henry has to live with what he knew for the rest of his life. And if you think of it, Henry has never balked at his prison time or getting comeuppance for any of his misdeeds in the wake of the mine disaster.

It's as if he was just begging someone to punish him so he could live with the guilt he felt at not trying hard enough to get someone to listen to his concerns. 

Martin Cummins plays Henry with a subtle grace that often goes overlooked. His scenes with both Jack Wagner and Erin Krakow after he got exposed again for something related to the mine showcased his talents. 

Still, when he left the party later as a woman's choice dance was announced, my heart broke again. Hopefully, Henry will be on the receiving end of more than just financial fortune as the show progresses.

They're Engaged! - When Calls the Heart Season 6 Episode 9

Before we launch in the trio who will keep us on end until the show returns, let's congratulate Jesse and Clara!

As soon as Jesse got his promotion from Lee, he set into motion his plans to make Clara his forever. 

Jesse: Will you dance with me?
Clara: Certainly.
Jesse: No, I mean for the rest of your life. You've been as patient as a saint, and I promise I will never stop trying to deserve your love. Clara, will you be my wife?
Clara: Well, I haven't been working two jobs not to be your wife. Yes.

I loved that Jesse chose a public place to pop the question because so many others could participate in their happiness.

Maybe they'll soon have a child, too, so that Baby Jack will have someone to play with as he grows older! Yes, the lack of other babies in the streets of Hope Valley weighs on my mind. I can't help it!

It also looks like Elizabeth is going to open her heart to love again. But who will win it?

Elizabeth Has Four Eyes on Her - When Calls the Heart Season 6 Episode 9

I admit I am not yet sold on Nathan and Elizabeth, but he made great inroads on the finale as he gifted Elizabeth with a lovely plaque for the library with a quote from one of her favorite writers, and later made a goof of himself as he stumbled over his words in her presence.

It feels too easy for Elizabeth to fall for another Mountie, so I've been hoping she'll give Lucas a shot. He was under suspicion from the moment he arrived in Hope Valley, and there's nothing I like more than rooting for a handsome underdog.

Elizabeth Krakow and Chris McNally also appear to have a more natural on-screen chemistry, as fictional Elizabeth enjoys bantering with Lucas and her level of comfort in pushing him a bit is refreshing.

But Nathan has a lot going for him, too, especially because he's a single parent, something that appeals directly to Elizabeth's heart.

What Does it Mean? - When Calls the Heart Season 6 Episode 9

I was so excited when Elizabeth asked Lucas to dance -- until I had to wonder if it was only because she didn't spot Nathan lurking near the wall.

The look on her face as she saw his disappointment could be one of mourning the loss of an opportunity to show the man she fancies that she feels the same, or it could be that she feels bad that she disappointed him at all.

Either way, fans (me) will be dissecting it until the series returns. 

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My wish is for a long, enchanting season ahead that sees Lucas and Nathan battling for Elizabeth's heart. To put either man with her, this soon would be a huge disservice to the show especially when you think about how long she and Jack danced around their feelings for each other before making a move.

It's important to have that kind of deep connection between the actors before a decision gets made, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. There is a lot of potential with both men, and who knows? Maybe a third could enter the picture and really shake things up.

I'm also excited about Fiona and her blacksmith and the possibilities of all of the other characters in Hope Valley.

It was a terrific finale that deserves a lot of discussion.

The question is, will any of you leap into unknown territory and start a conversation in the comments?

I sure hope so. Who do you want Elizabeth to fancy? What did you think of the mining company letter? How much do you love the Coulters?

I'll be chatting with Jack Wagner and Josie Bisset in anticipation of next Saturday's Wedding March 5, so if you have any burning questions for them, drop them in the comments below.

I'm also going to be reviewing The Good Witch this season (they're getting married!), so join me next Sunday and Monday for the two-night premiere event.

I hope you join me for The Good Witch, hearties, while we wait for When Calls the Heart to return.

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When Calls the Heart Season 6 Episode 9 Quotes

Lee gave me a promotion. You're looking at the new manager for Coulter Lumber.


Lucas: I find that to be both inspirational and potentially reckless at the same time.
Elizabeth: Like rushing into a burning building to save a friend?
Lucas: I just reacted.
Elizabeth: Lucas, I have a son, and your past ties could have taken me from him.
Lucas: I wouldn't have let anything happen to you. Without fear and without hesitation, I would have done whatever it took to keep you safe. I mean, being a hero; it's kind of my thing now.