Big Brother Spoilers: Who Won Head of Household?

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It was a crazy night in the Big Brother house! 

Cliff was evicted by a vote of 6-4, leaving Bella and Nick shocked to the core because they thought Nicole was going on the block. 

Things can change on a dime in the house, and that's exactly what happened on following Cliff's eviction and return to the game. 

Cliff Returns to the Game - Big Brother

The houseguests moved on to the next Head of Household competition, but who won? 

In a true comeback story, Cliff secured the HOH win, meaning that he won two competitions on the same night after being a target for eviction. 

That's an awesome way to return to the game, and the best way to secure his safety for the next week. 

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But what might Cliff do when it comes to the nominations? 

He knows the majority alliance is dominating the game, and he'll likely want to even the odds, so to speak. 

Nick Maccarone - Big Brother

That's going to be difficult, especially when you consider that Jack and Christie both have powers that could derail his plans. 

Right now, Nick and Bella are the biggest targets in the game, and when the feeds returned, they were trying to get in good standing with their alliance. 

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Nick said that he would have agreed to the VTE Cliff plan if he was in the know, but now he's conflicted about his place in the house. 

Cliff said late last night that he was only nominating people who had not been on the block before. That's an exciting thing to do, given that the same people keep ending up on the block. 

Cliff Hogg III - Big Brother

It wouldn't be surprising if Christie, Analyse, Holly, Jackson, Jack, and Tommy managed to manipulate him into nominating Nick and Bella. 

It would allow the Six Shooters to keep their powers intact for another week and they would get one of their targets out in the process. 

What are your thoughts on these results? 

Hit the comments below. 

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