Big Brother Recap: Who Got Evicted? Who Won HOH?

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Big Brother 21 has gotten off to a dull start, but Thursday's episode proved there is some life in this old dog yet. 

With alliances being outed, an eviction looming, this was a vintage episode of the venerable CBS reality series. 

Bella may be in a showmance with Nick, but she's starting to ruffle a lot of feathers. The term "loose lips sink ships" comes to mind. 

Isabella Wang - Big Brother

She can't seem to stay quiet about anything, even the Black Widow alliance which she spearheaded. 

Earlier in the week, she took the Black Widow alliance to Gr8ful and tried to imply that Jessica was the one who started it. 

She followed that up by telling Nicole she outed it to save the two of them. 

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Nicole knew there was more to the story, and that's why she turned to Cliff and Ovi and made an alliance titled "The Fellowship of Zing" with them. 

That would have been a great alliance if Ovi was not already eliminated with a 25 percent chance of returning to the game. 

Ovi Kabir on Big Brother 21

Even more silly, Cliff got up early one morning and thought he was giving live feeders a show when he told them about all the pairs in the house, counting Christie and Tommy as the fourth pair. 

He followed that up by telling all about his alliance. Guess what? Christie was outside the door, listening to his whole exchange. 

She happily took that to her allies, effortlessly setting up the future targets. 

But Cliff was not the only person outing his alliance. Sam started to wonder why he was the ninth man on the totem pole after Bella (!) outed Gr8ful to him. 

Cliff Hogg III - Big Brother

Jack accidentally outed the alliance himself, confirming what Bella said, and Sam wondered whether it was time to make his own decisions. 

Yeah, nobody outside of Gr8ful seems to be making their own decisions, so good luck with that!

Kemi desperately tried to grasp what was going on in the house, so she turned to Jackson to tell him Bella was definitely the one who started the Black Widow alliance. 

She also told him Bella said she had a final three with him and Jack. 

Jackson Michie - Big Brother

This shocked Jackson to the core, and he returned to Jack to tell him EVERYTHING

It was crazy!

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By the time we got to the eviction speeches, Jessica's was low-key, but Kemi decided to destroy any votes anyone was going to have to save her by throwing Bella and Nick under the bus. 

Was it a good move?

Eviction Results:

Cliff voted to evict: Kemi

Kat voted to evict: Kemi

Nicole voted to evict: Kemi

Bella voted to evict: Kemi

Nick voted to evict: Kemi

Sam voted to evict: Kemi

Analyse voted to evict: Kemi

Jackson voted to evict: Jessica

Holly voted to evict: Kemi

Christie voted to evict: Kemi

Tommy voted to evict: Kemi

Kemi Faknule - Big Brother

Kemi was eliminated from the game, but that didn't mean her tenure in the Big Brother house was over. Instead, she became the third member of Camp Comeback, joining David and Ovi. 

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The others made their way to the backyard for a HOH competition that found them trying to get the highest score on a target board. 

Head of Household Results:

Analyse: 50

Jessica: 5

Christie: 65

Nick: 90

Sam: 70

Jackson: 70

Tommy: 35

Cliff: 15

Bella: 75

Kat: missed

Nicole: 15

Holly: missed

Nick Maccarone - Big Brother

Nick is the new Head of Household. 

That means we're likely in for another week of Gr8ful in power ... that is unless Nick learns about the plans to backdoor him. Oh yes, his own allies were ready to turn on him earlier this week. 

Yikes, right?

On Sunday, we have the final Whacktivity competition coming up, which Julies promises will be the return of a much-loved power. 

Next Thursday, however, will signal the end of the Camp Comeback twist as the four campers will duke it out to earn a place back in the game. 

Christy Makes a Blindside  - Big Brother

What did you think of all the latest developments?

Is there hope for this season, or are you tired of the same people in power every single week?

What would you change?

Hit the comments below. 

Keep an eye out for another Big Brother Round Table this weekend, as well as another round of Big Brother Spoilers. 

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