Younger Season 6 Episode 3 Review: The Unusual Suspect

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An ugly war is brewing between two publishing houses on Younger Season 6 Episode 3

But what makes this feud ugly isn't the fact that they're both gunning for the same author. 

It's not even about the author, Audrey, being a murder suspect and insanely creepy.  

Feeling Inferior - Younger

Nope, it's the fact that Zane and Charles have banded together to undermine Liza and Kelsey. 

We were all right about Charles' post-Empirical game plan: he's putting his vast publishing skills to launch a rival start-up with Zane.

Some would call his crazy to do so in such an uncertain and chaotic climate, yet he does have the necessary experience. 

Maybe without the reigns of an established company, he can make the calls that will bring in the authors?  

I swear, the only thing white women love more than Pinterest is murder.


The most dramatic part of it is that he's obviously keeping it from Liza.

Even after she found out that he took out a 950 thousand dollar loan against his townhouse and questioned him about it, Charles played it off like it was "no big deal" and that he was rearranging some funds around.

Oh, and he tried to make Liza forget it by seducing her. 

If I'm being completely honest, maybe Liza and Kelsey should just be grateful that Zane and Charles took Audrey off of their hands. 

They're already dealing with Quinn's antics, and though they never said that Audrey was guilty of murder, she didn't exactly give off an innocent vibe. 

How Could You Do This? - Younger Season 6 Episode 3

What if she didn't like Liza's edits? Those two could be next on the chopping block! 

Charles has every right to keep his new venture a secret considering Liza enacted to "no job" talk rule, but you'd think that he'd at least give her a heads up. 

He had to know that he was sweeping in and pulling their author right from under him. 

It's one thing to be dirty, it's another thing to play dirty. 

I've never pegged Charles as the "play dirty" kind of guy, but I guess since he willingly went into business with Zane, whose history is questionable, he's ready for a gamble. 

We've Got This - Younger Season 6 Episode 3

As Kelsey dabbles with the idea of integrity and tries to protect her reputation from Quinn, we're left questioning Charles' integrity. 

Did it go out the window the moment he stepped down at Empirical and took off the suit and tie?

Everything about how he's been playing his next steps has made me feel like he's inauthentic. 

Then again, one could argue that the tables are being flipped and now Liza is the one being kept out of the loop. 

She's feeling the same way Charles felt for all the years she lied right to his face about her real age. 

It isn't nearly the same thing, but it is a slight taste of her own medicine. 

Sign the Murderer - Younger Season 6 Episode 3

And if he argues that he was doing it in his best interest and to protect her, well, she'd have to understand his motives, right?

It's certainly going to drive a wedge between Charles and Liza and make her reconsider the relationship. 

The hierarchy change at Empirical/Millennial allows Kelsey to take the spotlight and shine in a leadership role.

Liza becomes more of a secondary character but an essential one. 

However, it also takes the focus off of the relationship aspect for a little bit. 

Soho House - Younger Season 6 Episode 3

Depending on how you look at it that could be a good or a bad thing.

If you've been wanting more movement on the Charles and Liza front, well, it doesn't seem like that's happening anytime soon. 

That's especially true now that Liza has realized Charles has been starting his own company right under her nose. 

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It's a shame considering we haven't really gotten to know Charles and Liza without confines of their workplace. 

But, if you're not feeling Liza and Charles' romance and want to venture away from all the love-fueled drama for a bit, focusing on Kelsey and Liza's career highs-and-lows is probably something you're really enjoying right now. 

I don't think I'm the only one who is envious of Kelsey's gig, especially when it comes to dealing with the conniving investor that is Quinn. 

I Did What I Had To - Younger Season 6 Episode 3

When Diana mentioned that "Claw" clawed its way to the top of the best-seller, it was evident Quinn did something shady to get herself there.  

A publishing house should be celebrating such a massive success, but instead, Kelsey's first book release shows inflated numbers, which isn't a good look amongst her peers.

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It's going to be hard to gain everyone's trust back, and publishing is heavy on trust.

The worst part is that there is no easy way to take down Quinn without Kelsey taking herself down in the process.

Kelsey may have figured out a way to handle Quinn during her interview with The Cut, but if she wants to salvage her company, her company name and her own reputation, she's going to have to cut off the head of the snake. 

Kelsey: I assume you saw Quinn Tyler's story in the Times, and the Post, and Wired.
Redmond: I did. Kelsey, you're a messy bitch who lives for drama. I stan.

The only positive thing coming out of this is that Kelsey, Liza, and Diana are now working side-by-side towards one common goal.

Zane and Charles may have the start-up appeal and freedom to do whatever they want, but they aren't a group of women eager to prove that they can make it in a male-dominated world.

That's Liza, Kelsey, and Diana's biggest wild card. 

I'm still having trouble getting used to the idea of Josh being a father, though he seems to have everything under control even if it is a drastic lifestyle change.

Seeing him and Claire bond over baby Gemma (aww!) was cute, but in terms of their relationship, they made the right call by ending things. 

My Reputation  - Younger Season 6 Episode 3

There's no point in forcing things when a child is involved. 

Plus, it's refreshing to see a depiction of a healthy co-parenting unit. 

Not all couples who have children together have to hate each other. 

But now that Josh is single, and Liza might be once she confronts Charles, will these two find their way back to each other?

Maggie is getting another love interest, and if you watch Younger online, you know I'm dumping that into the "deserved" pile.  

I highly doubt she'll be disgusted by vaginas for too long when she's in such good company.

But let's give her a moment-- Claire basically had the baby on top of her lap and sprayed her juices everywhere. 

A girl needs time to bounce back from that! 

What did you think of the episode? 

Is Charles being super shady? 

Does Kelsey need to kick Zane to the curb?

The Unusual Suspect Review

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Younger Season 6 Episode 3 Quotes

I swear, the only thing white women love more than Pinterest is murder.


Kelsey: I assume you saw Quinn Tyler's story in the Times, and the Post, and Wired.
Redmond: I did. Kelsey, you're a messy bitch who lives for drama. I stan.