Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 13 Review: Smurf

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One for all and all for one. The Codys are here to stay.

Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 13 was an emotionally charged finale with plenty of surprises.

And it looks like Angela is here to stay.

Tall Brothers - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 13

In the end, Angela good by J even if she has ulterior motives. J is probably quite aware of it, but he's got a secret tool in his pocket in the form of Frankie.

Pope had no use for J and wanted him out of the house, but Angela convinced him otherwise. And by the time the finale was over, Pope understood that the Codys survival rested on J's shoulders.

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It was surprising J shared the information about Smurf's will with Pope, but he had to do something. He has nowhere to go and wouldn't know what to do with himself without his uncles.

So, he made a smart move finding out what he could about Pamela Johnson and using the information to put himself back in Pope's good graces.

J in Control - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 13

It was phenomenal how Pope turned around and decided in his own way that J was right all along.

Surprisingly, even Deran aligned himself with his family. He was crushed when he had to choose between the Codys and Adrian.

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Pope was going to let him go, but after Pope's emotional response to Deran's leaving, Deran knew he couldn't abandon his blood family.

Remove the glasses. You're not John Gotti.


He needs to be there for them all. And if you think about it, what he did is almost akin to Smurf's situation with Colin.

Tall Goodbye - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 13

Adrian will always be the love of Deran's life and everything he does from here on out will be a response for the decision he had to make.

How Billy will fit in is a mystery, but if he's sober like he says he is, he might be an ally Deran needs. And if he is sober, Billy might even be a stabilizing force for Deran which he desperately needs.

J: We need to have a funeral or a memorial or something.
Pope: What?
J: All eyes are on us right now. We're still the Codys. Everyone needs to know we're strong with or without Smurf. We need to let people know that we'll take care of business.
Pope: No funeral.

It was mindblowing to find out Jake was Craig's father, but it was also obvious when he was sitting at the bar with Billy.

And since Janine went to Jake for refuge, it makes sense that they would have rekindled their romance. 

Protecting Their Reputation - Animal Kingdom

I can't remember if it was revealed before that Jake was Craig's father -- like when she beat him up in the hotel room eons ago. But it was still mindblowing.

The conversation between the two was great with Billy bragging about his kid. What a nut!

I loved how all the twists and turns throughout the seasons finally connected.

You want to be one of us so bad. You think you can run the family? You think you can be Smurf? You're a leech J. None of us trust you. You've been lying to us since the day you showed up. You got 24 hours to pack your shit and get out.


There are things left unanswered though like why Smurf left all her money to Pamela, and what happened to Jed's wife.

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But those are mysteries that will -- hopefully -- be revealed during Animal Kingdom Season 5.

Word about Smurf's death spread quickly, and many people thought that meant the Codys were out of contention.

Angela is a Player - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 13

So, when those boys made a stand against Angela's brother, Mike, it was a chilling moment. 

J: Are you following me or something?
Angela: I'm your guardian angel, J.

They sent a message, and all of them working together is going to make them more powerful.

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But Angela being part of the group is disappointing even if she a necessary force to keep Pope in line and stable.

She basically took Smurf's place in that department. 

Pope's Agony - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 13

Still, she's not trustworthy, and there's always the possibility she's working with the cops. Why else would she have gotten out so early?

The other wildcard is Frankie. Obviously, she's going to want the Codys to run jobs for her.

The problem will be whether or not the boys can trust her. But without Smurf, they're going to have to find something, and she's the best option.

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Plus, her jobs will put them on a different level than what they were doing before. 

It's all about advancing themselves to make them powerful and profitable.

And, of course, we have to think about Pamela, and how she fits into the jigsaw puzzle. 

Poor Deran - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 13

Will she want a part of the game?

Also, what about Jake? He might not be the most trustworthy and might even mess things up, but if Billy vouches for him then there's a possibility he might join the gang.

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We also have to think about who's going to come after the Codys to stake their claim. 

Manny and his gang is a possibility as well as Jed's boys who will probably only be interested in getting back what's theirs -- if they even know how much gold Jed had stored in the bunker.

Craig Has Choices - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 13

Animal Kingdom Season 4 was the best season so far, and I can't wait what's in store for our favorite crime family on Animal Kingdom Season 5.

Over to you!

What did you think about the finale?

What will the boys do with the ashes?

Why do you think Smurf left so much money to Pamela?

Will Billy and Jake be players now?

What will happen next season?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts.

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Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 13 Quotes

Angela: I'm with the Codys now.
Mike: Yeah, well, Smurf's dead. Codys don't mean shit anymore.

Remove the glasses. You're not John Gotti.