Big Brother Round Table: Who Deserves to Return to the Game?

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It's been a wild week in the Big Brother house, so it's time for another round table to discuss all the wildest events. 

Below, TV Fanatics Justin Carreiro, Whitney Evans, Jasmine Blu, and Paul Dailly chat Nick's nominations, Bella's lies, and more. 

Nick nominated Jessica and Cliff for eviction. Was this a good move?

Justin: No!!! His nominations might be one of the worst yet. 

He knew that his Gr8ful/H8ful/ "whatever they're calling themselves now" alliance plotted to betray him and Bella this week.

If he had not won HOH, he could've been evicted. But yet, he still went after the outsiders and ignored the problem at hand.

I wouldn't be surprised if he or Bella get evicted next week. He wasted his chance to make a big move.

Nick Maccarone - Big Brother

Whitney: Ditto what Justin said. Nick had a chance to make a big move, and instead, he went the safe route and tried to get back in with the alliance he's clearly at the bottom of. 

Jasmine: OMG, no!!! How were either of them a threat to him?! Nick had a chance to make waves, make a big move, and play his own game, but he stuck by doing the bidding for an alliance he's of which he's disposable. 

Paul: Yeah, Nick is not smart. He should have targeted people he knew were coming after him. Cliff hasn't won anything, so targeting him is simply hilarious and proves there's a disconnect in that house. 

Kemi and Bella bickered over the way things played out. Which side are you taking in this argument?

Justin: Kemi! Bella can try to play the victim, but she has done way worse to Kemi throughout this entire season so far. 

Let's not forget that Bella was the one who spilled to Gr8ful everything that Kemi said in their conversations, essentially causing Kemi to get targeted and evicted in the process.

Isabella Wang - Big Brother

Bella starts all the drama, but she then gets surprised when someone stands up to her.

Whitney: There is only one side, and it's Kemi's. Big Brother is a game of backstabbing and lying, we all know that, but what Bella did to Kemi didn't benefit her game in any way.

She just simply refuses to keep her mouth shut, and in the process tanked the game of one of the only people in the house who trusted her. 

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Jasmine: At this rate, there isn't a time I'm not on Kemi's side in this game.

As Justin said, Bella starts all the drama in the first place. Bella is talking way too much across the board, and none of it is in a strategic way. 

She can't hold water if you gave her a cup! Why burn an ally like that when you didn't have to? She could have played the middle longer.

Kemi Faknule - Big Brother

Paul: Team Kemi here. Bella is a snake who has been caught playing all sides of the house. Kemi has been targeted for no apparent reason and has maintained her class throughout. She deserves to be in that house. 

Nicole lifted the lid on the plan to target Bella and Nick just ahead of the nominations. React!

Justin: I don't think this was the right move for her. In another season, this would be a great strategic play because it would support the need for Nick and Bella to turn against their allies. Endangered houseguests would kill to important information like that.

However, everyone in Gr8ful is drinking the Kool-Aid and creates their own bad narrative. The fact that Nick stuck to nominating Cliff and Jessica proves that they'll eventually fall back into the same habits and turn this against Nicole, who only tried to help them.

Nicole Anthony - Big Brother

Whitney: Is this week over yet? Nick and Bella are playing the worst games right now. Nicole did what she thought would keep her off the block. She isn't privy to all the things we know about Gr8ful, so it's hard to be upset with what she did. But was it a good move? No, it wasn't. 

Jasmine: I get that it was a desperate hail mary, but with this batch of idiots, it was a dumb move. This season is a waste of Nicole's abilities. 

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Paul: It was silly. She has now emerged as a target, and it's blowing back on her in a big way. Whether she will be able to find a way to save herself, I don't know. But if she stayed quiet, she would have been safe. 

As things stand, Ovi, David, and Kemi are in Camp Comeback. Which of the three do you think can go the furthest?

Justin: David has the best shot. He's ingratiated himself best with the other players, and he's playing a sly behind-the-scenes game. Ovi doesn't know what's going on and Kemi is too much of a target with her feud with Bella.

Whitney: Kemi has one ally, and Ovi still has the power. Therefore, David is the only one with a shot to make it further in the game. But the only way that happens is if Gr8ful fractures this upcoming week. 

David Alexander - Big Brother

Jasmine: I would prefer Kemi came back, but the only one out of the three of them who could go the farthest is David. Ovi's head isn't in the game, and Kemi is too big of a target. David though has wormed his way in and appealed to people there. But they definitely have to break up H8ful first.

Paul: I want Kemi to return to the game, but iI don't think she would be able to build a bridge with any member of the H8ful alliance. For that reason, David could go further if he joins Nick and Bella to take down Christie and the Jacks. 

If you were a houseguest this week, who would you target? 

Justin: I would've gone after Jack and Jackson. The showmance foursome of Jack/Jackson/Holly/Analyse is too strong to keep around.

Sure, Camp Comeback poses a problem, but with this being the final week of the twist, it's better to take the shot than have it come back to haunt you. 

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Whitney: JACK. He is the biggest threat in that house right now. He reminds me a lot of Paulie during BB18 who was running the house the first half of the game but eventually got figured out.

I'd put Jack/Analyse on the block, and if I can't get him, then I'd take his showmance. 

Jack Matthews on Big Brother 21

Jasmine: The Jackasses! It makes no sense that not only did these two guys make an instant alliance and became a bromance in front of everyone's faces and people went along with it, but they started showmances too. Break it all up!

Paul: Jack and Christie. I can't stand either of them. Jack is the rudest person around, he treats people like something he'd scrape off his shoe and thinks he runs the entire house. 

Christie isn't much better, but she doesn't say what she feels to their faces. Instead, she goes behind their back, makes plans, and gets too paranoid at the final hurdle. 

Both need to go ASAP. 

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