Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 6 Review: By the Spit

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Charley Bordelon began her campaign for a seat on the city council with her family beside her and a brick thrown at her on Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 6.

Something tells me that the brick will be the least of the challenges she'll face during fight.

Charley's Campaign - Queen Sugar

As Romero pointed out in this Queen Sugar quote, there's no doubt that this campaign will be a battle.

Romero: Are you sure you want to do this? I know you’ve thought this through but the Landry-Boudreaux family, I mean, they’re a lot.
Charley: I’m a lot. Whatever I have to do, whoever I need to talk to, I’ll do for St. Jo and for my Daddy. I can’t lose his land.

Charley Bordelon is fierce, and she has never backed down from a fight.

She's not about to start now, not with the future of St. Josephine on the line and the existence of black and brown communities in the crosshairs.

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And Romero continues to be by her side willing to help where he can and being supportive without looking for anything in return, other than seeing Charley smile.

Charley Looks Happy - Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 6

Romero: Did things go good with Pastor Martinez?
Charley: Not really. Not yet, but I’m happy.
Romero: Why is that?
Charley: Because you brought me into your world, no strings attached and tried to do something for me. I can’t remember the last time a man added to my life without taking from it or tried to change me. Thank you.
Romero: You deserve good things, Charley.
Charley: So do you.

Davis took everything he could get from Charley without giving very much in return.

Expecting Charley to swoop in and fix things had become so second nature to Davis that he even seemed to think that she'd step up and help parent the daughter he produced while still married to her and hid from her for 13 years.

Remy was certainly a better man than Davis, but he always seemed to look down at Charley, as though her tactics weren't up to his idealized standards. 

A Rough Patch - Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 6

For once, Charley has found someone who loves and accepts her for who she is and even Micah agreed that it's about time.

Micah: You really like him.
Charley: I do. I mean, I don’t know where it’s going. All I know is I feel happy when I’m with him.
Micah: That’s all that matters. You deserve to be happy.

Charley wasn't the only one with someone standing steadfastly in her corner. As usual, Violet had Hollywood right there at her side.

I appreciated how openly Violet spoke to her doctor about her sex life and how she's been feeling over the last several weeks. 

Ghosts From Her Past - Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 6

Having Jimmy Dale literally walk back into her home has stirred up some horrible issues for Violet.

When she told Hollywood she needed some time and some space I was hoping that she'd also tell him that she was getting some help.

I would hope that Vi's doctor would have recommended therapy, but it's questionable whether or not Violet would go.

She's so determined to handle everything on her own and reluctant to share her struggles with anyone. 

But I fear Violet's state of mind will only get worse if she doesn't talk this through with someone, and preferably someone who understands the long term effects of abusive relationships. 

And although Hollywood has been nothing but supportive, he's grappling with trying to figure out how to help. 

Hollywood and Ralph Angel - Queen Sugar

At least Ralph Angel and Darla moved forward with getting Blue to talk to a professional to asses how he's dealing with the news that Ralph Angel isn't his biological father. 

This issue will more than likely come up several times for Blue as he matures, not only about his paternity but about Darla's past as a drug addict as well.

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But Blue is loved beyond measure and that's got to count for a lot. 

Nova Has a Realization - Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 6

As everyone in the Bordelon family had someone to lean on who would support them unconditionally, Nova was left out.

Nova: I’m talking about my family. They’re important to me.
Octavia: You know how I feel about family, they’re just biological accidents.
Nova: I hate it when you say that. It’s not true, at least not for me.

Nova still doesn't comprehend the damage she's caused for the people she loves.

Yes, I do believe they'll all come through it, maybe even for the better, but that doesn't mean Nova had the right to share their secrets with the world.

Nova can paint it any way she likes, but she used her family's private stories for her own gain. 

As much as I don't blame them for not speaking with her, there's a part of me that wishes she knew how much pain she's caused Blue and Violet. 

As Nova celebrated her success, Octavia was there to ride on her coattails. 

Octavia Gets Angry - Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 6

Perhaps Nova was blindsided by news of Charley's campaign and couldn't come up with a response when the interviewer spoke as though she was her sister's inspiration but she also made no attempt to stop Octavia or correct her when she jumped in. 

Charley has always been a powerhouse all on her own, and it would have been nice to hear Nova say that. 

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Octavia's overwhelming need to feel valued overshadowed everything else. It was clear that she wanted to be the star being interviewed.

Octavia wasn't there to support Nova, she was there to catch whatever glimpses of the spotlight she could for herself, and when Nova stopped being grateful, she turned on her. 

Octavia: They only want you cause you’re hot which, believe me, cools quickly. When you’ve sustained a twenty-year career, then you come question me.
Nova: You can keep your twenty-year career if it means lies and deceit.
Octavia: Says the woman who threw her family under the bus for her book.

Will Octavia really go away quietly?

Granted, Nova ended things as well as she could.

She made clear that Octavia will always be important to her, but I'm not sure that will be enough to satisfy Octavia's ego. 

Are Ralph Angel and Darla growing closer or is it just me?

Will Violet get the help she needs and is there any chance of Jimmy Dale returning?

And will Charley call Nova back?

Check back in for my review of Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 7 and until then, you can watch Queen Sugar online here at TV Fanatic. 

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Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Romero: Are you sure you want to do this? I know you’ve thought this through but the Landry-Boudreaux family, I mean, they’re a lot.
Charley: I’m a lot. Whatever I have to do, whoever I need to talk to, I’ll do for St. Jo and for my Daddy. I can’t lose his land.

Councilwoman Barerra: It’s official!
Charley: But is it the right decision?
Councilwoman Barerra: If you believe in it, then it’s the right decision. Candidate Bordelon, I’m with you all the way. You’ve got this.