Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 9 Review: Shtf

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A thousand expletives flew out of my mouth at the end of Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 9.

Most of them had to do with the fact we have to wait until Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 10 to find out what's going to happen next.

My head is spinning! Is yours?

Smurf Visits an Old Friend - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 9

There's so much to talk about, but first things first.

We're getting closer to finding out what happened to Colin, and I'm going to guess crazy Jed had something to do with whatever it was that happened.

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The fact that Jed is alive and Colin is nowhere around tells me that Colin is most certainly dead.

And it wouldn't be surprising to find out that Jed was the one who killed Colin. 

Pope Visits Lena - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 9

Jed could have killed Colin because he decided he wanted Janine for his own. Who shakes someone's hand as long as Jed did when he and Janine first met?

Jed showing up in the bathroom with Janine is another strong clue that he wasn't about to let Colin have a beautiful girl all to himself.

But, if we pursue another path, maybe Colin flipped out when Janine told him she was pregnant, and he ran off.

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However, if that was the case why would Smurf visit Jed and not Colin?

It's clear she's got an issue with Jed. It's also clear that the job she has for the boys has to do with whatever Jed's got hiding in that back room in his bunker.

If it didn't, she wouldn't want to be a part of it.

I'll bet my last dollar she's going to put a bullet in Jed's head, and there will be many more reasons than just whatever he might have done to Colin.

Smurf wouldn't have been thrilled that Jed made a play for her, but more importantly, she probably wasn't happy about how Jed treated Laney.

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The guy is a bastard and why he's still alive is anyone's guess. I hope we get answers to that question soon.

There is the possibility that Smurf was in the middle of her pregnancy or even already had the twins when Colin died. So, it might have been a matter of protecting herself and her kids. 

I could totally see Smurf hanging around Jed's place until she got her feet on the ground. If Colin wasn't around to take care of her, she would need someone else to help her out.

Crafty J - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 9

If she had to deal with Colin's nasty brother for a while, so be it. Smurf's a survivor, and she'll do anything she has to do.

And this is the exact reason why she went back to visit Jed. She wasn't taking a stroll down memory lane. She knew Jed was preparing for the end of times and had stashes of gold and guns stored in the bunker.

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As much as Deran wanted to believe Smurf didn't care about her boys, stealing Jed's stuff has everything to do with them.

She wants to make sure they're taken care of after she dies. Gold and guns will do it. And so will those shelves of food Jed's got down there.

I've concluded that Smurf didn't put J in charge when she was in jail because he was the smartest. She put him in charge because he's the most like her -- a regular chip off the old block.

Back to Her Old Ways - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 9

It could be I've said that in the past, but the way he f***ed with Angela, is 100 percent pure Smurf.

Taking that annoying woman on a trip down memory lane to her old drug-using haunts was a slick move on his part.

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And not only did he put her in a bad situation, but he also provided her with everything she needed to get back into that life -- even letting her enjoy a whiff of pot to help her get started.

You know she was high as a kite when she ended up on the pier. She didn't let the money J left her go to waste.

Why he decided to do it is curious.

He doesn't trust her, but I think it has more to do with Pope than anything else. J needs to make amends with Pope and Angela is in the way.

But she's also putting him in a precarious position with her continued urging for him to do something about Smurf's will. If Pope were to find out about it, J is a dead man.

J is playing with a few major fires. Considering he didn't tell any of his uncles that he killed Mia in retaliation for what she did, my guess is that she's still alive.

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Otherwise, why wouldn't he have told them -- especially Pope?

How J and Mia could have pulled off faking her death is beyond me, but maybe Pete is involved, too? 

Maybe J made a deal with Pete to give him partial control of the family once Smurf dies. The only other logical reason is he's holding that card for when he needs it, but it doesn't seem right.

Deran Has a Decision to Make - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 9

All I know is J better have a good plan in place because things are getting super hot in the Cody's world.

Deran also is playing with fire. I know there are plenty of readers who will disagree with me, but Deran turning on his brothers and J is not out of the realm of possibility.

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He's wanted out of the crime life for way too long, and he's not about to let anything happen to Adrian. If he has to work with the cops to save Adrian, he'll do it.

It's not a decision he'll make right away because of the loyalty he feels to his brothers, especially Craig. But if he had to choose between one or the other, Deran is going to choose Adrian.

So, imagine if Deran decided to talk, and the first thing he spills is Smurf's hit on Jed's farm? If you think for a moment about everything Smurf said to Jed about gearing up for the end of the world, maybe this job will be the Cody's last stand.

It would be an epic way to end the series if that's how it goes. (And this is pure speculation. I do not know if the series is coming to an end.)

If that happens, at least we know there's a bright light to it all. The Codys will still live on because of Renn's stunning reveal to Craig that he is, indeed, the father. 

Okay, she said maybe, but she was pretty sure he was.

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The look on his face when she said it was golden. I had tears in my eyes because it's something he wanted. Deep down he was hoping the baby was his, but he would have scooped it up even if it wasn't.

And if anyone's heart didn't explode when the nurse asked him if he wanted to hold his son, well, you're not human.

That was the most heart-melting moment of this entire series.

Congratulations, Craig - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 9

Criminals are people, too. Craig didn't ask for this life, none of them did. They're only doing it because it's what they've always done. Like Smurf, they view what they do as the only way to survive.

We can argue about Deran's desire to step away, but he hasn't been completely clean. He uses his criminal knowledge and skills when he needs it.

This season of Animal Kingdom has been mindblowing. Each episode is more intense than the last, and the way the story has been developing is outstanding.

I love this show! How about you?

What is J's plan for Angela? 

Is Smurf planning to hit Jed's farm? What happened to Colin?

Is Mia still alive? Will Deran turn against his family?

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Are you thrilled Craig is the daddy?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

J: This won't happen again.
Pope: No, it won't. Because if it does, you won't get another chance.

Angela: Maybe she's not coming back.
Pope: Why would you say that?
Angela: Maybe she doesn't want you to see her at the end.