Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 3 Review: Curveball

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You can run, but you can't hide from your past. 

The employess of the Riviera Grand were learning on Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 3 that no matter how far you come, your past is never far behind. 

Who was being haunted by their guilt and secrets? Read on to find out. 

Mateo is Blackmailed - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 3

Beatriz has been a looming figure over the Santiago family from the start of Grand Hotel.

Despite Gigi being a prominent figure in their lives before her marrying Santiago, Alicia and Javi will always view her as the woman trying to replace their mother. 

The revelation that Beatriz was far from the saint that Alicia and Javi would like to remember her as is going to be a hard pill for Alicia to swallow, especially coming from Gigi.

Best friends keep eachother's secrets though, so if anyone knows the real Beatriz, it is her.

Alicia: You know what Gigi, I have eyes, so I get what my father sees in you, but honestly I have no idea what my mother ever did. How were you two, even friends?
Gigi: Because I kept her secrets.
Alicia: What the hell's that supposed to mean?
Gigi: You have no idea what she put this family through. You put your mom on a pedestal, but the truth is you didn't even know her at all.

Beatriz looked like a raving lunatic when Gigi found her in that room. I can't imagine what kind of secret she unloaded onto Gigi, but if it were enough that she thought Santiago would want to kill her over it, it can't be anything good. 

Gigi Eavesdrops  - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 3

With this glimpse of the woman that Beatriz seemed to be devolving into in her scene with Gigi, and from glimpses we have seen in promos of her, I can't help but wonder if Beatriz took her own life.

Could that be the secret that Gigi and Mrs. P are trying to protect Alicia from. 

If arguing over Beatriz did nothing else for Gigi and Alicia, it at least pushed them to their breaking points with each other and allowed their relationship to fall apart, only to come back together. 

Despite what Gigi and Alicia think, they need each other. Neither can succeed with the other working against them.

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It would be great to see a future in which the two of them are running the Riveria Grand side by side. That reality might not be far off if Mateo and Santiago can't pay off whoever knows their secret. 

Alicia Looks Defeated - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 3

Of course, it is easy to think that Santiago and Mateo had Sky killed for whatever secret she had discovered, but if watching countless hours of television has taught me anything, it is that unless there is a body, the person isn't dead. 

It is more likely that Santiago and Mateo threatened Sky and forced her to leave Miami, and Sky is now in hiding. Could it be Sky herself that is threatening to expose Mateo and Santiago? 

Or could it be the mysterious person that Sky may or may not have been in a relationship with?

Given that we haven't seen many male employees of the Riviera Grand outside of the core cast, my suspect list is down to one person: Nelson. 

Nelson has seemed docile up until this point, but sometimes it is the person who you least suspect that you need to suspect the most. 

Ingrid Gets Questioned - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 3

As Sky's roommate, Ingrid might have the most insight into Sky. It is just too bad that she is such an irredeemable character. 

Even as she talked about Sky and their relationship, it was impossible for me to feel sympathy for Ingrid.

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For each moment that she showed her grief, all I could picture was her eye roll as Danny asked her questions, or her demanding Javi give her six hundred dollars for an appointment.

The writers seem like they are genuinely trying to make her a complex character who we can both love and hate, but my hate for her seems to strengthen each week. 

Jason Isn't Happy With Danny - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 3

The only way I could see the writers being able to turn Ingrid's character around is for her to develop a genuine relationship with Jason.

Jason may able to bring out a side of Ingrid that we have yet to see. Until then though, I will continue to disapprove of their friendship as hard as Mrs. P does. 

Side note: Ingrid may be the luckiest woman on the planet. She managed to pick one of the dumbest rich men out there. Has Javi never been to a doctor's appointment in his life or does he think that his family provides the world's worst health insurance to their employees?

Here's to hoping now that Santiago knows about Ingrid's pregnancy, we are about to reach an end to Ingrid scamming Javi. 

This week was a necessary week for Javi and Santiago's relationship. 

Mrs. P is Keeping Secrets - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 3

Santiago up until now has let Javi get away with things out of guilt for his role in Javi losing his leg. However, it didn't seem that Santiago knew the emotional and psychological toll it took on Javi. He could only see the physical loss to him. 

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Seeing the joy that hitting the baseball brought to Javi, and seeing the pain on his face as he heard the team making fun of him, Santiago was able to see what he truly took away from Javi. He didn't just take away his leg, he took away a whole future that Javi could have had.

Santiago being able to understand this loss allows him to understand why Javi is the way he is. He isn't just grieving the loss of limb, he is grieving the loss of the life he had to leave behind with his leg. 

The real question is though, does Javi blame Santiago for the loss of his leg too? Does he know that Santiago is responsible? The mystery surrounding Javi's legs is one I would like to see solved sooner rather than later. 

Danny Gives a Charming Smile - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 3

Maybe we should put the world's worst spy, Danny, on the case. 

Danny may be the least subtle character to grace a TV screen.

His questioning of Ingrid could not have been more obvious. Did he think that Ingrid was going to buy him being interested in her crappy little car? It isn't like she was driving some classic Mustang convertible. 

Maybe if Danny focused less on his relationship with Alicia, and more on investigating Sky's disappearance, he might make more headway than finding a partial piece of a note. 

Carolina Gets Sloppy - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 3

Then again, Alicia and Danny are a highlight of the show for me, so how about instead, Danny hires a real private investigator and makes better use of his time by taking Alicia out on a date, before Carolina mauls him. 

Danny: So, what does the staff manual say about an employee drinking in a seedy dive bar with his boss.
Alicia: I don't know, I've never read it. That's a lie, I've read it twice, it's strongly discouraged.
Danny: Oh.
Alicia: However, I did just get suspended, which means that technically, I'm not your boss tonight. I can't believe I just said that. I take it back.
Danny: You can't take it back you put it out there.

Grand Hotel continues to do a good job moving the mysteries forward, while also introducing new ones. Only time will tell if the writers can manage to keep the mysteries interesting enough to make us want to keep tuning in each week. 

What did you think of this episode of Grand Hotel?

Which mystery are you most interested in at this point in the show?

Comment below and make sure to watch Grand Hotel online at TV Fanatic. 

Curveball Review

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Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Santiago: The way we sit you have a world-class, you need a world-class hotel.
Javi: Yeah, one without mold.

Carolina: Oh my god, you poor thing. What happened to your hand?
Danny: Oh it's fine, I uh, took a spill when I was jogging this morning.
Yoli: Well she's not a doctor, but let her know if you need someone to kiss it and make it better.