Supernatural: Jensen Ackles Teases Possible Revival

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Supernatural, as we know it, is coming to an end. 

The cast and crew of the beloved CW drama series attended the network's day at the Television Critics Association, and there were some details spilled about the future of the franchise. 

"We're looking at this as a true ending," executive producer Andrew Dabb dished.

Not as it Seems? - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 13

"And in a true ending, people can't keep coming back over and over…They're going to be facing life or death…This time it's for real."

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However, it seems like Jensen Ackles is down for a possible revival should it happen down the line. 

Ready to do the Deed - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 20

"I think they'll continue to move forward, but this is just a long journey that I don't think is ever going to be over. I think we're just going to go away for a while. How long? I don't know," Jensen Ackles said during the panel.

Ackles was quick to reveal that there are no plans right now for a follow-up project including the Winchester brothers. 

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"Look I'm not ever ready to close doors or burn bridges, I think that's foolish. Am I saying that there's something in the works? No," he said, adding:

"Am I saying that I'd be open having a conversation about this in the future? What's the harm in that?"

Dean's Plan - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 19

What we do know is that The CW is not trying to set up another spinoff, following two failed attempts to get one off the ground. 

The parent series has been on the air since 2005 and is the last holdover from The WB, so it would make sense to have a spinoff. 

The CW tried to launch spinoffs in 2013 and 2017, and they both aired as backdoor pilots of the regular series. However, neither made the cut for series orders. 

Grieving Dean - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 19

CW boss, Mark Pedowitz said of the spinoffs at TCA:

“I’ve been involved in two spinoffs that did not connect. We’ve had no further discussions whatsoever in terms of a Supernatural spinoff. I tend to believe that, at this point, the show’s essence is Jared and Jensen.”  

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He went on to say that ending the series came after a “very very long, sad, heartbreaking discussion” with stars the show's stars as well as Warner Bros Television chief.

Devastated Dean - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 18

“We all came to understand that the guys wanted to go out still relevant and they wanted to go be with their families and see what else was out there in the world," the exec added.

"You know what, as we always said, when they’re ready to stop, we’ll stop. These shows go out the way that they’re supposed to go. But if you can convince them to come back, I’m open,” he said with a laugh. 

Many shows end as regular series before returning as limited series, or even movies, so it wouldn't be out of the ordinary for Ackles and Padalecki to sign on the dotted line to reprise their roles in some capacity down the line. 

Enjoying Himself - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 17

If you watch Supernatural online, you know the brothers are the show, so maybe it's best to hold off on any spinoffs unless they have them both. 

What are your thoughts on this news?

Would you watch a revival?

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Supernatural Season 15 premieres Thursday, October 10 at 8/7c. 

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