8 Things We Need to See on the Last Season of Power

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It's crazy to think that there's only a few more episodes of Power for us to digest and freak out over.

The show has been a staple of our summer programming for a long time now, but like all good things, it eventually had to come to an end. 

Heading into these final installments, we pondered what characters and storylines we absolutely had to see before the final credits roll. 

Ghost & Tommy - Power

1. The End of Ghost vs. Tommy 

As the two main characters of this story, it makes sense that their relationship has always been at the forefront, but haven’t we been down this road before?

No matter what transpires in their lives, the fact of the matter is the two men simply don’t trust one another. And unless they’re willing to undergo some counseling, they need to split once and for all.

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With all the other enemies looming, these two need to deal with their issues early and move on from one another. 

Angry Ghost & Tariq - Power

2. Tariq's Ascension 

Tariq has had one foot in the door of the criminal underworld for a few seasons now, and at this point, he needs to make the leap and jump in.

Tariq continually puts himself in bad situations, and if he’s not going to take sane advice or live a life separate from his family, then he needs to commit fully to his new lifestyle.

The series has been slowly building towards a world in which Tariq fully becomes his father, and with limited time left it's time to take the story there.

Annoyed Angela - Power

3. Angela's Closure 

So we know that Angela was shot dead in her chest and looked like she was on her way out, but we also know that Lela Loren will be a part of Power Season 6.

But that doesn't necessarily mean she will be back in the same capacity. Whether or not she's made a full recovery, it's time for Angela to get closure in regards to her career and her relationships.

She's a disgraced US attorney and the pseudo-girlfriend of a selfish drug dealer, she needs to bid them both goodbye.

Tasha St. Patrick - Power

4. Tasha Front & Center 

Tasha is brilliant and very capable, and she deserves to leave this series at the absolute top of her game in whatever capacity that may be.

Perhaps after she inevitably comes through yet again and helps save Ghost and Tommy from a scheme gone wrong, she can open her own business, find a nice man and get as far away from Ghost as possible.

Tasha is far from perfect, but she's been through a lot and why doesn't she deserve to shine? 

Tommy & Keisha - Power

5. Tommy & Keisha's Partner

The relationship between Tommy and Keisha has been plagued from the start, as they went from casual hookup to ride or dies seemingly overnight.

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Keisha proved her loyalty in Power Season 5 Episode 10 and having the two of them begin a season on the same page will be interesting indeed.

Just how much will Tommy include her in regards to his business? And will be she continue to push her anti Ghost and Tasha agenda?

Their storyline is a major thing we want to see this season.

Pointed Dre - Power

6. Dre's Karma 

Andre Coleman.

Is there another character on this show that has any many lives as he seems to have? The man has been shot at more than a hundred times and has managed to escape every single time.

Between him and Kanan, it was getting ridiculous how often they were able to escape impossible situations.

But enough is enough. Dre is the ultimate rat and it’s time for karma to come for him.

Councilman Tate - Power

7. Bringing Councilman Tate Into the Fold 

Larenz Tate is a very talented actor, and he has done what he can with the one-note wannabe governor, but they need to figure out a way to integrate Councilman Tate into the central plot more.

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The Queens Child Project subplot is not particularly interesting, and with everything, Ghost is sure to be going through this season, it's hard to imagine he will have a lot of time to dedicate to his side job. So why not bring Tate into the fold?

He's a smart guy. Maybe he can help with that pesky Tommy situation.

Guns Blazing - Power

8. All Out War

Here's hoping this season truly goes out with a bang.

While Ghost and Tommy are battling each other, there's still many threats out there.

The Serbians, Italians, and the Jimenez are still viable threats to them both and if this season doesn't end with all these entities meeting in an epic battle, we will be highly disappointed.

Let us know in the comments if you agree with our list and what other things you'd like to see for the final season.

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