Riverdale Season 4: Meet Archie's New Enemy

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Archie Andrews can't seem to catch a break. 

The red-headed teenager will lock horns with a new villain on Riverdale Season 4, according to Deadline

Canadian actor Juan Riedinger has landed the recurring role of Dodger. 

Juan Riedinger

Aside from the fact that the two characters will be going head-to-head, no other details have been revealed. 

However, it's likely that Dodger will have a connection to Hiram Lodge, who was sent to jail after Riverdale Season 3 following his extensive list of crimes coming back to haunt him. 

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Hiram was pulling strings in Riverdale before he even got out of prison the first time, and given that Archie is his enemy, it wouldn't be Hiram to roll over and allow the teenager to win. 

Twisted Mister - Riverdale

If you watch Riverdale online, you know that Archie has made several mistakes and will likely continue to do so. 

The kid can't seem to make a good decision to save himself, and that's been one of the biggest flaws with the character. 

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Riverdale Season 3 Episode 22 did tease that Archie, Veronica, and Betty will be involved in a murder during their final year of high school. 

They agreed to burn Jughead's hat, their clothing, never speak of the night again and go their separate ways after school. 

Formal Wear - Riverdale Season 3 Episode 22

It strongly suggested that Jughead was dead, but he's defied death on a lot of occasions, so it's likely that the conclusion was a big misdirect. 

What we do know about Riverdale Season 4 is that Jughead will be in a private school and only be back in the town on the weekends. 

So, if everyone was involved in a crime, it's possible that Jughead had to rush back to his school to avoid being put in the frame as a suspect. 

Serpent Leaderless - Riverdale Season 3 Episode 15

This is all speculation, but it's fun to speculate about a show like this. 

As previously reported, Riverdale Season 4 Episode 1, titled "In Memoriam" will pay tribute to Luke Perry, who passed away earlier this year. 

Perry's former Beverly Hills, 90210 co-star Shannen Doherty is attached to the cast of the episode. 

What are your thoughts on Archie's new enemy?

Hit the comments below. 

Be sure to watch Riverdale Season 4 Episode 1 Wednesday, October 9 on The CW. 

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Kevin: Okay, Veronica, I’m obsessed with everything that just happened.
Veronica: Thank you! It helps to be off-book and in full costume.
Betty: Don’t be so modest, you are the literally embodiment of Chris. Never has a role been perfectly typecast.
Archie: Betty!
Veronica: What was that, Betty?
Betty: I mean think about it: Spoiled rich girl, check. Major daddy issues, check. Bad to the bone, trying to control everyone around her, including her boyfriend and best friend. Check, check, check.

Betty: Kevin said someone tipped off his dad. Was it you?
Alice: I was at the dance.
Betty: Answer the damn question, Mom. And don't lie. Was it you?
Alice: It was not. Though, I'm glad that you're safe and as much as I like Jughead, I am so glad that you're done with that family.
Betty: Done? I love Jughead. He's as much as my family as you are, more so right now.
Alice: You are not going anywhere, young lady.
Betty: I'm going to look for Jughead. Do not push me tonight, Mom, because I will push back.
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