The Code Canceled After One Season on CBS

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And that's a wrap.

The Code, which just concluded its freshman season on CBS, has been canceled.

The midseason hiatus should have been a clue, but darn it, we enjoyed that!

The Brightest Minds - The Code

The Code was a unique take on the military and the law, offering fans of both genres something to dig into.

It followed some of the greatest military's brightest legal minds while they practiced law and also highlighted their personal lives.

Weighing Options - The Code Season 1 Episode 9

The marines were trained to fight on all sides of the law -- as investigators, prosecutors and defense attorneys.

Dana Delaney took to Twitter this afternoon to share her farewell.

Delaney played Colonel Glenn Turnball on the CBS drama.

Rough Week - The Code Season 1 Episode 10

She is just one of the talented cast members who served on The Code.

Luke Mitchell played Captain John Abraham, nicknamed Abe. 

The Code Review: Legit Bad Day

Both were very active on Twitter and did a lot to thank fans of the show for watching.

Other stars included Anna Wood, Ato Essandoh, Phillipa Soo and Raffi Barsoumian also starred.

Tougher Than It Looks - The Code Season 1 Episode 7

Limitless creator Craig Sweeney wrote the story with Craig Turk. Marc Webb directed.

The ratings for The Code never got off the ground.

The Code Season 1 premiered on April 9, 2019 with over 8 million viewers but only a .73 rating.

The following week, The Code dropped an alarming 27% in the coveted demo.

Still in Exile - The Code Season 1 Episode 10

It was likely the 45% drop in total viewers that really concerned the network, which often overlooks the demo while promoting series targeting total viewer share.

Despite a 36% surge total viewers for The Code Season 1 Episode 6, "1st Civ Div," the episodes that followed continued to tumble scoring an average of 4.5 million eyes.

The Code Review: Don and Doff

When The Code returned from it's multi-week hiatus on July 1, the trend continued.

That's hardly surprising after a break and in light of the minimal coverage the series received.

Making Plans - The Code Season 1 Episode 9

The Code Season 1 Episode found the demo rating at .3 and total viewers at a mere 2.9 million people.

We here at TV Fanatic enjoy military dramas, especially the NCIS franchise.

We can't help but wonder if the summer months cut into the core of viewers as nice weather always claims victims, especially if there isn't a built-in audience ready to watch.

Fans of Delany and Mitchell tuned in, but they couldn't save the show.

Helping Rami - The Code Season 1 Episode 10

We're also eager to discover what CBS might do with the JAG reunion that aired on NCIS: Los Angeles.

Could the network have another spot on the lineup they're eager to fill with a revival of the long-time fan favorite?

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We don't know, but we'll keep our ears to the ground.

For now, we'll rest easy knowing that we still have some Ziva to look forward to on the NCIS mothership.

Are you a fan of military dramas? 

What kept you from tuning into The Code?

If you watched, will you miss the unique take The Code delivered?

Are you already missing Delaney and Mitchell on television?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts.

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The Code Quotes

Abe: Too bad we're lawyers. We don't pursue ideals. We pursue ...
Trey: Outcomes. Uh-hmm.

Abe: Pay attention, Rami. I've got a legitimate excuse today.
Rami: The clothes. It's got something to do with the clothes.