Big Brother Recap: Who Got Evicted? What the Heck is Camp Comeback?

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The twists kept coming on Big Brother Season 21 Episode 5, which featured one houseguest being voted out of the game, were they really out? 

The action picked up with Ovi on the block and struggling to make sense of it. 

In an effort to keep the peace, he turned to Jack and Christie to let them know that he was true to their alliance. 

Christy Makes a Blindside  - Big Brother

Christie made a big mistake at that moment. She told Ovi he was not a target and that she didn't expect to have to renominate.

She followed that up by telling Kathryn she was going to be the one staying in the game and to lay low. 

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But Kathryn was rubbing everyone the wrong way. She was parading around the house saying, "are you bitches conspiring against me?"

It was nauseating, especially given that she said it around 100 times.

Kathryn Dunn - Big Brother

The houseguests were understandably upset with her, but Ovi was too busy self-destructing his own game for everyone to send Kathryn home. 

In a moment of desperation, Ovi turned to Jack and Jackson to tell them about the Nightmare power, and how he could change the nominations. 

He offered them safety. They were both excited by the possibility of having the power in the game but worried how the others would come to terms with it. 

Jack Matthews on Big Brother 21

We then moved on to the eviction. 

Here's how the votes shook out:

Analyse voted to evict: Ovi

  • Nick voted to evict: Ovi
  • Tommy voted to evict: Ovi
  • Jessica voted to evict: Ovi
  • Holly voted to evict: Ovi
  • Jack voted to evict: Ovi
  • Jackson voted to evict: Ovi
  • Nicole voted to evict: Ovi
  • Bella voted to evict: Ovi
  • Cliff voted to evict: Ovi
  • Sam voted to evict: Ovi
  • Kemi voted to evict: Ovi
Ovi Kabir on Big Brother 21

It's a full house to evict Ovi, but was it really the end of the line for the genius? Not a chance. 

Julie dropped the biggest bombshell in Big Brother history as Ovi was preparing to head out the front door:

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Camp Comeback is in session! Now, you may be scratching your head, wondering what the eff Julie was talking about, but it's actually a good thing. 

Members of Camp Comeback are no longer part of the game, meaning they can no longer compete in tasks, but they are still part of the social aspect. 

David Alexander - Big Brother

There's also the possibility to return to the game as a full-fledged player down the line. This should make it more difficult for eviction blindsides to actually happen. 

David also returned to the game after being given the boot on the first day, but he was another member of Camp Comeback. 

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He wasted no time in telling Julie that he was ready to have some words with Jackson about sealing his fate in the game despite claiming to be his friend. 

The Head of Household competition followed, and the houseguests were treated to some fireworks to celebrate July 4. 

Christie Murphy - Big Brother

But they had to answer questions to stay in the running. 

Here's how that played out:

  • Round 1: Everyone was correct 
  • Round 2: All but Nick were correct 
  • Round 3: Tommy, Holly, & Kat were eliminated
  • Round 4: Analyse, Bella, Kemi, Cliff, & Sam were
  • Round 5: Nicole & Jackson were eliminated 
  • Round 6: Jessica and Jack were both right
  • Round 7: Jessica was eliminated!
Jack Matthews - Big Brother

Jack was crowned the new Head of Household. If you let out a huge sigh, you were not the only one. 

The Gr8ful alliance will remain in power for one more week, and we think it's fair to say that Jack will be targeting Kemi for eviction. 

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Jessica was already on his radar and the fact that she almost won the HOH will have painted a bigger target on her back. 

It's also possible that he targets Christie for not sticking to her word, but we'll need to tune in on Sunday to find out how it all plays out. 

Jessica Milagros - Big Brother

Either that or bookmark our Big Brother Spoilers page.

It may be a public holiday, but the action inside the most famous house on TV does not stop. 

We'll have the latest from the house, including nominations, veto winners, and any shifting alliances. 

Over to you, Big Brother Fanatics!

What did you think of the twist? Is it one twist too much? 

Hit the comments below. 

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