Power Season 6 Episode 1 Review: Murderers

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It's Ghost against the world. 

After years and years of lies, it appears that Ghost has lost virtually every single person he once had in his corner by death or their own volition. The man that was once on top of the world has been gone for a long while, but the Ghost of now is as lost as ever. 

Power Season 6 Episode 1 sets the stage for a final season that appears to be less about redemption, and more about revenge. 

Facing Out - Power Season 6 Episode 1

From the onset of the series, Ghost and Tommy were portrayed as the kind of friends that would truly never turn on one another. Childhood buddies whose bond went far beyond friendship. 

But that relationship has been chipped and fractured over the years, and it was officially blown up after the events of Power Season 5 Episode 10.

When Tommy pulled the trigger fully intending to kill Ghost there was no coming back.

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And now that Angela is dead? Well, it's hard to imagine there will be a time when these two will ever look and one another again without pure hatred in their eyes. 

Lurking Ghost - Power Season 6 Episode 1

Oh yeah, Angela Valdes is dead. 

There had been many debates about whether or not Angela would survive that gunshot blast to the chest. And once we learned that Lela Loren would be back for Power Season 6 in some capacity, suddenly the idea of her surviving had credible legs to stand on. 

But there will be no story of Angela's recovery because she is indeed gone.

As one of the original core four characters, Angela's death will be a loss to the overall show. Whether you loved her or hated her, you felt something for her. And that's a testament to the writing and Loren's acting. 

Father & Son - Power Season 6 Episode 1

Her presence will be missed, especially when it comes to the scenes and storylines involving the Department of Justice. 

Angela was the link to that world, and now that it has been severed it feels a bit hollow. 

Saxe has been around for a while now, but what do we know about him? There's very little investment there. Even if you hated Angela, you were interested in how her colleagues would try to bring her down, and what that subsequently meant for Ghost, Tommy, and company. 

But now it feels wholly different. And not for the better. 

The addition of a new leader, Evan Handler's Jacob Warner, isn't nearly enough to spice things up, though his interaction with Proctor was pretty intriguing. 

The one person Ghost does have, whether he truly wants to be there or not, is Proctor. And yet again, Proctor protects Ghost even when it may not be in his best interest to do so. 

But it feels like A LOT is going to fall on Proctor's shoulders this season, as there's no one else to rein in Ghost. There's no Angela, Tommy or Tasha to look out for him and give him sound advice. 

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Not that he would listen, but at least that voice was always present. 

Consoling Tommy - Power Season 6 Episode 1

At first, Tasha appears to be stuck between Ghost and Tommy. Understanding why Tommy made the move he did, while simultaneously not wanting the father of her children and a man she loved to die. 

But Terry's disappearance has her feeling less and less concerned for Ghost's well-being. 

The position Ghost finds himself in is purely his own doing. Constantly thinking you're the smartest man in the room will catch up to you eventually. 

Ghost knows Tommy is clinically insane, so while his plan to get Tommy to kill Teresi worked, he never accounted for all the different ways Tommy may find out. 

Ghost tricked me into killing my father. And you think I'm gonna let some shit like that slide? Then you don't know who the fuck I am. I'm sorry about the kids, Tasha. They've already been through a lot. And I get it if you gotta make a move against me. But this how I'm moving now.

Tommy [to Tasha]

There's something to be said for the fight between Ghost and Tommy in Tommy's apartment. There were opportunities for both men to kill the other, and they couldn't take the shot. 

Proctor Backed Up - Power Season 6 Episode 1

Ghost could have shot Tommy the second he walked in the door, but he didn't. 

For Tommy, he took that as a sign that things got squashed. His father is dead, and the love of Ghost's life is dead; therefore, they're even. 

But as the hour unfolds, it becomes quite clear that Ghost doesn't think they're anywhere close to even. 

Walking Away - Power Season 6 Episode 1

Did anyone catch the genuine hurt on Tommy's face when he realized that Ghost was the one who tried to kill him? It was a mixture of confusion and hurt as if his brain was struggling to reconcile the fact that Ghost could be responsible. 

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Both men have continuously underestimated one another, but those days are gone now. Tommy took the shot, and Ghost has now returned the favor. 

In a season billed as being the final betrayal, is there any way these two don't kill one another when all is said and done? 

Everything Else You Need To Know

  • No Dre this week which is a win for us all. As alone as Ghost is, Dre may be more alone. All bets are off when he inevitably inserts himself back into the fray. 
  • Keisha is a real ride or die, huh? Like pretty much everyone in Tommy's life, she gives him way too much, for lack of a better word, power.

    That fierce loyalty to protect him feels misguided, but if she wants to go down on the Tommy train, so be it. But she has to know not many make it out alive. 
  • Tommy playing Bone Thung-N-Harmony and smoking Kanan's ashes are the most Tommy thing he has ever done. 
  • Tariq doesn't listen and has put his entire family in danger more times than I can remember, so why isn't he in a school outside of the country? Until he's old enough to provide for himself, he should be far away from New York City. 
  • The new intro is just not the same. After nearly a year away, not hearing the iconic theme song was a disappointing way to enter into the season. 
  • RIP Angela Valdes. She went out as a hero in Ghost's eyes, which for her is a way in which she would want to be remembered. She loved Ghost, she had a big heart, and she was really, really bad at her job. Rest easy, Angie. 

Welcome back to the last season reviews of Power! Can't wait to hear what you all thought about the premiere and talk everything out!

How do you feel about Angela's death?

Who won't make it out of this season alive?

What are you hoping to see this season?

Leave all your comments down below! And watch Power online via TV Fanatic so you don't miss a second of the action!

Murderers Review

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Power Season 6 Episode 1 Quotes

Ghost: She shoved me out of the way. She saved my life. How many times did you say she was gonna pick herself over me, huh? You were wrong. Say it! You were fucking wrong.
Proctor: And I said I'm sorry. I was wrong.

Ghost tricked me into killing my father. And you think I'm gonna let some shit like that slide? Then you don't know who the fuck I am. I'm sorry about the kids, Tasha. They've already been through a lot. And I get it if you gotta make a move against me. But this how I'm moving now.

Tommy [to Tasha]