Days of Our Lives Round Table: What Annoys You Most in Salem?

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Eve decided to sue Jack, Eric and Sarah got saucy, while Anna tried to figure out what to do about Tony’s marriage to “Nicole,” and Gabi tore off Kristen’s mask.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by UhSir from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate Eve suing Jack, Anna’s scheme, Eric and Sarah’s romance, Ben and Ciara’s future and more…

Days of Our Lives RT - depreciated -

Did Jack have the right to fire Eve? Should she sue him for it?

Jack: He absolutely did! Eve has been totally incompetent from Day 1.

I would prefer he had fired her for ordering Eli to ignore Kate's 911 call. Had Eli gone to the scene, he might have been able to stop Kristen and Xander from kidnapping Ted and Kate and Ted would not be in the morgue.

If Eve sues, I hope she ends up on the hook for that as well as for wasting the court's time.

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UhSir: I don’t know about him having the right. But if Eve suing him means getting to see more Justin then I’m all for it. I’ll love it even more if it also means seeing more Adrienne. More scenes like Wednesday’s please!

Christine: Actually, I think she has a case. Jack hired her knowing he had no experience. Unless there were written complaints or a probationary period in her contract, it appears Jack fired her for personal reasons and that isn’t right.

I don’t believe Eve ever should have been Police Commissioner but Jack needed to show a just cause for firing her and it doesn’t appear that that ever happened. Besides, I really enjoy Eve and Justin working together, so this could be fun.

Anna Dimera Returns - Days of Our Lives

Should Anna wait for Tony, use Roman to make him jealous, or just walk away?

Jack: This is a tough one. I think Anna and Tony are a super couple, but Tony's expectation that she wait is not any more reasonable than when Tripp did it to Claire.

I don't like using Roman to make Tony jealous. It seems teenage-like and beneath Anna, plus there's the risk that she and Roman will fall for each other again. I think she should walk away for now and tell Tony to look her up when he's divorced.

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UhSir: Anna should wait AND use Roman to make Tony jealous. The scenes on Friday were hilarious!

Christine: Anna should just walk away. No matter what Tony’s reasons, he shouldn’t be able to stay married to “Nicole” and keep Anna on the side. Anna deserves better than that.

I think she should go back to running her life, leave Roman out of it, and Tony can come and beg forgiveness when he’s divorced.

Eric and Sarah Get Closer - Days of Our Lives

Rate Eric and Sarah as a couple from 1 (they’re cringe-worthy) to 10 (super couple potential).

Jack: How about -100? There is no chemistry, their scenes range from boring to gross, and Eric is only using Sarah as a placeholder until the real Nicole shows back up.

UhSir: I rate them a 3, aka snooze-ville. They were horrible when they were pining for each other and they aren’t very interesting now that they are lovebirds. I feel like the actors are trying too hard to appear happy.

Christine: Ugh. I give them a 2. They're over the top, cutesy, lovebird routine is absolutely cringe-worthy. And who decided that food fights with tomato sauce were sexy? Whipped cream, maybe, but getting tomato sauce all over their clothes is just gross.

Xander's Revenge - Days of Our Lives

Will Xander really tell the police about Kristen? Do you hope he will?

Jack: I hope so. I agree with Kate's comment on Friday that this needs to end and I don't want it dragged out any more than it already has been. Now that Gabi has literally unmasked Kristen, let's get on with ending this.

UhSir: I hope he does. He’s pretty upset with Kristen and worried she’ll frame him.

Christine: Oh please let him tell the police it’s really Kristen and not Nicole! I’d love to see Xander help take her down and I’ve grown tired of the Kristen/Nicole swap. It’s time all of Salem figures out Kristen’s scheme so we can move this story forward.

Teaming Up to Expose a Killer - Days of Our Lives

Did you enjoy Ben and Ciara working together to clear Stefan? Should they start their own security or private investigation firm?

Jack: I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this story! I'd like to see more of them doing things like this and less of the sexathon we're so often treated to when they're on.

UhSir: They were fun to watch. I would rather they join Black Patch. I’d also like to see Hope join Black Patch too. I’ve never liked her being a cop. I love her as a P.I.

Christine: Yes, they were the most fun I think they’ve ever been. It would be great fun to have Ben, Ciara, Hope, and John all working together. What a great mix of characters with a strong possibility for adventure. Days could really use that kind of family interaction and fun.

An Unhappy Reunion - Days of Our Lives

What’s one annoying thing on the show right now that you’d eliminate if you could?

Jack: I have three pet peeves. One is the constant use of flashbacks from the same or recent episodes. I get that Gabi was thinking about what Rafe said, but between that and Tony's long flashback of Kristen threatening Anna, we wasted ten minutes that could have been used to advance actual story. 

I'd also appreciate it if the show wouldn't recycle a storyline they just used (e.g. Tripp marrying Haley and telling Claire to wait being used with Kristen/Tony/Anna).

Finally, stop using things as plot points instead of writing actual stories (especially mental illness and rape).

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UhSir: So much time wasted recapping stories by having characters telling others about stuff we’d seen an episode or two ago. Is the show being written knowing that viewers fast-forward? Monday was mostly a waste of time.

Christine: Enough with the useless, boring flashbacks. Now they’ve gotten so bad that we’re seeing flashbacks of scenes from the same episode!

If flashbacks are used it needs to be for something important, or better yet, for memories of things long past that the audience may not remember, but as they are used now it’s just a waste of time.

Haley's Emergency - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline this week on Days of Our Lives?

Jack: As much as I dislike this Kristen/Tony marriage story, Tony's declaration of love to Anna was quite nice. I was also thrilled that the mask was finally off.

UhSir: Scene: Every scene with Anna.

Storyline: Anna and Tony. They still have that wonderful charm!

Quote: Anna to Tony: But if you’re here, then who have I been talking to these last ten years? Tony: Perhaps it’s one of Dr. Rolf’s cats.

Christine: Justin talking Eve out of accusing Jack of raping her. That was a powerful and important scene. When Eve is hurt she lashes out without thinking things through, but Justin saw through it. 

Justin took the time to talk to her rationally and show her the damage she could do to all sexual assault survivors by levying a false accusation. It was one of my favorite scenes of the week and well played by both actors.

An Unusual Request - Days of Our Lives

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