Killjoys Season 5 Episode 1 Review: Run, Yala, Run

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There was something not quite right happening.

That was why all the characters seemed off on Killjoys Season 5 Episode 1.

So even though the citizens of Westerley had been placed in new, false roles by The Lady, they still gravitated toward their actual relationships in reality.

Sneaking Aboard - Killjoys Season 5 Episode 1

Johnny admitted to Yala that their marriage hadn't been right even before they started fighting over whether Jaq should attend boarding school on K'resh.

That's because their relationship has always been as older sister and young brother. No wonder being a couple felt a little icky.

Squabbling Brothers - Killjoys Season 5 Episode 1

But when D'av strutted into the Royale, there was instant chemistry between him and Yala. No wonder Johnny felt a little jealous.

Even though Pree was now a RAC agent and Gared a factory worker, they still had an illicit affair going on behind the back of Gared's fiancee.

Living all by herself on the fringes of society, Zephyr still relied on her relationship with science, which enabled her to understand there was something wrong with the world in which she was living.

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But the decom showers (and, it turned out, the rain) kept everyone in ignorance, if not bliss.

So how was Yala/Dutch able to break free of these false memories first?

It's got to have something to do with her connection to Aneela, which must make her more resistant to hypnosis.

All by Herself - Killjoys Season 5 Episode 1

That leads me to believe that Aneela is still alive back in the Green. Surely, even if her befogged state, Dutch would be aware if her "twin" had died.

It's also clear that all the others are going to have a more difficult time breaking free of The Lady's implanted false memories.

None of them were getting the jolts of memory that Dutch was.

The character who underwent the biggest change has got to be Pree.

The former warrior turned philosopher has become a straight-laced RAC agent with a dirty little secret. It took a couple of scenes before I recognized him.

The character who had changed the least would have to be Zephyr.

Still a Killjoy - Killjoys Season 5 Episode 1

New Zephyr just appeared to be Old Zephyr after neglecting to come out of the lab for a week.

She was still too immersed in her research to give the slightest thought to basic social skills.

And, of course, Lucy. But then Lucy had offworld backup which the humans didn't.

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One of The Lady's missions remains the same as last season: to find Jaq.

After all, Jaq is the kind of human/Hullen hybrid with which she wants to populate the J.

Having failed to pluck Jaq's hiding place from the humans' minds, The Lady now hoped that they would do the hard work of finding Jaq for her.

It was a sound plan. It would have worked too if not for Delle Sayeh Kendry. She took out all those soldiers in no time.

The transition of Kendry through the Killjoys run has been wonderful.

She's gone from being a spoiled, snarky, royal bitch to a badass, snarky, royal bitch. She's so much more enjoyable this way.

Since they are seemingly among the few not under The Lady's influence, Kendry and Jaq were smart to come up with their own plan of attack.

Kendry also knew enough not to entrust the temporarily lucid Dutch with the details.

Whatever their plan is, it involved Dutch's fingerprints and DNA. Do they maybe need those to open something?

Near Miss - Killjoys Season 5 Episode 1

Or do they have some way to grow a little Dutch? Is that how they're going to get Aneela back to reality?

If it's a biological/genetics project, maybe they should recruit Zephyr, since her one-track mind seemed least affected by the false memories.

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That is if she survives.

She's the only person with any medical knowledge in Old Town, and she got shot.

Too bad. Up until then, she and Dutch had a great "Thelma & Louise" vibe going for them.

Still a Mad Scientist - Killjoys Season 5 Episode 1

Zeph has been the show's best addition in recent seasons, with a "You kids get off my lawn" personality inside a young body.

She remains socially awkward, but interaction with the Killjoys has smoothed off some of her edges, that's for sure.

Not even The Lady's mystical abilities could diminish Zeph's hero-worship of Dutch, which shone right through.

That's to be expected. While Johnny and D'av haven't always knew what to make of the odd duck that is Zephyr, Dutch has steadily bolstered her ego.

Zeph has to survive. As the Killjoys' resident biological genius, she has a major role to play in the battle against The Lady.

Tables Turned - Killjoys Season 5 Episode 1

It would be beneficial to get Johnny, the resident technological genius, out from under his arranged marriage to Yala as well.

But for now, it's Dutch against the world. But I suspect the captive Khlyen was right when he said that "his girls" were getting under The Lady's skin. He used the plural noun, and if anybody knows Aneela's status, he would.

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Is there any chance that Dutch will get help from Turin and the others occupying the former Hullen war cruiser?

Are they under The Lady's spell as well, or did that only affect those on the planet's surface?

I don't know how much help they would be against a world of entranced civilians, but backup is backup.

To find out how the Killjoys got to this point, watch Killjoys online.

How did Dutch break free?

WIll Zephyr survive?

Who will be next to break loose?

Comment below.

Run, Yala, Run Review

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Killjoys Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

Yala: I don't serve kids. I'm broke but I'm not that broke.
D'av: Wow! Blue eyes and principles.

D'av: Beer in a glass.
Yala: Nope, I'm right. You just don't know it yet. Prepare to have your mouth melted.