Elementary Season 7 Episode 10 Review: The Latest Model

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Well, that didn't work out well.

Sherlock and Joan continued their philosophical debate with tech billionaire Odin Reichenbach on Elementary Season 7 Episode 10.

Odin is on a crusade to eliminate likely mass murderers unearthed by his algorithms.

Odin Reichenbach - Elementary

He has continued to try to lure Sherlock and Joan to his cause. But they've argued that it's impossible to be certain that a person will become a killer.

The last time they talked on Elementary Season 7 Episode 6, Odin promised to bring Sherlock the next person he was 80 percent sure was a killer.

One More Chance - Elementary Season 7 Episode 10

Subsequently, Sherlock has tried to hunt him with first the NSA, which Odin had co-opted, and the SAS.

So they were shocked when their electronics cut out and Odin showed up at their brownstone door carrying just such a case file.

The potential murderer was Wesley Conrad, the host of a paranormal podcast, who had accused a British filmmaker of plagiarizing his podcast when making his latest documentary.

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Conrad had threatened to kill the filmmaker on social media. Now the filmmaker was coming to New York to show his documentary, and Conrad had said he was going to shoot up the theater.

Sherlock and Joan discovered that Conrad had recently visited Vermont, a state with lax gun laws.

Sherlock tried to buy off Conrad by setting him up with a top-drawer law firm in Britain that has agreed to take on his case.

Fateful Meeting - Elementary Season 7 Episode 10

Then, pretending to be a gas-company inspector with an outstanding New York accent, Sherlock got into Conrad's studio, hauling away the guns and ammo he had bought in Vermont.

Sherlock then reported to Odin that Conrad has been handled and was unlikely to be a threat.

He then proposed that Odin babysit all such potential killers as he had Conrad rather than just having them eliminated.

Odin seemed amenable to such an idea and Sherlock said to call him and Joan after Odin had worked out the details.

Odin did call to have Sherlock and Joan come to his office. But it was only to report that Conrad had killed his parents, then himself, with a knife.

Odin's data crunching had successfully identified a killer and he was going to stick to his guns, so to speak.

Divide and Conquer - Elementary Season 7 Episode 10

So I'm guessing he's done trying to recruit Sherlock and Joan, and they'll be on opposite sides for the rest of the season.

Fortunately, as shown in the previews, Sherlock is bringing in heavyweight help to stop Odin, his father Morland, the one recurring character I wanted to see in this final season.

Although he predicted wrong on Conrad, Sherlock was correct when he told Joan that they had to give priority to actual city murders over potential ones.

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Having two similar murders committed 15 years apart was a tricky case, that's for sure.

Solving the first murder gave the crime solvers a leg on the new murder of a Jane Doe.

The widow of the original murder was more than willing to pin the crime of her late husband, who had been having an affair with the victim about which she knew.

Cold Case Collection - Elementary Season 7 Episode 10

Better yet, she told them about her husband's secret love nest, which led quickly to the identification of the Jane Doe.

The apartment in question, complete with carpeting that yielded the green fibers on each victim, was being illegally used by a large number of models while in town for shows.

One model identified the dead woman, as Camille, another model, and she had heard Camille arguing over money with somebody over the phone.

Joan learned that Camille was also trying to help her sister Regina, a heroin addict, without success in the end, as Regina died.

By reviewing autopsy photos, Marcus and Gregson deduced that both Camille and Regina had been hit with stun guns before being killed.

Model Autopsy - Elementary Season 7 Episode 10

The sloppy M.E. (Hawes wouldn't have missed that) did remember a private investigator asking for a copy of Regina's autopsy.

Unfortunately, Joan and Marcus found that the killer had gotten to the P.I. before they did.

He did leave behind photos which included Regina looking cozy with a DJ in a panda mask. Using another masked DJ, Sherlock and Joan were able to uncover the name of the DJ.

DJ Pandasalt, who had been dating Regina, had an ironclad alibi, being on another continent. However, he did provide the key clue, asking whatever had happened to their daughter.

This led to them finding out that Regina, who had decided to keep the baby, died on the night she gave birth.

Key Information - Elementary Season 7 Episode 10

Hospital surveillance footage revealed the killer: Regina's drug counselor, who had been earlier interviewed.

As she had with other addicts, the counselor had been serving as a go-between with an adoption agency for Regina.

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Regina's decision to keep the baby cost the counselor a finder's fee, so she killed her, making it look like an overdose. She murdered Camille and the private eye to cover up the crime.

Now the big question: With only three episodes left, does the series concentrate solely on bringing down Odin, or is there room for cases of the week as well?

Also, beyond Morland next episode, is there any chance of seeing other recurring characters? Like, say, Moriarty?

Name That Tune - Elementary Season 7 Episode 10

To follow the Odin saga, watch Elementary online.

Did you think Sherlock and Joan had set Odin on the right path?

How did you like the case of the week?

Are you looking forward to Morland's return?

Comment below.

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Elementary Season 7 Episode 10 Quotes

I brought a present. Shall we open it together?

Odin [to Sherlock and Joan]

Actual city murders must not wait.

Sherlock [to Joan]