New Amsterdam Casts Major New Role - What Does It Mean for Helen??

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Max is getting a new oncologist on New Amsterdam.

TV Line is reporting that Ana Villafañe has scored a major recurring role on the NBC drama's second season. 

Described as "young, whip-smart and enthusiastic," Dr. Castro comes into Max's life at a pivotal moment as he tries to beat the illness that's preventing him from doing his job. 

Ana Villafane

But this wouldn't be New Amsterdam without some wild twist thrown in for good measure. 

Dr. Castro also has a connection to Dr. Helen Sharpe, with the latter firing the former from the hospital several years before. 

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It's certainly a good way to drum up some drama for fans who have been counting down in the minutes until the series' return to the air. 

Even though Helen was the one to fire Dr. Castro all those years ago, you will likely recall that she was the one to reach out to Dr. Castro at the close of New Amsterdam Season 1

Helen is Worried Again - Tall - New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 20

If you watch New Amsterdam online, you know that Helen decided it was time to become Max's doctor again on New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 21

She sent Max's records Dr. Castro's way. 

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Then, on New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 22, Helen's fate was left up in the air when an ambulance carrying her, Lauren, Max, his wife Georgia, and their daughter were caught up in an ambulance crash. 

Lack of Power - Tall - New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 17

It was a wild cliffhanger and one that many fans have been wondering about all summer long. 

What we do know for sure is that a female character is definitely going to be revealed as dead on New Amsterdam Season 2 Episode 1. 

TV Fanatic's own Jasmine posted a poll focusing on which of the women will perish, and it's a close race between Georgia (44.8%) and Lauren (44.5%). 

Helen has only 10.7%. 

Withdrawal - Tall - New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 14

The reaction from our readers has been more mixed, with Jen agreeing that Helen should go to have the most impact. 

Elian feels like it's too soon to write out a major character, while Evelyn will be breaking up with the show if Helen is the one who dies. 

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What are your thoughts on this, TV Fanatics?

Hit the comments below. 

New Amsterdam returns for Season 2 September 24. 

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