Sarah Michelle Gellar Reunites with Ringer Creators for FOX Drama

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Sarah Michelle Gellar might be returning to the small screen on a more permanent basis. 

The in-demand actress has been added to the cast of Other People's Houses, a new drama series which is in development at FOX, reports THR

Even more exciting is that the project comes from Ringer creators Eric Charmelo and Nicole Snyder -- a series which Gellar starred in over on The CW from 2011-12. 

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That show was canceled way too soon. It was a neo-noir murder mystery with more twists and turns than viewers could handle. 

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As for this new gig, it is described as a cross between Big Little Lies and Catastrophe. One is widely considered as one of the best drama series around, and the other is considered as one of the best comedies. 

Make of that what you will. 

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It will focus on nine people living in Larchmont Village, a neighborhood in Los Angeles. 

But this is not like any other series. We will catch up with these characters through the lens of social media “as they try to figure out their lives as partners, parents, friends and neighbors,” the logline reads.

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Gellar is on board as Anne Porter, a social media influencer who has a lot of pull within the neighborhood and could be described as someone who is at the center of all the drama. 

It all sounds very Desperate Housewives, with a social media lick of paint, but also very intriguing. 

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The series is based on Abbi Waxman's 2018 novel, so if you want any more intel on this series in case it gets picked up, then you should get reading!

Gellar followed up her one-season stint on Ringer with The Crazy Ones, a CBS sitcom in which she starred opposite the late Robin Williams. 

That series also failed to garner a sustainable audience and was axed after one season. 

It's unclear what this means for Sometimes I Lie, a limited series that was revealed earlier this year. 

Sarah Michelle Gellar Attends WE Day Event

Gellar was to star as the lead on that series, but it has not been heard of since its announcement. 

Over to you, Fanatics.

What are your thoughts on this potential series?

Would you give it a shot?

Hit the comments. 

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