Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 5 Review: Face Speckled

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The repercussions of Nova's book continued to hit the Bordelon family on Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 5.

And while some saw it coming, others were blindsided. 

Will the storm Nova's words have churned up slowly ebb away, like Charley hopes, or is the surge still to come?

Davis Needs Help - Queen Sugar

Davis was caught unaware by the reaction at his new job, and that highlighted how he's used to having Charley handle all of his problems for him.

That probably explains why he tried to get Charley to help him with his daughter on Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 4.

Charley was gracious.

She offered him the best advice she could but also didn't let Davis wallow in self-pity for a problem he caused.

Davis: I was moving on, new city, new career, then Nova’s book comes out.
Charley: Your problems aren’t about Nova. You took a job at a university where employees are held to a higher standard than NBA after parties.
Davis: Whatever it is, I don’t like it.
Charley: It’s called equal treatment, Davis. It feels like oppression to you because you’re used to privilege.

When he misinterpreted her civility for an opportunity to kiss her, I didn't know whether to roll my eyes or smack him. 

Charley Handles Davis - Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 5

The man cheated on her for years with prostitutes, dragged her through the press with the scandals and kept a secret, illegitimate child from her for 13 years.

Yet somehow he thinks that he was another shot with her because she's chosen to be courteous instead of combative. 

But I loved how Charley kept calm and made it very clear where they stand.

We’re finally at a place where we can sit at a table and not tear each other apart. Let’s just let that be enough because, for me, there’s no more.


Sometimes I wish she kept her cool a little more with Micah, but I also get what she's feeling. 

When your teenager comes home drunk with an illegal tattoo, you have to be 18 in most states to get one without parental consent, it's difficult not to feel like you've lost all control. 

Micah is scrambling to find his footing.

He wants to stand up and fight back against the oppression and unfairness he sees in the world, but he's beginning to understand that one wrong step could have him in prison next to his friend. 

Remy Returns - Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 5

Remy returned but only to say goodbye. As much as I generally like Remy, there just doesn't seem to be a place for him within the current story. 

And I disagree with Hollywood about Charley and Remy making a great couple.

On the surface, it appeared they were perfect together, but go deeper, and they were mismatched.

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Remy wants kids while Charley is done with that part of her life, and Remy frequently came across as though he felt morally superior to Charley, which always irked me. 

However, I do wonder what Remy's reaction would be to Charley hosting the medical clinic for migrant workers.

The Good in People - Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 5

That ICE stormed the clinic wasn't a surprise, I just didn't expect it quite so soon, or that they'd round up Ignacio in their raid. 

The scene was stomach churning because it's happening over and over again in real life, and most people don't have a friend like Charley who can send a high priced attorney to fight for them. 

As for Romero, I'm curious as to whether or not he's read Nova's book.

It doesn't appear so, and I'd like to see if his opinions about Charley change once he reads it.

My mother taught me to believe in what’s good. That when people say it’s too good to be true, they’re wrong.


While Hollywood was still there being strong and supportive for Violet, and everyone should have a Hollywood in their lives, Nova was off on her book tour.

Nova Gets Feedback - Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 5

It was satisfying to see Nova get something other than praise from her audience, but I never expected that it would go where it did. 

It was difficult to get a read on Dr. Olivia Laurent. 

Does she honestly think that Nova's memoir is the work of an amateur or is her ego bruised because Nova never mentions her former mentor and one-time lover?

If Nova was looking for a booty call with Chantal, she certainly found it with Olivia; only I fear there will be far more strings attached.

Closer Than Expected - Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 5

When Olivia invited herself along on the rest of Nova's book tour, that felt like a red flag.

Is she just happy to have hooked up with Nova once again, is she so needy that she has to be with her instead of teaching her own classes, or is there something else at play here?

Time will tell but I don't have a good feeling about this relationship. 

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Finally we get to Ralph Angel...

His idea of a picnic as a first real date was lovely, and using Aunt Vi's cooking was a plus.

Ralph Angel Goes on a Date - Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 5

But the poor guy can't seem to have any real romance without some drama popping up to interrupt it. 

We all knew it was coming. The only person who seemed to think this wasn't inevitable was Nova.

When Blue's friend told him he'd overheard that Blue doesn't really have a Daddy, the poor kid was devastated and confused.

Having him go home in tears and refuse to talk about it was pretty accurate for a child his age. 

It's a good thing Nova was out of the state or I think Darla would have hunted her down and done some real damage.

Darla Is Furious - Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 5

Thankfully, Ralph Angel knew this moment was coming and once he got Blue talking he was well prepared.

It made for one of the most heartwarming scenes of the entire series with this Queen Sugar quote...

Ralph Angel: I chose you. I chose to be your Daddy. I chose to take care of you, help you with your homework, tuck you in bed.
Blue: What if you choose someone else one day, another boy or girl?
Ralph Angel: That will never happen as long as my heart is beating, Blue, I’m going to be your Daddy cause I chose you. You chose me too, right? Yeah, it’s all right.
Blue: Is there a part of you in me?
Darla: There is.
Blue: Because you’re my biological Mommy?
Darla: I am but even if I wasn’t I would still choose you a hundred times over just like your Daddy.

Blue is Ralph Angel's heart and soul. The boy is the reason he gets up every day. Nothing will change his love for Blue. 

Is it most likely better that the truth is out in the open, yes, but that decision wasn't Nova's to make. 

The only reason I wish someone in the family would talk to Nova is that she'd know that kind of havoc she's rained down on her family. 

Maybe that will happen when she returns, but in the meantime, the Bordelons are rallying around one another protecting themselves from the storm.

A Family Moment - Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 5

So tell me, TV Fanatics, what do you think of Dr. Olivia Laurent? 

Is this the end of the drama for Blue?

Do you want Remy to return or are you happy he may be gone for good?

Check back for my review of Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 6 and until then, you can watch Queen Sugar online here at TV Fanatic.

Face Speckled Review

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Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

My mother taught me to believe in what’s good. That when people say it’s too good to be true, they’re wrong.


Blue: What’s that weird smell, Pops?
Ralph Angel: I don’t smell nothing.
Blue: It’s you. You smell like stinky flowers.
Ralph Angel: It’s cologne and I think it smells good.
Blue: I think it smells funny. Maybe you put too much on.