Queen of the South Season 4 Episode 12 Review: Diosa De La Guerra

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It was all about family on Queen of the South Season 4 Episode 12 and how that family handles a loss.

When it comes to Teresa's family, a loss must be avenged and Tony's death brought the entire crew back together.

Teresa and Her Crew - Queen of the South

But to Teresa's credit, she wasn't about to start spraying bullets all over New Orleans. She wanted her rage to be focused on the appropriate party.

Teresa: Taking a shipment is one thing. Killing Tony and trying to kill me is completely different.
Pote: Then who else could it have been?

There was no reason to suspect Judge LaFayette. As Teresa pointed out, she had just paid the man $30 million. He should have been happy, or at least as happy as the man is capable of feeling.

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Even Marcel was quick to point out how profitable their relationship with Teresa has been. That LaFayette was targetting her made no sense. 

A New Plan - Queen of the South Season 4 Episode 12

How hard can it be to kill one little, Mexican woman?


One of the things that annoys LaFayette the most is that Teresa is Mexican. It's in moments like these when his racism even bleeds through his supposedly polite Southern exterior.

The prejudice is so ingrained in him that he appeared to miss the fire he lit under Marcel with this Queen of the South quote:

I didn’t think this would be such a challenge for you, Marcel, after all, you people have a history of killing each other.


Or perhaps LaFayette ignored it because he's had the Dumas family under his thumb for generations. 

Marcel's Decision - Queen of the South Season 4 Episode 12

What unseen repercussions Marcel will face for going against the judge are as of yet unclear, but what was obvious was that he'd had enough of letting old, white men increase their fortunes by pitting black against brown.

LaFayette has been scrambling to cover his tracks and kill Teresa and was quick to turn on his right-hand-man, Randall when thing went awry in the bayou.

Randall: Her men were everywhere. Couldn’t get a shot without showing our hand. You said it had to be clean.
LaFayette: Don’t quote me to cover your failure, boy. I gave you one simple task to complete and you blew it. Now, how the hell you gonna fix it?

Teresa didn't hesitate to stab the nurse in the throat with her own knife. It's what always struck me as one of the major differences between Teresa and Camila Vargas. Camila never got her hands dirty, whereas Teresa doesn't hesitate if it's what's necessary. 

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Speaking of which, with only one episode left in Queen of the South season 4, I'm shocked that we haven't seen Camila nor her daughter resurface. 

Road Trip - Queen of the South Season 4 Episode 12

Randall and LaFayette steered Teresa and her crew towards Miami, which was where the band got back together, so to speak. 

Look at the Justice League here. We got Chewy, Javi, even the wild man from Sinaloa.


It's always good to have George back in the fold. 

From the moment they met, he's always recognized Teresa's intelligence and strength, he's always had her back, and he's the one character I can count on to make me laugh.

King George Returns - Queen of the South Season 4 Episode 12

Receptionist: Are you here for a tan?
George: Let me ask you a question. Are the Speedos optional?

But the reunion was tempered by the knowledge that it was occurring because Tony had gotten killed. 

Tony brought light into Teresa's life. She may have lost Brenda and Guero, but helping to raise Tony made her truly smile. 

Now, Teresa is as determined as she's ever been, but there's a heaviness about her. The light has gone out of her eyes and it's questionable whether it will ever return.

Pote: That was the coroner’s office. Tony’s remains are ready for pick up. He was a good boy. Our relationship was complicated but I loved him like he was my own, and I failed him.
Teresa: We both did.

The battle with Elias was both epic and thankfully, over quickly.

Elias Plans Revenge - Queen of the South Season 4 Episode 12

The man was as brutal as his uncle, and he would have hunted Teresa and her crew until he killed them all. 

When Elias began spouting off about what he would have done to Tony if he had killed him, it was a blessing that Pote put him out of Teresa's misery with one bullet to the head before the man could finish his sentence.

Revenge is like blinders on a horse. It keeps all the other avenues hidden from view.


Teresa's need for revenge did make it easy to manipulate her but even with LaFayette giving Elias a heads up, Teresa and her crew still came out on top. 

Not only is Elias dead but Teresa has expanded her empire into Miami and put Boaz in charge. 

Pote Holds a Hostage - Queen of the South Season 4 Episode 12

Was Pote right? Was this a mistake? 

Only time will tell how Boaz will handle the many players in Miami, and who Teresa intends to put in charge of Sinaloa is still a mystery.

But with Boaz in Miami, he may not be in New Orleans when Davis finally reveals where Emilia is buried. 

LaFayette's sense of self-importance won't allow him to see how smart or lucid his son is despite his mental illness and Davis is using that to turn the tables on him. 

Will Davis be able to lead Javier to Emilia's body? Will he be able to share what happened and does he have any idea why she was killed?

Ready For a Fight - Queen of the South Season 4 Episode 12

Because that's the missing piece of the puzzle for Teresa. LaFayette targeted Teresa because he believes she's responsible for Rene's death. 

What happens if she learns that Javier and Boaz were involved in that murder and hid it from her and that it unwittingly led to Tony getting killed?

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It's all so incredibly complicated, but in the end, all I want is for LaFayette to end up dead in some excruciating or humiliating way, or for him to be locked up for the rest of his life in prison. 

It's a toss up which will be more satisfying. 

Happy He's Back - Queen of the South Season 4 Episode 12

With the Queen of the South Season 4 finale looming, the bigger question may be whether or not USA network will renew it for season 5!

This has been one of the best seasons of the show thus far, and it certainly deserves another. 

Besides, when Teresa was told to wear white for protection, all I could think about was when we'd see her like this once again.

Teresa in White - Queen of the South

Check back in for my review of Queen of the South Season 4 Episode 13 and until then, watch Queen of the South online here at TV Fanatic.

Diosa De La Guerra Review

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Queen of the South Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

How hard can it be to kill one little, Mexican woman?


Teresa: Taking a shipment is one thing. Killing Tony and trying to kill me is completely different.
Pote: Then who else could it have been?