Chicago Med Shocker: Colin Donnell Returning for Connor's Exit Story

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It turns out, Chicago Med fans will be getting more closure for one character than they first thought. 

Back in April, fans of the medical drama were dealt a huge blow when it was revealed that Colin Donnell and Norma Kuhling were bowing out of the series. 

When Chicago Med Season 4 concluded, Connor didn't get much in the way of closure. 

Thankfully, US Weekly has confirmed that Donnell will be back in the fall to wrap up Connor's storyline. 

If you watch Chicago Med online, you know that Connor's father Cornelius passed away. 

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He was the person holding up the romance between Connor and Ava. Ava started to wonder whether the death would allow a relationship to happen. 

However, Connor started to wonder whether Ava was responsible for his father's death, and confirmed that there was no future for them. 

This came as a huge surprise to Ava, who was under the impression that the hurdles standing in their way were well and truly gone. 

"You ungrateful prick. Rot in hell,” an angry Ava yelled at him as she walked away. 

At the moment, Donnell is slated to appear in one episode of the NBC hit's fifth season, which gets underway Wednesday, September 25. 

“These people have made my heart full for the last four seasons Opens a New Window," Donnell shared on social media in April. 

"I love and appreciate every gift they’ve given to me. Not pictured are the countless crew members who’ve made every day brighter and filled my heart with joy and accepted @pattimurin and I into their big wonderful family,” he continued.

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“A massive thank you is due to @dickwolf and @nbc for bringing me into the family fold. Lastly thank you to all the fans who’ve made Connor what he is on #ChicagoMed."

"The show doesn’t exist without you and I know that there are exciting things in store for you all in the seasons to come!”

There's no word on whether Kuhling will be back, but given the way Ava's final argument with Connor played out, we think not. 

What are your thoughts on this news? 

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