Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 7 Review: Of Several Centuries

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Nova was having one the best days she’s had in months on Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 7.

Many fans had been hoping for Calvin’s return. He was one of Nova’s most intense love interests, and one of the most complicated.

His reemergence certainly put a smile on Nova’s face and a hopeful spark in her eyes that hasn’t been there in a long time.

Reconnecting with Calvin - Tall - Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 7

Nova didn't look like that with Octavia, nor with Chantal, not with Remy, or even Robert.

It’s not every day the love of a man’s life writes a book and then tells the world he’s the love of hers.


One of Calvin and Nova’s biggest stumbling points wasn’t necessarily the difference in skin color, or the fact that he was a cop, although those were certainly issues, but the fact that Calvin was married.

But Calvin is divorced now and has started his own security business. Does that mean these two have another chance?

Nova: I didn’t even know you were into having a business and all of that.
Calvin: I didn’t either. I didn’t know a lot about myself. Last year was a real roller coaster, but all in all, it was a great ride.

Reconnecting With Calvin - Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 7

They’ve both grown and changed since they last broke up.

One thing that stood out was that Nova didn’t jump into bed with him the way I expected.

Nova wants to make sure that this new version of them isn’t mired in the past or simply fueled by physical attraction.

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The moment where Nova and Calvin sat on the sofa and talked about what they really wanted may have been the smartest conversation Nova has ever had, at least when it comes to her personal life.

Will this mean good things for Nova and Calvin? I hope so.

Out of all of Nova’s relationships, Calvin has been my favorite and watching these two become a real couple could be intriguing.

Nova's Best Day - Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 7

But while Nova had a fantastic day, many of the Bordelons were having one of their worst.

Ralph Angel’s reentry program found itself being targeted by the local police as a “known gathering place for a bunch of ex-cons.”

As if there isn’t enough real crime in St. Josephine, the police have decided to go after former felons who are actually trying to turn their lives around.

Thank goodness for Deesha.

Deesha Is There to Help - Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 7

We will hit them with everything we can. If they’re going to take this from you, they’re going to have to work for it.


Ralph Angel probably could have called Charley who would have provided an attorney, but Deesha cares and she’s angry enough to fight this with everything she has.

I wasn’t sure about Ralph Angel and Deesha at first but the more time they spend together, the more I like them as a couple.

Where Ralph Angel appeared ready to do battle, Darla was drowning.

Nothing made me more angry at Nova than seeing that book, turned to the chapter about Star, sitting at Darla’s desk at work.

Darla's Difficult Time - Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 7

How could Nova be so naive as to think people wouldn’t figure out about whom she was writing when the rest of the book was about her family.

I wanted Darla to call Nova and scream into the phone about what had just happened, but Nova remains blissfully ignorant of the carnage she’s unleashed on her family.

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I was also furious at Darla’s coworkers who had the emotional maturity of middle school adolescents. It would seem that none of them have ever battled addiction or had to deal with it in someone they love because they didn't show an ounce of empathy for what Darla has gone through. 

Darla had every right to be devastated, but she should have called her sponsor. Sponsors are there to help people get through the difficult times and asking for help is not a weakness.

Darla has been strong and smart about her recovery but not seeking help when she needs it the most may be her downfall.

The Diner Is Vandalized - Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 7

Violet sustained another blow when her diner was vandalized yet she remained calm about it, as Charley pointed out in this Queen Sugar quote...

Charley: I have to say, Aunt Vi, you are handling this very well.
Violet: Well, crawling into the fetal position ain’t going to help none, besides, I’ve been through this before.
Charley: The diner’s been vandalized before?
Violet: Nope. My house. A parting gift from Jimmy Dale. I got through that and I’m going to get through this.

In many ways, Violet knows how to roll with the punches. She knows that life is never easy and, as she said, the good news was that no one got hurt and she was insured.

Not calling Hollywood at first was okay, as Violet had a lot to handle. There wasn’t much Hollywood could do to help from a distance and Vi didn’t want to pull him away from his mother.

But the longer she waits to call Hollywood, the more hurtful it will be. He’ll feel as though Violet is shutting him out and that won’t help their marriage.

That Violet admitted to Charley that she’s suffering from PTSD was a positive, but the negative was that she didn’t seem to be getting any professional help with it.

Charley and Violet - Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 7

Violet has never been good about asking for help, but her doctor should have pushed her to see a therapist who specializes in her condition. Anything less is just prolonging Vi’s torment.

It didn’t take Charley’s investigator long to track down the person who vandalized the diner, but no one expected it to be Igancio’s son, Joaquin.

I didn’t want to do it. This man, he offered me $500. I said no, then he said they’d do to my mom what they did to my dad unless I threw that brick through your window and messed up the diner.


Violet handled this well by having the boy come work for her instead of turning him over to the police. His family has been through a lot, and they deserved a break.

Vi’s diner and Ralph Angel’s reentry program weren’t the only things in the crosshairs.

Charley Won't Back Down - Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 7

As much as I loved Charley verbally taking Jacob Boudreaux down, he’s too easy a target and insulting him will always come at a price.

Jacob: I won’t just let you make a fool of me, you know that, don’t you?
Charley: I think it’s a little late for that. Get out.

Jacob will always side with his family, but I wish Charley would have continued using his soft spot for her. No doubt he’s a fool but he was a fool she could use.

Unfortunately, that tactic has ended.

This ain’t about black and white, Charley. This is winners and losers. Big energy won this fight a long time ago, you just gotta pick a side. We did, eventually, you will as well.


Jacob doesn’t believe Charley can possibly win this fight, but then again, Jacob isn’t much of a fighter, but his family knows how to fight dirty.

Charley Holds a Protest - Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 7

When Charley pulled St. Josephine and St. Thomas together and brought the fracking scheme out into the light, the Landrys and the powers at World Energy must have been furious.

I’m sure that part of their plan was to keep things quiet until fighting the highway was near impossible.

Charley: The time has come for justice and to end corporate greed and the exploitation of small, vulnerable communities.
Councilwoman: We’re here today to say we’re united. Defeating us won’t be easy.
Charley: We won’t let you walk over us, take away our farms and homes, destroy our livelihoods. We will keep fighting and we’re confident we will win.

As Micah looked at those photos from the rallies, it all felt too easy. I suspected that payback was coming, I just didn’t expect it quite so soon.

The Queen Sugar Mill has been Charley’s baby. It's been her way of lifting up her family and all of the local farmers.

If the mill burns to the ground, I’m not sure what comes next.

Check back for my Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 8 review and you can watch Queen Sugar online here at TV Fanatic.

Of Several Centuries Review

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Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

It’s not every day the love of a man’s life writes a book and then tells the world he’s the love of hers.


I’d rather be betrayed by one of them than by one of my own.