Daphne Zuniga Teases Melrose Place Reboot After BH90210 Success

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The reboot of Beverly Hills, 90210 may just be the tip of the iceberg. 

Daphne Zuniga, who appeared on Melrose Place -- a spin-off of the original FOX drama has now revealed that she would like to see a reboot of the series she starred in. 

Zuniga played Jo Reynolds on the soapy drama and has revealed to The Wrap that she would be "totally open" to returning to the franchise. 

Daphne Zuniga

“I would be totally open to doing it. But, you know, we’re gonna watch [‘BH90210’]. I’m gonna watch tonight and we’ll see how it goes,” she said.

“I think the set-up is really interesting that they’re playing their characters wanting to do a revival. So I don’t know that we would do that same thing, we’d have to come up with something clever.”

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One thing that could potentially stand in the way of any sort of a reboot is the failure of The CW's revival which launched to low ratings in 2009. 

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But Zuniga notes that the events of that series could be ignored if any sort of reboot was to become a reality. 

“I’m not married to reincorporating that,” she said.

“I think you want to incorporate what the fans love. And I know fans know the seasons, the storylines, better than I do. And so I think you want to do that, you want to honor that. Again, it would take a really good writer.”

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Rebooting the show so soon after The CW's take on the series would not be a problem, especially when you consider the fact that BH90210 has forgotten that The CW's reboot of that show exists. 

BH90210, however, focuses on the cast trying to get a reboot off the ground, and a similar concept may not feel as fresh or original if Melrose Place opts to travel that direction. 

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BH90210 launched as the top summer launch in two years, meaning that there was a big curiosity factor with it, but it remains to be seen how the live+7 numbers hold up. 

BH90210 2019 Cast

What are your thoughts on a potential reboot?

Would you watch it so soon after BH90210?

Hit the comments below. 

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