Big Brother Spoilers: America's Field Trip Sends a Third Houseguest to the Block!

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The power is shifting once again on Big Brother Season 21, but things took an explosive turn on Friday before new Head of Household managed to set his nominations. 

The America's Field Trip twist was unleashed on the house, and it allowed viewers to vote for the three houseguests they wanted to send to a competition that could ruin their game. 

bb duo

In an unsurprising move, America voted for Christie, Analyse, and Jackson, meaning that one of them would win safety for the week, one would win a punishment, and one would be sent to the block as a third nominee. 

Here are the results:

  • Safety - Jackson
  • Punishment - Analyse
  • Third Nominee - Christie
Christie Murphy on Big Brother Season 21

It was a strange twist, but it is sure to shake up the game in a big way. Even if the Six Shooters are no longer active, it was fun to see three of the former alliance making their way to the competition. 

Tommy already promised Jackson and Holly that he was not putting them on the block, but given that Christie had been pandering to get Jackson out of the house, there was always a chance he would go up post-veto.

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As for Christie, she doesn't have a power to save herself this week, but it seems she has Analyse, Tommy, and Nick willing to take her off the block if they win the veto. 

Yes, Nick is becoming harder to read, but it certainly seems that he's returning to his old allies despite them stabbing him in the back more than once. 

Nick Maccarone - Big Brother

But who did Tommy nominate for eviction?

Kat and Cliff. This is really no surprise. His side of the alliance has been worrying about Kat because of her relatively flawless attempt at playing both sides of the house. 

The veto players have yet to be chosen, but this will be a big competition because if Christie remains on the block come Thursday, there's a good chance she will be leaving the house. 

Could you imagine her going home on Tommy's Head of Household? It would be crazy and would make for an exciting week on the feeds. 

Analyse Talavera  - Big Brother

If Analyse gets her way, then Cliff will be walking out the door. She clearly didn't get the memo that she was playing Big Brother because she's been bashing Cliff for not keeping Jack in the game. 

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What Analyse needs to remember when she's ranting and raving is that Cliff has won competitions, and even secured his way back into the game after being evicted. 

What has she done, besides being shielded by a majority alliance for half the game?


Cliff Returns to the Game - Big Brother

The veto competition will play out today on the feeds, and we'll have an idea of what's about to go down the rest of the week. 

Who do you want to head home this time?

Hit the comments. 

Big Brother continues Sunday at 8/7c. 

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