Big Brother Recap: Which Three Houseguests Left the House?!

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Thursday's episode of Big Brother was already poised to be a dramatic installment thanks to the conclusion of the Camp Comeback twist. 

There were teases of a surprise blindside, leaving Nick and Bella out of the loop after their recent actions, but did it actually work? 

Christie Murphy on Big Brother Season 21

Christie was open and honest with her six-strong alliance that she wanted Nicole to remain in the game. 

Strategically, it would benefit her if Nicole stayed and targeted Nick and Bella for eviction, but Christie is not the most composed player. 

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At the top of the episode, she spilled the beans about her Diamond Power of Veto to Nick and Bella aka the duo she wanted to target. 

She's either playing a super messy game, or she was subtly threatening them. 

Was this her way of saying that even if they somehow grasp the power she will still have control?

Do I really think Christie would have spearheaded the #SaveNicole plan if she didn't have the not so secret power? Not a chance. 

Kemi Faknule - Big Brother

We got to catch up with David, Kemi, and Ovi as we learned more intel about what they would do if they returned to the game. 

Kemi wanted to target Jack, which makes sense given that he's made it his mission to make her life a living hell. 

At one point, he scolded her for putting her cup in the fridge. Like, who gives a crap what someone is putting in a refrigerator? 

He got HOH-itis weeks ago, and he's becoming more obnoxious by the episode. The way he treats others as though they are lesser than him is disgusting, and I'm glad CBS is starting to show that part of him. 

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There's been a divide in the house for weeks, and it's made the live feeds challenging to watch. The producers don't appear to have been stepping in to stop the intense bullying, and I'll admit, I was about to give up on the show. 

Jack Matthews on Big Brother 21

Jack has said a lot of $hit that has been kept out of the edited episodes, and it comes across as though the producers are trying to protect him. 

As for David, he wanted to target Michie, and that makes sense. Michie was the one who was instrumental in him leaving the house earlier into the season. 

Ovi was a bit more on the fence, but he knew he still had his power to use if he managed to stage a comeback at the competition. 

Heading into the shocking eviction, Nick and Bella thought the plan was to get Nicole out of the game for good. 

Nick Maccarone - Big Brother

How did the votes stack up?

  • Analyse voted to evict: Cliff
  • Bella voted to evict: Nicole
  • Jack voted to evict: Cliff 
  • Sam voted to evict: Nicole
  • Jessica voted to evict: Nicole
  • Kat voted to evict: Nicole
  • Christie voted to evict: Cliff 
  • Holly voted to evict: Cliff
  • Jackson voted to evict: Cliff 
  • Tommy voted to evict: Cliff

Cliff was evicted by a vote of 6-4. 

Cliff Hogg III - Big Brother

Nick, Isabella, Sam, Jessica, and Cliff looked shocked to the core because they expected Nicole to be sent packing. 

The Camp Comeback competition kicked off, and Cliff steamrolled the competition, earning his place back in the game. 

Yes, really!

It came from nowhere. 

That meant it was the end of the line for Kemi, Ovi, and David. It's a real shame that neither of them got much of a chance to play the game. 

Let's hope Nicole, Cliff, Kat, and Jessica can team up to shake things up. 

What are your thoughts on the way it all played out?

Hit the comments below. 

Big Brother continues Sunday on CBS!

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