Elementary Season 7 Episode 13 Review: The Last Bow

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All in all, this was a heartwarming wrapup that captured the spirit of this long-running series.

We got to find out what happened in the wake of Sherlock's faked death on Elementary Season 7 Episode 13.

The first thing that happened was that the Odin Reichenbach storyline got wrapped up in the initial five minutes.

Their Last Battle - Elementary

After being behind Odin for most of the season, Sherlock jumped ahead by framing him for Sherlock's murder on Elementary Season 7 Episode 12.

Not that Odin has ever charged for that crime. But investigations after his arrest led to all his dirty secrets coming out and him getting a life sentence. So it was the same net effect.

Sherlock Signal - Elementary Season 7 Episode 13

That left much of the hour for a finale that featured quiet moments among the characters as well as a lighthearted mystery.

The script by executive producer Robert Doherty made a smart move of jumping ahead three years.

Joan adopted a son, Arthur. She also became an author, writing "The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes," largely, she admitted to Sherlock, as revenge for his falling out of touch.

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Marcus never did make that career jump to the Marshals Service.

Instead, he took over as captain at the 11th Precinct when Captain Gregson retired. He also got married and has a son.

Gregson retired to spend time with his dying wife, Paige. Now he was coaching her granddaughter, who has a dream of becoming a professional golfer.

Book Publicity - Elementary Season 7 Episode 13

One thing they all seemed to have in common was an annoyance at Sherlock for dropping out of touch, although they understood the need until Odin was convicted and sentenced.

But when Joan gets a suspicious bequest from a lawyer who claimed to represent the supposedly dead Jamie Moriarty, she reached out.

Yes, it was disappointing that Moriarty didn't appear one more time. But then, a big part of her charm is knowing she's always manipulating behind the scenes.

Instead, we had to settle for a scene with Ellory, introduced four seasons ago, who had gotten promoted to Moriarty's lieutenant and who met briefly with Joan to swear off any involvement by Moriarty.

What a symbolic way for Joan to draw Sherlock back from exile -- smashing his headstone to resurrect him.

Sherlock even seemed a little peeved that Joan had used the Sherlock signal for something as petty as a package wrapped in brown paper.

Together One More Time - Elementary Season 7 Episode 13

But it was from Moriarty, so who can fault her caution?

As Sherlock settled back into New York, he discovered that he wasn't nearly as thought dead as he'd hoped.

Joan, his accomplice in staging his "murder," told Marcus and Gregson, Moriarty and the NSA put the pieces together based on Sherlock's exploits around the globe.

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What had he been up to for those three years? More of the same, solving cases and identifying culprits under false identities, then leaving the results for local police to take credit.

His reason for dropping out of touch with Joan was legitimate. After she adopted Arthur, he stayed away so that his enemies wouldn't try to go after him through them. That makes perfect sense.

Sherlock didn't know that Marcus and Gregson also knew he was alive, so he really can be faulted for not getting in touch with them.

Morning-Show Host - Elementary Season 7 Episode 13

So the lighthearted case of the week was who wanted Sherlock back and why.

Sherlock quickly dismissed Moriarty being dead, and didn't think she was the one behind the bequest, as it was too heavyhanded to be her style.

It was good to have them get together with Marcus one more time to investigate a mystery.

Marcus was justified punching Sherlock in the gut when they reunited. After all, Sherlock had been something of a mentor to him and believed in him, so Marcus was right to feel left out when Sherlock didn't include him in his plan to frame Odin.

Sherlock was right to give both Marcus and Gregson deniability.

At least Doherty wrapped up the mystery fairly quickly, revealing the NSA's McNally as the person trying to flush out Sherlock.

Talking Over the Case - Elementary Season 7 Episode 13

But it wasn't to kill him but rather to attempt to hire him, to continue doing what he was already doing solo, only with greater resources behind him.

It would never have worked as Sherlock has proven he just isn't a joiner. He won't answer to anyone, except Joan.

But there was one more secret to be told, as it was clear Joan was hiding something from Sherlock.

Gregson was much more understanding about what Sherlock had done since he had secrets of his own which Sherlock had kept.

Having recently lost Paige to disease, Gregson felt compelled to tell Sherlock, who was planning to head back to Europe, about Joan's cancer diagnosis.

And of course, Sherlock stayed to be by her side during treatment.

Graveside Ruse - Elementary Season 7 Episode 13

Moriarty may be his lover, but Joan has been his life partner, one who followed him to London when he fled a murder charge to save her.

That was a nasty red herring to show Sherlock graveside a year later. It looked like Sherlock was suddenly going to be a father, something no one wanted to see.

Fortunately, the next scene was Joan and Sherlock in the elevator, going to ask Marcus for their consulting-detective positions back.

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This was a fitting end for the seven-season series, as it emphasized the relationships among the four main characters, especially that of Sherlock and Joan, over the mystery part of a procedural.

It was a good thing that CBS gave Elementary a second chance at a series finale with Elementary Season 7 announced just as the sixth season started.

With everyone alive and in New York, there's always the possibility of a reunion movie down the road.

To enjoy the seven seasons again, watch Elementary online.

How did you enjoy the finale?

Were you glad Odin was dispatched early on?

Where you afraid for Joan?

Comment below.

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