Yellowstone Scores Early Season 3 Renewal, Josh Holloway Joins Cast

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In one of the least surprising moves of the TV Season, Paramount Network has announced that Yellowstone will be returning for a third season in 2020. 

The news comes just hours ahead of Yellowstone's Season 2 premiere. 

Josh Holloway

Deadline is reporting that Lost and Colony actor, Josh Holloway, is joining the cast of the third season in a recurring role. 

He will take on the role of Roarke Carter, "a handsome, charming, shaggy-haired hedge fund manager with ambitious plans in Montana."

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In other words, he'll fit right into the Yellowstone cast which already includes the likes of Kevin Costner and Kelly Reilly. 

Stepping Into John's Shoes - Yellowstone Season 2 Episode 1

Yellowstone follows the Dutton family. John Dutton, controls the largest contiguous ranch in the United States. 

The land is constantly under attack from those it borders, meaning there's no shortage of drama for viewers. 

Viewers welcomed the show in their droves last summer, with it averaging 5.1 million total viewers. 

Understanding Dawns - Yellowstone Season 2 Episode 1

Those strong ratings made it the most watched new series on cable TV for 2018. In fact, it ranked second across all cable TV series for that year. 

It is a great success story, especially for a network that was rebranded ahead of the show's launch. 

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The Viacom-owned cabler will soon be home to Paradise Lost, starring Josh Hartnett, and Darren Star's latest series, Emily in Paris, which will be fronted by Lily Collins. 

John on the Ranch - Yellowstone Season 2 Episode 1

Yellowstone Season 2 Episode 1, premiering tonight, focuses on a damaging article that threatens to expose John, Rainwater making a new plan and telling it to the tribal council, and Kayce settling into his new role at the Ranch. 

Sounds intriguing, right?

What are your thoughts on this early renewal and the addition of Josh Holloway? 

Hit the comments below. 

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Yellowstone Quotes

There's sharks and minnows in this world, Jimmy, and if you don't know which one you are, then you ain't a fuckin' shark.


Dude: We weren't botherin' anyone. Just havin' some fun.
John: This field's mine. That fence is mine. You damaged both, and you came back to damage it more. This is my home. If I did this to your home, what would you do?
Dude: Well, I'd kill ya.
John: That's right. [wranglers come out guns drawn] [John tosses shovels toward the dudes] The man said if you didn't leave, we'd bury ya here. And you didn't leave. We keep our word in this valley.
Dude: Fine. We'll leave.
John: Nah, it's too late for that.
Dude: I said, we'll leave!
John: I don't want you to leave. I want you to dig.