Big Brother Spoilers: Who Won the Diamond Power of Veto?

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Julie Chen Moonves was not kidding when she revealed that the final Whacktivity competition would bring a game-changing twist with it. 

On Friday, the competition played out, and it did not take long for the news of who won the power to be revealed. 

Nick, Analyse, Jessica, and Christie were the lucky players who got to compete in this final competition. 

Christie Murphy on Big Brother Season 21

Of all of them, Jessica would have been the only person who would have made a big move with the power, because she's been struggling to stay off the block of late. 

Christie was the lucky winner, but the power is the ultimate throwback!

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It's none other than the Diamond Power of Veto, giving her the power to swap out a nominee following the veto meeting. 

Given that Nick, someone who Christie was closely aligned with earlier in the season, is the current Head of Household, there's a big chance this power will not be used this week. 

Christie Murphy - Big Brother

However, it means that she can save one of her allies from the block if the other side of the house takes a shot at them. 

It should make for some fireworks, but this will only further strengthen Gr8ful's grip on the game, and it spells bad news for the likes of Jessica, Nicole, and Cliff who are really the only ones being targeted right now. 

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Nick and Bella have ruffled some feathers in their alliance, but with them in power, it's hard to imagine them trying to get one of the Jacks out. 

Nick has been open about thinking about taking one of them out come eviction night, but it's too early for him to make such a move. 

Nick Maccarone - Big Brother

As for his nominations, he is likely going with Jessica and Cliff in the first instance. He has promised Nicole that she will not be taking a trip to the block. 

Instead, he plans to put Kat up if he has to renominate someone. 

What do you think will happen?

Are you happy Christie won the power?

Hit the comments below. 

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